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Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal confronting the current United States Champion.   Photo credit:

Jinder Mahal Demoted

Bridgit Dunahee

Jinder Mahal has accomplished both little and glorious pushes while wrestling in the WWE. After making an amazing comeback with his second go in with the company, has the fo...

Brock Lesnar has crossed over into a number of other sports aside from his successful WWE career (image: joel lampkin)

When WWE and other sports crossed over

Joel Lampkin

As Conor McGregor prepares to enter the world of boxing tonight we look back at times when WWE and other professional wrestlers tried their hand at other sports...

Ric Flair was hospitalised and is still in a serious condition after surgery (image: wwe)

Ric Flair Surgery Update

Joel Lampkin

The Limousine Ridin', Jet Flyin', Kiss Stealin', Wheelin' Dealin', Son of a Gun showed his fighting spirit during surgery but faces a long battle ah...

CM Punk sent an open invitation to join The Bullet Club (image: Twitter)

The Bullet Club tease CM Punk

Joel Lampkin

Despite being absent from the world of professional wrestling for over two years now, it seems that the spirit and memory of the Straight Edge Superstar is still firmly in the hearts of many...

Eva Marie has exits WWE (image: the inquisitr)

Eva Marie Officially Released from WWE

Joel Lampkin

Mrs All Red Everything was on the outskirts of the professional wrestling world for months with her absence and eventual vacancy just a matter of time...