Score Wawrinka - Tsonga in French Open Roland Garros Semifinal 2015 (3-1)
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We hope you enjoyed our LIVE coverage of the first French Open men's semifinal between Stan Wawrinka and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. This is Noel Alberto, tennis editor of VAVEL USA signing off. 

Closing Thoughts: Just as I predicted, Wawrinka would close it out in four sets. The Swiss was just too dominant in the opening set saving break points early on then asserting himself in the set to finally get the break. A couple of subtle things were the turning points in the second set however with Wawrinka forced to change his racket due to a popped string, and Tsonga going a little more serve and volley. This allowed Tsonga the break back and took his momentum in the tiebreaker and ran with it to a 7-1 victory. The third set was tight with both men refusing to give in, but once the Swiss found his groove, the Frenchman was no match for him in the final two sets. Let's give Tsonga some credit though. He learned from his mistake against David Ferrer back in 2013 when he was very much the favorite and did not show up losing in straight sets 6-1, 7-6, 6-2. The pressure of the moment was too much for him then. This time around, he handled it much better, likely because he was the underdog. He wasn't overwhelmed by the moment as he performed his best, minus a few questionable shot selections. Wawrinka was just too good today saving all but one break point opportunity from the Frenchman; that's a winning formula. Congratulations to Stan Wawrinka for making the final and congratulations to Tsonga as well for a fantastic run!

Wawrinka wins 6-3, 6-7(1), 7-6(3), 6-4. He awaits the winner of the second semifinal between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray coming up shortly. 

40-15: Another error from Tsonga and Wawrinka is going to the French Open final! 

30-15: Error from Tsonga gives Wawrinka two match points. 

15-15: 130 MPH serve for the Swiss. Two points away from the final. 

0-15: Tsonga with an errant backhand. 

0-0: Tsonga first on the board in this game which he needs to keep the match alive. 

40-15: Another ace for the Frenchman. 5-4, fourth set. Wawrinka to serve for the match. 

30-15: Tsonga holding his own. Going to try and make Wawrinka serve for the match. 

15-15: Error from Wawrinka sends it to 30-15: 

0-15: Tsonga responds. 15-all. 

0-0: Blisteirng backhand cross-court winner for the Swiss. Three points away from the final.

40-0: Tsonga dumps a ball into the bottom of the net. Swiss holds for 5-3. 

30-0: Another error from Tsonga.

15-0: Tsonga's block return goes long. Swiss closing in on being one game away from his first ever French Open final. 

0-0: Tsonga's slice backhand goes well long. 

Ad-40: Tsonga holds for 4-3. Still down a break. 

Ad-40: Tsonga misses on a forehand. 

Ad-40: Tsonga tries the droppper but to no avail. 

40-40 (3): Another big serve now he has game point.

40-Ad: Ace up the tee for the Frenchman. 

40-40 (2): Tsonga nets a backhand. Third break chance. 

40-Ad: Another break point saved from the Frenchman. 

40-40: Forehand error from Tsonga. Break chance again. 

30-40: Tsonga saves a break point. 

30-30: Tsonga donates an error. Break point for 5-2 for Stan. 

15-30: Another big serve for Tsonga, 30-all. 

Two quick points for the Swiss puts him at 0-30. 

Wawrinka holds quickly for 4-2 

40-30: Tsonga holds. Down 3-2. 

40-0: Couple of points for Wawrinka and he is back in the game. 

30-0: Backhand error from Wawrinka

15-0: Another big serve from the Frenchman drawing an error. 

0-0: Big serve for Tsonga

Ad-40: Hold for Wawrinka. Up 3-1. 

40-40 (5): Backhand long from Tsonga. Game point for Wawrinka

40-Ad: Another clutch serve from the Swiss. 

40-40 (4): Backhand sails long for the Swiss. Break point four. 

Ad-40: Tsonga aims right at the body. Back to deuce. 

40-40 (3): Ace number 15 from the Swiss. 

40-40 (2): Another double from the Swiss but saves another break point with some big serving and groundstrokes. 

40-Ad: Tsonga can not put away Stan's half-volley. Back to deuce. 

40-40: Tsonga with another one-handed backhand shot and wins the point. 

30-40: Clutch serving once again from the Swiss. Fourteenth ace. 

30-30: Wawrinka double faults. Break chance for Tsonga

15-30: Another point for Wawrinka, now 30-all. 

0-30: Tsonga takes the second point looking to try and get back into the match but Wawrinka responds with drawing a forced error from the Swiss. 

0-0: Opening point to Tsonga with a forehand error. 

40-15: Serve up the tee from Tsonga. Holds but still down a break. 2-1 Wawrinka, fourth set. 

30-15: An unforced error from Wawrinka

30-0: Error from Tsonga 30-15. 

0-0: Tsonga back on the mark with two quick points. 

Ad-40: Massive second serve from the Swiss and he holds for 2-0. 

40-40: Ace from Wawrinka on the 130 MPH serve. Game point. 

30-40: Long rally, but Tsonga runs out of energy. Both break points saved. 

15-40: Tsonga getting too cute with the droppers now. This one with too much air and Stan puts away the volley. 

15-30: Couple break points for the Frenchman. Loads of spin on the slice as Wawrinka hits it wide. 

0-30: Wawrinka gets to the drop shot in plenty of time and puts the overhead away. 

0-15: Another point for Tsonga, opening at 0-30. 

0-0: Tsonga takes the opening point of Wawrinka's serve hoping to get the break back. 

0-40: Tsonga double faults and is broken at love. Wawrinka up 1-0 and should he consolidate, will have a stranglehold on the set. 

0-30: Forehand pass from Wawrinka with Tsonga at the net. Three break points. 

0-15: Wawrinka now finding the same confidence he displayed in the opening set after the tiebreak win. An error from Tsonga gives him 0-30. 

0-0: Tsonga has a whole court but misses the backhand. 

Set four underway with Tsonga to serve. 

6-3: Tsonga puts too much air on his drop shot. Wawrinka gets there then forces another error from Tsonga. Two sets to one lead now for the Swiss. 

5-3: Tsonga had the opening for the passing shot but goes wide and now three set points for Stan

4-3: The Swiss finding his mark once again with a backhand cross-court winner. 5-3. 

3-3: Wawrinka up to the task with a block return on a 133 MPH serve and gets the mini break again. 

3-2: Block return goes long again for Stan. 3-all. 

2-2: Wawrinka keeping the pressure on. 3-2 to the Swiss.

2-1: One of the longer rallies of the match, and Wawrinka nets a volley. Mini break given back. Two-all. 

1-1: Tsonga overcooks an overhead with the sun in his eyes. Mini break to Wawrinka

1-0: Wawrinka hits a backhand long. One apiece. 

0-0: Tsonga mishit a shot from Wawrinka leads 1-0. 

40-15: Tsonga forces a breaker. 

40-0: Wawrinka with a backhand winner down the line. 

15-0: Tsonga takes the next two points, looking for another tiebreaker. 

0-0: Tsonga wins the baseline battle moving the Swiss around. 

40-0: Wawrinka answers with his own love game. 6-5 as Tsonga looks to serve to force a tiebreaker. 

30-0: Big serve for Wawrinka. Looking for a love hold of his own. 

15-0: Tsonga nets a volley. 

0-0: Error by Tsonga to start game number 11. 

40-0: Tsonga with a big serve and forehand winner that followed. Holds for 5-5. 

30-0: Tsonga gets aggressive and gets to the net. Puts away the volley for 40-0. 

15-0: Another point for Tsonga. Looking comfortable in the service game. 

0-0: Nice start for Tsonga hitting behind Wawrinka

Ad-40: Tsonga's forehand return goes long. Wawrinka holds for 5-4. Tsonga serving to stay in the set. 

40-40 (3): A big "Allez!" from the Swiss who now has game point. 

40-Ad: Wawrinka saves with a forehand winner.

40-40 (2): Wawrinka goes for it, but misses wide.

Ad-40: Well you don't see this everyday! Ball was called out, but Tsonga tries to give Wawrinka the point but the chair confirms it was out. 

40-40: Tsonga's ball sails. Big scream from the Swiss. Game point. 

30-40: Forehand from Tsonga just missed. Deuce. 

30-30: Forehand wide from Wawrinka after the Frenchman hits a blistering return. Break chance for Tsonga

15-30: Tsonga had backhand down the line lined up but nets it. 

0-30: Serve out wide gets Stan the point. 

0-15: Wawrinka hits a forehand wide. Down 0-30. 

0-0: Tsonga hitting well early in this game. Nice, flat groundstrokes. 

40-15: Tsonga holds for four-all. Crowd is fully engaged now. 

30-15: Tsonga takes the point. A point away from four-all. 

15-15: Sixth ace for Tsonga. 30-15. 

0-15: Wawrinka hits forehand long. 

0-0: Fine display of hands and speed from both players, but Wawrinka takes the point as the Frenchman nets the volley. 

40-30: The Swiss clearly emotional with plenty of screams in this game. Holds for 4-3. 

30-30: This time Wawrinka with an "Allez" with the big serve. 

30-15: Wawrinka nets a ball, 30-all and the crowd is hoping for some break chances. 

15-15: Another big "Come on!" from the Swiss. Up 30-15. 

15-0: Tsonga picks up the point. 

0-0: Big "Come on!" from Stan as he takes the first point of the game. 

40-0: Tsonga holds. 3-all. 

15-0: Couple of big serves from Tsonga. Only has dropped one point on serve in the set. 

0-0: Tsonga with a forehand winner to start game six. 

Update: Lucie Safarova into her second final of the French Open getting to the women's doubles final with Bethanie Mattek-Sands

40-30: Forehand sails long for the Frenchman. Wawrinka holds for 3-2 in the third set. 

40-15: Second one-handed backhand pass from Tsonga! Great athleticism!

15-15: Wawrinka takes the point. 

0-15: Good answer from Stan with a winner of his own. 

0-0: Running winner from Tsonga. Level of play amongst them have flip-flopped in the last 15-20 minutes. 

40-15: Relatively comfortbale hold for Tsonga. 2-all, third set.  

30-15: Big serve from the Frenchman. Gets it to 40-15. 

30-0: Blistering backhand winner from Stan

15-0: Wawrinka not finding his range still. 

0-0: Overhead for Tsonga

Back on court now. 

Wawrinka getting the middle finger taped up on his playing hand. 

Ad-40: Quickness again from the Swiss as he gets to the short ball and puts it away with a forehand. Holds for 2-1.

40-40: Tsonga goes big on the return but goes out. 

30-40: Forehand winner for the Swiss after a poor return from the Frenchman. 

15-40: Wawrinka moves wonderfully to save one of two break chances. 

15-30: Tsonga firing with the new racket after a string popped. Two break chances. 

15-15: Tsonga responds with a forehand winner of his own. 

0-15: Forehand winner from the Swiss. 15-all. 

0-0: Tsonga with the opening point. 

40-0: Tsonga holds for 1-1. 

30-0: The two-hour mark has been hit. Tsonga with another big serve. 

15-0: Fifth ace for Tsonga

0-0: Despite the hold, Stan struggling to get going after the racket change in the breaker. 

Ad-40: Tsonga forehand goes long. Wawrinka holds for 1-0. 

40-40 (2): Error from Tsonga

40-Ad: Big serve for the Swiss and saves the break point. 

40-40: Backhand sails long for the Swiss. Another break point. 

30-40: Tsonga well behind the baseline on the return, Wawrinka shuts the door with a forehand winner. 

30-30: Yet another double fault for Wawrinka. Big chance for Tsonga

15-30: Finally, Wawrinka finding his second serve and forehand with another winner. 

0-30: The net court saves Wawrinka, hits a winner later in the rally. 

0-15: Another double fault for Stan Wawrinka. 0-30.

0-0: Tsonga with the opening point. 

Third set underway, Wawrinka to serve. 

Both men have stepped away from the court.

Stat: When Tsonga broke Wawrinka in the second set, that was the Swiss' first time broken in 49 service games. 

1-6: Serve up the tee for Tsonga and takes the second set 7-6(1). Down to best of three now. 

0-6: Wawrinka gets a point back. Five set points still. 

0-5: Tsonga stops the rally mid-point to discuss an out ball, which is confirmed out. Six set points for the Frenchman. 

0-4: Tsonga pummeling the ball now. Up 5-0. 

0-3: Big serve up the tee for the Frenchman. He's now up 4-0. 

0-2: Stan takes a bit off the second serve but another error for him, it is Tsonga up big in the breaker up three-love. 

0-1: Mini break to Tsonga as he another forehand sails for the Swiss. 

0-0: First point to Tsonga in the tiebreaker as Wawrinka hits a backhand return long. 

40-15: Forehand winner right on the line for Stan. Tiebreaker. 

40-0: Wawrinka nets a forehand off the Tsonga return. 

30-0: Big forehand for Wawrinka. Three quick points in succession. 

15-0: Another big serve for the Swiss. Two points away from the breaker. 

0-0: Ace number nine for Wawrinka

Wawrinka is serving to stay in the set once again. 

Ad-40: Tsonga lives dangerously in the game saving five break point opportunities. Big wide serve gives him the game. 

40-40 (5): Big forehand cross-court winner from Tsonga. Game point now for the Frenchman. 

40-Ad: Another break point saved. 

40-40 (4): Stan with quickness to get to the half-volley from Tsonga. Break point number five. 

40-Ad: Another break point saved from Tsonga. 

40-40 (3): Tsonga hits a forehand into the net. Break point four. 

40-Ad: Tsonga goes with his favorite wide serve break point down, puts away the point with a forehand. 

40-40 (2): Wawrinka gets his third break point in the game. 

0-0: Tsonga tries the drop-shot lob combo, but Stan reads it well with the overhead. 

40-0: Wawrinka tries another block return, but Tsonga rips a forehand winner down the line. 5-4 TsongaWawrinka serving to stay in the set. 

30-0: Backhand wide from Stan on the return. 

15-0: Ace for the Frenchman. 

0-0: Overhead for Tsonga. Crowd alive and well now. 

30-40: Tsonga gets the break back! Great defense from the Frenchman as the Swiss takes hits it well wide. 4-all and the crowd is finally electric in Chatrier!

30-30: Another double from Stan. Break point for Tsonga

15-30: Another ace silents the crowd. 

15-15: Tsonga widening Wawrinka as he finally wins one of the longer baseline rallies. 15-30. 

15-0: After the ace, a double fault from the Swiss, his first. 

0-0: Ace for Wawrinka to start the game. 

40-30: Tsonga holds for 4-3. Still down a break. 

30-15: A point for each man. 40-30.  

15-15: Opening for Tsonga as he gets it to 30-15.

0-15: Tsonga with a first serve serve and volley. Gets the point back. 

0-0: Wonderfully measured forehand. Takes the ball early. Another winner for the Swiss. 

40-30: Precise shot making from the Swiss. Holds for 4-2. 

30-30: Ace for Wawrinka. 40-30. 

15-30: Another point back for Stan. 

0-30: Wawrinka gets a point back. 

0-15: Tsonga with another point. Crowd going wild right now.  

0-0: Forehand goes wide for Stan. Crowd trying to get Tsonga into it. 

40-30: Tsonga holds despite the troubles in the game. 3-2 Wawrinka

30-30: An uncharacteristic normal rally ball hit out by Stan on the backhand. 

30-15: Tsonga ball goes out. 30-all. 

15-15: Another block return from the Swiss goes long. 

0-15: Block return from the Swiss goes long. 

0-0: First point to Stan

40-0: Love hold for Wawrinka, up 3-1. 

30-0: Big second serve from Stan. Gets it to 40-0.

15-0: Winner for Wawrinka

0-0: Wawrinka off to a nice start early with some nice hitting. 

Stat: Wawrinka has won 17 straight at the French Open when he's won the first set. 

40-0: Winner for Tsonga. Holds but down 2-1. 

0-0: Tsonga steadying the ship with three big serves. 

40-15: Stan gets Tsonga on the run, overhead to consolidate the break. 2-0 Wawrinka

30-15: Point for Wawrinka

15-15: Tsonga can not pick up the backhand from the Swiss on the volley. 

0-15: Ball out for Tsonga

0-0: Tsonga with the opening point on a ball that goes out for Wawrinka

40-Ad: Wawrinka gets the break. Tsonga frustrated with himself as he looked jammed on Wawrinka's return. 1-0 Wawrinka

40-40 (2): First double fault of the match for either man. Third break chance. 

40-Ad: Another break point saved. 

40-40: Another break opportunity to come up for Wawrinka off of another unforced error. 

30-40: Overhead from the Frenchman, saves the break point. 

30-30: Tsonga struggling here now. Another unforced error gives Stan break point. 

30-15: Wawrinka with the backhand winner. 30-all. 

15-15: Another Wawrinka return sails. 

15-0: Wawrinka takes the point. 

0-0: Wawrinka backhand goes out. 

Second set underway, Tsonga to serve. 

Tsonga's inability to capitalize on early break points were key in the set. Three break chances on the Wawrinka's opening service game and failed to convert any. Should he have converted one, the crowd would have been much more electric and would have had momentum. 

40-15: Tsonga dumps yet another forehand into the net. 6-3 Wawrinka opening set. 

30-15: Return sails on the Frenchman. Two set points for Wawrinka

15-15: Tsonga tries the pseudo-lob, but Stan right there all the way, finishing with an overhead. 

15-0: Wawrinka backhand goes out. 

0-0: Tsonga tenative on his backhand return on the second serve. Really struggling on that side. 

Wawrinka serving for the set. 

40-15: Tsonga holds on the Wawrinka forehand error. 

40-0: Open court winner for Wawrinka.

30-0: Terrific serve and forehand combination for Tsonga. 40-0. 

15-0: Another drop shot from the Frenchman. Wawrinka's lob goes long. 

0-0: Delightful drop shot from Tsonga as the back spin makes it difficult for the Swiss to get despite getting a good jump on it. 

Tsonga to serve to stay in the set. 

Ad-40: Another Tsonga forehand into the net. 5-2 Wawrinka

40-40: Ace from Wawrinka up the tee. 

30-40: Serve and forehand combination saves another break point for the Swiss. 

30-30: The Swiss controlled the point beautifully forcing Tsonga to get the defensive but misses the inside-out forehand. Break point number four. 

30-15: Shot from Wawrinka goes out. 

30-0: Forehand return winner from Tsonga. Took the ball early allowing him to get the winner. 

15-0: Another errant shot from the Frenchman. 

0-0: Tsonga struggling on the return. Another one sails. 

40-15: Hold for the Frenchman as the backhand from the Swiss goes out. 4-2 Wawrinka

40-0: Tsonga's backhand off of Stan's return goes long. 

30-0: Another ace for Tsonga

15-0: Overhead for Tsonga as he looks to get back on the board again. 

0-0: Big serve from the Frenchman. Good start to the game. 

40-15: Ace from Wawrinka consolidates the break. 4-1 lead for the Swiss. 

40-0: Beautiful flick of the wrist for Tsonga on the passing shot. 

30-0: Another big serve for Stan, a point away from consolidating the break. 

15-0: Overhead for Wawrinka

0-0: Tsonga struggling on the return as another ball goes out. 

40-Ad: Wawrinka hits a backhand winner. Gets the break and leads 3-1. 

40-40 (2): Wawrinka once again neutralizes the Tsonga serve. The Frenchman dumps the forehand into the net. Break point number two. 

40-Ad: Nice forehand from Tsonga to save the break point. Back to deuce. 

40-40: Stan measuring every shot to perfection in that rally. Comes back from 40-0 down for his first break chance. 

40-30: Tsonga trying a second serve and volley, and Wawrinka rips a backhand return winner! Deuce. 

40-15: Wawrinka's backhand too much pace for Tsonga to handle as the shot goes long. 

40-0: Good hitting from Stan to get the Frenchman on the defense. 40-15. 

30-0: Ace down the tee for Tsonga, second ace. 

15-0: Back-to-back returns sail on the Swiss. 

0-0: Wawrinka return long. 

40-0: Another ball that sails on Tsonga. 2-1 Stan early. On serve in the first. 

30-0: Ace from Wawrinka

15-0: Another error from Tsonga

0-0: Tsonga's backhand flies long. 

40-15: Another big serve from the Frenchman. Level at one early in the first. 

30-15: Ace for Tsonga

15-15: Big serve from Tsonga gets him two points from the game.  

15-0: Mishit from Tsonga

0-0: Tsonga takes the first point. 

1-0 Wawrinka 

Ad-40: Another big serve for Wawrinka gives him the game:m

40-40(2): Big serve from Wawrinka gives him his first game point. 

40-Ad: Tsonga's backhand slice goes into the net. Third break chance saved. 

40-40: Nice touch by both men with some drop shots, Tsonga gets the point though. Third break chance coming up. 

30-40: Wawrinka saves the second break point, jamming Tsonga with the serve. 

15-40: Early break chances for Tsonga. Break point saved. 

15-30: Tsonga dictating early with the crowd well behind him. Could be the opening he needs. 

15-15: Tsonga with a forehand winner of his own.

15-0: Wawrinka with a forehand winner to start

Wawrinka serves to start the match. 

The weather in Paris is nice and warm. The spin on Tsonga's forehand could be key. 

Here's whats at stake for both men: Their first trip to the French Open final awaits.

The match should begin shortly as we await for both men to arrive out on court.

The last time Tsonga was in the French Open semifinals was in 2013, and he performed extremely poorly losing to David Ferrer in straight sets. The pressure of the moment was clearly overwhelming for him at that time, but I think he'll handle it much better this time. Wawrinka is on a run right now reminiscent of his 2014 Australian Open title. His confidence on clay is at an all-time high, and I predict Wawrinka wins this in four sets. 

The matchups are tight in this one. Tsonga is very capable of just hitting his opponent off of the court on any given day, especially like he did in the first couple of sets against Nishikori and against Berdych. However, Wawrinka is the much better mover and his backhand is one of the best on tour. Both men are pretty even on the forehand side, but that's only if Wawrinka is hitting it well and with depth. That only comes with confidence, when he's confident, the serve, forehand, and backhand are all working together like a well-oiled machine. Tsonga also has a booming serve as well but the block return of Wawrinka is going to trouble him as it is something he has not seen all tournament long. The crowd is obviously going to be backing the Frenchman on this one as they await their first finalist from their country since Henri Leconte in 1988. The head-to-head between these two is 3-3 with Wawrinka taking the last two. Their last meeting was in the Davis Cup final last year with the Swiss winning in four sets and have met twice before in slams, both at French Open. They split this series one apiece with the Frenchman winning their most recent Roland Garros meeting in 2012, taking it in five sets.  

The matchup everyone was waiting for (in the bottom half of the draw) was the all-Swiss affair between world number two Roger Federer and himself. With Federer defeating Wawrinka in Rome just a few weeks back, many considered him as the favorite in this matchup. Wawrinka was dictating play well forcing the 17-time Grand Slam champion on the back foot, keeping him away from his favorite forehand side. It was convincing win from Wawrinka taking it in straight sets 6-4, 6-3, 7-6(4). After the match, the celebration from Wawrinka was subdued, but he knew that this victory was massive as he moved a step closer to his second Grand Slam title. 

Former NCAA tennis superstar Steve Johnson was hoping to pull off a massive upset, but Wawrinka came out firing with his forehand as he absolutely dominated Johnson in straights. Next up for him was not-so French favorite, Gilles Simon. Despite getting the moniker of a "boring tennis player", the nationalism was alive and well for Simon as he looked to pull off one of the biggest wins of his career. Despite the crowd backing him, his five-set match against countryman Nicolas Mahut looked like it took a toll on him as Wawrinka throttled him 6-1, 6-4, 6-2. 

With no points to defend after a first round exist, Wawrinka seemed prime to make a run this year to move up in the rankings, especially after his semifinal run in Rome which included a shock victory over Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals. The eight seed made light work of Marsel Ilhan but ran into some trouble against Dusan Lajovic. The Serb picked up his game in the third set while Stan's form dropped, but he picked it up once again in the fourth set for the victory, 

After his first major title last year, Stan Wawrinka has been an up-and-down player. He would either be challenging for titles or losing early in Masters and Grand Slams. After a semifinal showing at the Australian Open, he was looking for another semifinals appearance at a major trying to get to the French Open semifinals for the first time in his career.

It was the big showdown now as fan favorite Kei Nishikori faced off against the hometown boy Tsonga. The matchups just weren't there for Tsonga as many favored the five seed who knew how to control the court better, was better on clay, and had much less on-court time getting to the fourth round via walkover. The Frenchman picked up right where he left off playing inspired tennis in the first two sets, dominating Nishikori 6-1, 6-4 in the first two sets. However, the metal from the scoreboard that flew off at the end of the second set and caused a 40 minute delay was key in Nishikori bringing this match back. Those 40 minutes allowed him to reset and come up with a new strategy as he came out swinging, especially on the backhand side and would take sets three and four in front of a shocked pro-Tsonga crowd on Philippe Chatrier. Now to the fifth set, which man could hold their nerves better? Well, it was Tsonga who did with the early break in the decider pulling him in front of Nishikori and for good sending him to the semifinals. After the match, Tsonga wrote in the clay "Roland Je _'Aime" leaving the crowd perplexed to what he wrote. Once he lied down as the T, it all made sense saying, "Roland Je T'Aime", which translates to "Roland, I love you."

Tsonga came out firing against Berdych, who looked very flat and showing signs of pain. The Czech has showcased how well he's done by being one of the most consistent players of the year this season and his game is suited for all surfaces as he was looking to trouble Tsonga. The back injury clearly hampered him putting him at a two sets to love deficit as he lost those sets three and two. He managed to pull one set back after coming back from a break down in third to get a break and win the tiebreak. It was a valiant effort from the Czech, but the electric French crowd helped him through to take it in four. 

The Frenchman had a particularly tricky matchup with Pablo Andujar in the third round. The Spaniard made the final in Barcelona and was looking to sneak into the second week in Paris. However, he was gassed having one less day of rest than his opponent as his match with Philipp Kohlschreiber went an extra day. Despite the tiebreak in the opening set, it was straightforward for Tsonga booking a fourth round date with world number four Tomas Berdych. 

Tsonga started his road to the semifinals with relative ease with victories over qualifier Christian Lindell and Dudi Sela defeating both of them in straight sets. 

With the French Open being his first Grand Slam on the year on what was by far his weakest surface. Many people weren't giving him a chance to get past to the quarterfinals with Japanese superstar and the number five seed, Kei Nishikori, in his section. 

Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga came in as a question mark despite his seed at 14. An arm injury kept him out for the beginning of the year as his first tournament of the season was at Key Biscayne in the Miami Masters. The lack of match play was obviously a problem for Tsonga early on with his best showings being Round of 16 appearances in Monte Carlo and Madrid, losing to Marin Cilic and Tomas Berdych respectively. 

When the draw came out, these men breathed a sigh of relief as they avoided three of the "Big Four" as Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic were all placed in top half of the bracket. With only two of the favorites in their half, Kei Nishikori and Roger Federer, both men were looking to make a deep run on the terre battue. 

Hello, this is Noel Alberto here with you live to cover the first men's semifinal of the French Open between 8th-seeded Stan Wawrinka and 14th-seeded Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Stay tuned for the preview between these two players including each man's road to the semifinals.