Jamie Murray To Split With Doubles Partner John Peers- Partnering With Soares In 2016

Jamie Murray & John Peers are to end their doubles partnership after the ATP World Tour Finals at the O2 Arena. The Brit and Aussie have been on the tour together for three years, with a few titles amongst their cabinet. The pair have finished as runners up in two consecutive Grand Slams in the 2015 season, a very good achievement. It appears not to be enough for the pairing however, as their split was announced today.

Successful Year

Despite the 2015 being the most successful year for the Brit/Australian pairing, the mutual and amicable split has been announced in the run up to the end of the season. The pair have a few more tournaments together before they play at the ATP World Tour finals as one of the top eight doubles pairs on the ATP tour. Murray & Peers have reached six finals together so far in 2015 and won two of those. Reaching back to back Grand Slam finals at Wimbledon and then the US Open has helped cement the partnership as a successful one. In the three years they have been together the Brit/Australian pair have won seven titles, which makes the split a little unexpected.

Grand Slams

In both the Grand Slam finals they took part in this year, the weaker player was Peers, which their opponents soon figured out, and played to that weakness. The split could have been seen coming off the back of the performances at the Slams, although reaching the final was good, it was not what either wanted, a Grand Slam title is always something the players want in their trophy cabinet. (Murray has the Wimbledon mixed doubles from 2007). Peers has also been overlooked by the Australians in the past for a spot in the Davis Cup squad, which is a little surprising considering he is the highest ranked doubles player they have. The Australian was not even selected for the semifinal tie where he would have been able to offer valuable insight into Murray and his playing style.

Bruno Soares

Both Murray and Peers have agreed they want something new and fresh next year. Murray will be partnering Soares who has previously been a world number 3 in doubles. Soares has won 11 ATP titles in his recent history and although older than Murray and lower ranked, it appears this could be another good move for the Brit. With Rio in the schedule next year, Murray could be also eyeing up tournaments to play with his younger brother Andy, looking for qualification in the doubles for the 2016 Olympics. Peers also has found a new partner for next season although it is not as most people would have thought: Sam Groth. Perhaps the Australian will get his chance at the Davis Cup next season too, as Lleyton Hewitt will have taken over as captain.

The last time the Brit split from a long term doubles partner, his form dipped and he struggled to find a regular to play with. This time however, it appears that the new partnership has been set up before the split of the current one. Murray & Peers will play Soares and Melo in Vienna this week, which will be interesting to see how it goes.