Result Maria Sharapova - Agnieszka Radwanska Of The 2015 WTA Finals Red Group (2-1)
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This is Noel Alberto, and I hope you enjoyed this live coverage of the first night match of the WTA Finals Red Group between Maria Sharapova and Agnieszka Radwanska. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day. 

Closing thoughts: The "rust" that Sharapova was supposed to have didn't really show up until when she had to serve for the match. She re-adjusted herself to Radwanska's low, flat balls which helped the Pole take the set. However, her power and determination to win willed her to victory coming from a set down. Radwanska looked to have Sharapova on the ropes despite being down two breaks in the third set, but poor choices did her in. 

Both women with more unforced errors than winners. Sharapova had an astounding number of winners with 55 of them but had 56 errors.  Radwanska had 21 winners and 23 errors. 

The Russian moves to 1-0 along with Simona Halep in the group. Flavia Pennetta and Radwanska are now 0-1. 

Ad-40: Game, set, match Sharapova! A serve up the tee sets up a short ball which Radwanska cannot get back, and the Russian wins 4-6, 6-3, 6-4!

40-40: Sharapova takes the point to set up another match point!

Ad-40: Double fault on match point for Sharapova

40-40: What a time for that! After Radwanska thought a ball was long, Sharapova catches her opponent flat-footed and plays a backhand dropper for a winner! Match point coming up.

30-40: Sharapova wills her way back into the game as Radwanska sends it long. 

15-40: What a point! Radwanska looked to have it won on an overhead but hits it right at the Russian who lobs the Pole for the winner!

15-30: Sharapova misses a floater and sends it wide. Break points again. 

0-30: Poor choice for Radwanska to backhand slice as it sits up for the Russian to blast for a winner. 

0-15: Radwanska gets Sharapova on the move, and the Russian nets a forehand. 

0-0: 11th double fault for the Russian. 

40-15: Radwanska holds as the Russian sends it long. Second chance to serve for the match for the Russian at 5-4 up!

15-0: Radwanska with a nicely placed winner behind Sharapova

0-0: Radwanska with the first point. 

15-40: Sharapova sends a forehand wide. One break back for Radwanska.

0-40: Drop shot from the Russian and follows it with a winner. 

0-30: Sharapova getting tight serving for the match. Third consecutive netted forehand for the Russian. 

0-15: Another netted forehand for Sharapova

0-0: Netted forehand from the Russian.

40-Ad: Massive return for the Russian on the second serve as she hit down the line, and Radwanska can not get it back! The Russian leads 5-2 and will serve for the match!

40-40: Radwanska sends it long. Break point once again for the Russian. 

Ad-40: Sharapova wins the point. 

40-40: Radwanska gets extremly low for the ball and is called out. Radwanska challenges it and is overturned. They replay the point which Radwanska wins. 

30-40: Phenomenal point from Radwanska who finishes off a fantastic point with a volley winner!

15-40: Sharapova sends a backhand pass wide. 

15-30: Sharapova with two break chances.

0-30: Ace for the Pole. 

0-15: Sharapova wins another point. 

0-0: Backhand slice attempt long from Radwanska

Ad-40: Return sits up for Sharapova to crush for a winner and leads 4-2. 

40-40: After a rally, Radwanska hits it into the net off her backhand. 

40-30: Net cord changes the trajectory of the ball which makes the Russian hit it long. 

30-30: Sharapova with the point. 

15-30: Radwanska sends one long. 

15-15: Sharapova hits a backhand wide. 

0-15: Ace for the Russian. 

0-0: Wonderful hands from Radwanska! Phenomenal drop shot from Radwanska then lobs the Russian. 

40-15: Sharapova did well to get Radwanska up to the net, but she hits her backhand pass well wide. Radwanska holds but remains behind at 2-3. 

40-0: What a return from Sharapova! She gets a racket on the ball up the tee and forces the Pole on the run. 

30-0: Sharapova nets one a backhand. 

15-0: Serve followed by a backhand winner for the Pole. 

0-0: Winner for Radwanska to start the game. 

40-30: Backhand winner from the Russian makes it 3-1 to her. 

40-15: Great lob from the Pole as Sharapova misses an overhead wide. 

30-15: Sharapova doing much better with those low, flat balls, hitting a winner off this one. 

15-15: Big serve from the Russian which was unreturnable. 

15-0: Radwanska with the point. 

0-0: Sharapova imposing herself now as she is dominating behind the baseline. 

30-40: Massive return winner for Sharapova! The Russian leads 2-1! Phenomenal stuff from her. 

30-30: Backhand error from Radwanska, break point for the Russian. 

30-15: Forehand winner from the Russian. 

15-15: Nice serve from the Pole who has rebounded nicely. 

0-15: Radwanska hits one, and the ball sits up, but the Russian hits it wide.

0-0: Second serve return winner for Sharapova and is challenged by Radwanska but call stands. 

Ad-40: Sharapova holds after the Pole dumps it into the net! She holds after nearly 14 minutes! True fighter she is! 1-all. 

40-40: Another delicate drop shot by Sharapova forces Radwanska to get up to the net and then hit it long. 

40-Ad: The Pole just overcooks a forehand.

40-40: Fantastic point! The two players continue with their phenomenal shotmaking, but Radwanska caps it off with an overhead. 

Ad-40: The slugfest continues as Radwanska and Sharapova trade blows, but it is the Pole who comes out on top. 

40-40: Big serve from the Russian but an even bigger "Come on!" from the Russian.

40-Ad: Drop shot while Radwanska was well behind the baseline gets it back to deuce. 

40-40: Sharapova was in control of the point, but the Pole shows off her great defense and makes it break point. 

Ad-40: Another double fault for Sharapova

40-40: Fifth ace for Sharapova

40-Ad: Massive serve down the tee for the Russian as it the return falls well short. 

40-40: Double fault for the Russian. 

40-30: Low, flat ball from Radwanska forces Sharapova to hit it into the net. 

30-30: Strong point from the Russian to get it to game point. 

15-30: Big backhand down the line which Radwanska just barely gets to. 

15-15: Russian nets one as Radwanska did well to cut off the angle. 

15-0: Netted forehand from Sharapova despite Radwanska being on the run. 

0-0: Another squash shot attempt for the Pole, but this time it's into the net. 

40-0: Intricate squash shot from the Pole as she holds 1-0. 

0-0: Radwanska holds the first point of the game. 

40-30: Short return from Radwanska and a forehand winner gives Sharapova the second set! We're going the distance in Singapore as the Russian takes the set 6-3. 

30-30: Netted backhand from the Pole. 

30-15: Double fault from Sharapova

15-15: Backhand lob from Radwanska is wide. Sharapova now two points from the set. 

0-15: Sharapova challenges her shot which was called out and was in by a hair! 

0-0: Swinging volley winner for Radwanska to open up this game. 

30-40: Sharapova shows off that fighting spirit and breaks right back to go up 5-3 with a winner of her own.

15-40: Great job by Radwanska to get Sharapova moving as she fails to get it over. 

15-30: Another fantastic return from Sharapova giving her an opportunity to go up the break once again. 

0-30: Sharapova hits one long and challenges but call stands. 

0-15: The Russian with a forehand winner of a half volley that sat up from Radwanska. 

0-0: Sharapova trying to continue to be the aggessor and does so with as the Pole hits it into the net. 

30-40: Netted slice from Sharapova gets the match back on serve! The Russian leads 4-3 now. 

15-40: Netted return from the Pole and saves a second break point. 

0-40: First one is saved. 

0-30: Netted backhand from the Russian. Three break back points for the Pole. 

Ad-40: Radwanska living on the edge in this game, nearly going down 1-5 but hits to the sidelines to get it to 2-4. 

40-Ad: Great cross-court winner from the Pole. 

40-40: Backhand winner down the line for the Russian! Break point.

Ad-40: Great touch my Sharapova on the drop shot then finishes it with a slice winner. 

Ad-40: The Russian squanders a 40-15 lead but holds for 4-1. 

Ad-40: Another winner for the Pole as she gets on the board but is down 1-3. 

40-40: Winner for Radwanska gives her another game point. 

40-30: Radwanska shockingly pulls a swinging volley a mile wide. 

30-30: Sharapova sends one long. 

15-30: Netted backhand return from Sharapova.

15-15: Yet another return winner for the Russian! She's beginning to dominate these points. 

0-15: Radwanska takes the point. 

0-0: Another punishing return winner for the Russian. 

40-15: Another hold for the Russian. She leads 3-0 in the second set. 

30-15: Cross-court backhand winner for the Russian. 

30-0: Great defense from Radwanska as the Russian misses a potential backhand winner down the line. 

15-0: Long return for the Pole. 

0-0: Delightful touch from Sharapova to pull off a backhand drop shot winner. 

30-40: Sharapova breaks and leads 2-0 as the Pole went with the drop shot but it fell well short and into the net. 

30-30: Radwanska nets it. Break chance for Sharapova

15-30: Sharapova goes for another second serve return winner but sends it well long. 

15-15: Second serve forehand return winner for the Russian. 

0-15: Great pass from the Pole after a deep return allowed Sharapova to get to the net. 

0-0: Powerful return up the middle from the Russian, which Radwanska could not deal with. 

40-30: Both players get in a backhand-to-backhand rally and Sharapova changes it up with a forehand as she hits a winner to go up 1-0. 

30-30: Sharapova  fights her way back as the Pole fails to execute a drop shot. 

15-30: Radwanska nets one. 

0-30: Sharapova takes the point. 

0-15: Backhand long for the Russian. Another mini-opening for the Pole. 

0-0: Sharapova sends a forehand long. Radwanska really troubling the Russian with some low balls. 

Second set to begin with Sharapova to serve. 

40-15: Radwanska takes the first set as Sharapova finds the net for a third consecutive point!

30-15: Another shot hit into the net by the Russian. Two set points coming up. 

15-15: Sharapova nets one. 

15-0: Sharapova answers with a winner of her own down the line!

0-0: What a shot! Radwanska plays a short backhand slice, but the Russian takes a backhand cross-court and looked to have done enough, but Radwanska pulls it back into the court down the line for a winner!

30-40: Radwanska breaks as the Russian nets a backhand. The Pole leads 5-4 and will serve for the opening set. 

15-40: Just like last service game at 15-40, an ace, this time up the tee. 

15-30: Second double for the Russian. Two break chances again. 

15-15: Fantastic return winner from Radwanska, but Sharapova challenges it. Call stands however. 

15-0: Double fault for Sharapova.

0-0: Strong second serve from the Russian as the Pole is unable to return it. 

40-30: Sharapova overhits a forehand and holds for 4-all. 

40-15: Sharapova moves up to the net and hits a backhand winner down the line to stay in the game. 

30-15: Sharapova looked in control of the point, but Radwanska hits it right at the Russian who was at the net as a poorly executed volley sets up two game points. 

15-15: This time a forehand return wide for Sharapova

0-15: Backhand return wide for the Russian. 

0-0: Sharapova looking motivated to break and starts off with a bang, with a forehand winner. 

Ad-40: Netted drop shot attempt from the Pole. 4-3 to the Russian. 

40-40: Big serve and forehand combo sets up game point. 

30-40: Sharapova attacks the net as Radwanska's running forehand pass finds the net. 

15-40: Ace from Sharapova

15-30: Sharapova plays the drop shot then goes for the lob, but Radwanska answers with a blind backhand stab volley winner! Two break chances coming up. 

0-30: In one of the longest rallies of the matches, Sharapova hits a winner down the line. 

0-15: Sharapova sends a backhand long. A mini-opening for the Pole to try and break. 

0-0: Double fault for Sharapova

40-30: Radwanska attacks the net and forces a pass from Sharapova but sends it long. 3-all. 

40-15: Forehand winner for the Russian. 

30-15: Netted return for the Russian. 

30-0: Great return forces the Pole to hit one long. 

15-0: Unreturnable second serve. 

0-0: What a first point! Sharapova hits a backhand behind Radwanska while she's at the net, but she stabs at it with her backhand as she delightfully plays a cheeky drop half-volley. 

The Russian already has 16 winners to her name in these first five games. 

Ad-40: Great forehand winner for Sharapova. She goes up 3-2. 

40-40: Ace outwide for the Russian, her first of the match. 

Ad-40: Flick forehand winner for Radwanska

40-40: Radwanska did a great job tracking down plenty of balls but another winner for Sharapova sets up a third game point. 

Ad-40: Netted backhand from Sharapova 

40-40: Punishing backhand cross-court as she sets up game point. 

40-30: Sharapova has Radwanska on the defensive after a short return off the serve, but she fails to execute the drop shot. 

30-30: Powerful groundstrokes from the Russian has the Pole on the move as she sends a backhand slice wide.

15-30: Sharapova goes to her favorite serve outwide and caps it off with a swinging volley winner. 

15-15: Delighful backhand slice from Sharapova which looked good but is called out. No challenge from the Russian though. 

0-15: Nice forehand winner from Sharapova as she painted the corner off the return. 

0-0: Radwanska attacks the net and forces a lob from the Russian but hits it long. 

Ad-40: Netted forehand from the Russian nods the match up at two. 

40-40: Forehand return long for the Russian.

40-Ad: Sharapova overcooks a forehand that was called out late, and the call stands. 

40-40: Sharapova punishes a second serve and earns another break point as she crushes a forehand winner cross-court. 

30-40: Sharapova unable to convert on her first break opportunity. 

Ad-40: Hard earned hold for the Russian as she caps the game off with a forehand winner. 2-1 to Sharapova

40-40: Radwanska sends a backhand return long.

Ad-40: Second double fault of the game for Sharapova

40-40: Sharapova misses a cross-court forehand wide. She challenges, and it did catch the line. 

Ad-40: Phenomenal backhand return that was sent deep which caught the Russian flat-footed then a cheeky slice backhand down the line finishes it off for the Pole to get it back to deuce. 

40-40: Forehand return long for the Pole. 

Ad-40: First double fault of the match for the Russian. 

40-40: Sharapova continuing to remain aggressive and gets to the net once again, for a forehand winner. 

40-30: Nice deep return for Radwanska keeps Sharapova at bay and gets it to deuce.

40-15: Phenomenal defense from Radwanska to keep herself alive in the point when it looked like the Russian had won it. A backhand wide keeps the Pole in the game. 

30-15: Fantastic backhand down the line sets up another short ball which leads to another swinging volley winner. 

15-15: Unreturnable serve. 

0-15: Nice serve for the Russian as she hits a forehand winner off the short return. 

0-0: Sharapova sends a forehand wide after hitting a second serve. 

40-15: Netted return again for the Russian. 1-1. 

30-15: A netted second serve return for Sharapova

30-0: Great point between the women as Sharapova looked to have it won after a swinging forehand volley, but Radwanska forces another swinging volley as the Russian hits a winner. 

15-0: Sharapova hits a backhand wide. 

0-0: Great serve to start for the Pole as it is unreturnable. 

40-15: Great hold for Sharapova as she puts away the ball at the net with a swinging forehand volley. 1-0 to the Russian. 

30-15: Another strong first serve, this time up the tee, for the Russian, as Radwanska goes defensive and hits one wide after a short rally. 

15-15: Great serve outwide for Sharapova then finishes with a forehand winner up the line. 

0-15: Radwanska nets a forehand into the net.

0-0: The Russian gets a first serve in but dumps her first groundstroke, a backhand, into the net. 

Sharapova to serve first. 

The warmups are done and the match will be underway very soon!

Being one of the hottest players on tour, Radwanska is dangerous for anyone. She brings something much different to the table with her intricate shots and agile moves on the court, which has earned her the moniker "Ninja" from ESPN analyst Brad Gilbert. She may be down 2-12 in the head-to-head, but don't count her out. 

In Asia though, Radwanska began to turn up the heat, knowing that a stellar run could get her into the WTA Finals. She did just that as she stormed her way to a title, her first of the season, at the Toray Pan Pacfic Open in Tokyo. Despite a wobble in Wuhan, a semifinals showing in Beijing helped her continue a magical Asian swing. A title at the Tianjin Open was the final nail in the coffin as she clinched her spot at the WTA Finals. This is the fifth consecutive year the Pole has qualified and an eighth time overall. 

After a stellar grass season, Radwanska stalled a bit. She performed poorly on the hard courts with her best result being a quarterfinal run at the Rogers Cup in a match that ended up with one of the oddest scorelines of the year; she lost 0-6, 6-3, 6-1 to Simona Halep. At the US OpenMadison Keys exacted her loss at Wimbledon to the Pole with a straight sets win. 

Her season continued to spiral downwards after a poor clay season which was capped off with a first round exit at the French Open meaning she failed to reach the final eight in the first two Slams of the season as she only reached the fourth round at the Australian Open. After that though, her season began to turnaround. She would go on to make the semifinals of better in back-to-back Wimbledon warmups (semifinals in Nottingham and finals in Eastbourne). She'd carry that good fortune into Wimbledon, making it to the semifinals before losing to eventual runner-up Agnieszka Radwanska in three highly competitive sets. 

Meanwhile, Radwanska season has been the opposite of Sharapova's. Her season may have not been injury-riddled in the first half, but she did struggle mightily to find results in the first half of the season. In tour-level events, she failed to win more than one match in her first four tournaments and finally succeded in that feat by winning twice in Miami. 

Most of Sharapova's game and how she feels is a mystery right now. We will find out how she feels when she is serving and hitting her groudnstrokes throughout the match, but regardless of that, she should be able to power through Radwanska

The Russian was having a fantastic season before she was injury-ridden for the second half of the year. She opened up her season with a title in Brisbane and would go on to make the final at the Australian Open before losing to Serena Williams in straight sets. The "Queen of Clay" would go on to win a title in Rome but was upset in the fourth round of the French Open by eventual runner-up Lucie Safarova. After that, she went to Wimbledon and made the semifinals where she was once again defeated by rival Serena Williams

Injuries have really slowed down Sharapova since Wimbledon. Since her semifinal showing at the All England Club, she has only played one event; she played in in Wuhan a couple of weeks ago. In that match, she lost to Barbora Strycova in three sets but retired down 1-2 in the third but on-serve. She retired in that match with a left forearm injury but before that, a right leg injury kept her out of the North American hard court swing, which included a withdrawal from the US Open

World number three Maria Sharapova returns to the WTA Finals to play after not much match play to end her season. Injuries have really hampered the Russian, but that should not stop her from putting on what could potentially be a winning performance not just in this match, but in the whole tournament as well. This is the Russian's ninth time qualifying for the event and will be the eighth time overall she has played it, only missing out on it in 2013 where she withdrew due to injury. 

Hello everyone and welcome to Maria Sharapova vs Agnieszka Radwanska live from the WTA Finals. I am Noel Alberto, and I will be giving you live score and commentary of the second match from the Red Group in Singapore. The match will be the first one on for the night session at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and will be the second played for the group. Stay tuned for a preview to the match.