Judy Murray's Plans For Multi-Million Pound Tennis Complex Outside Of Dunblane Are Rejected
Judy Murray attends day six of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships at Wimbledon on July 4, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Judy Murray's Plans For Multi-Million Pound Tennis Complex Outside Of Dunblane Are Rejected

After a second proposal from Judy Murray was turned, she will be ending her bid to try and build a tennis complex.

Noel John Alberto

Judy Murray’s plans for a multi-million pound tennis complex was rejected after opposition from the locals. The controversial plans of the famous tennis mother of Andy and Jamie Murray were denied after local councilors said it would destroy valuable greenbelt land. The plan was to build a multi-million pound tennis and golf center not too far from their hometown of Dunblane.

Details Of The Center

The center was planned to be built on the Park of Keir development which is outside of Dunblane. The park is 110 hectares and was promoted as a “once in a generation” opportunity to create a “fantastic grassroots tennis and golf destination open to all”. However, the local residents and councilors did not want to destroy the land.

The plans were backed by the Lawn Tennis Association but Judy Murray saw those plans turned down in person. The center was supposed to contain both indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a four-to-five star hotel, a country park, indoor leisure activities, a tennis museum, and 19 resort homes. Alston Birnie, of the Park of Keir Partnership, said the developers were "very sad" and "disappointed" at the decision.

Judy Murray said that the rejection of the 70 million pound proposal was “unbelievable” before adding that she would not resubmit the proposal.

Backing From The Best

Her son Andy backed her on Twitter in hopes that the Park of Keir would approve the proposal. Murray blasted the LTA saying that he’s worried about the next generation of British tennis, and this was a potential step in getting them in the right direction. Ex-Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson also backed Judy Murray in getting approval for the controversial project.

Citizens Happy Proposal Was Blocked

Over 150 residents were on hand to attend the meeting and many were content with the council’s decision to block the development of the tennis center. This was the second time the partnership had submitted an application, the first being rejected, and Judy Murray had said she would walk away from the proposals if they were not given the green light.