Andy Murray Talks Novak Djokovic And His Training Regime Ahead Of The Australian Open

In a recent interview, Andy Murray talked about Novak Djokovic and his new training regime in preparation for the Australian Open. In the interview, the Brit could only speak highly of the man who is his biggest threat to the Australian Open title. He even said that Djokovic inspired him.

Murray Talks Djokovic

For the first time, Murray spoke about Djokovic’s amazing 2015 season. Like anyone else who has spoken on the Serb’s 2015, the Brit spoke highly of it. “What Novak is doing; last year he had an incredible year, final of every tournament bar one,” he said.  He added to that it has been difficult playing in the Golden Age of tennis with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Djokovic but that having guys like those three to have to catch up to, improve your game, and to beat them is a huge challenge.

The 28-year-old continued and talked about Djokovic’s game, “You just have to keep trying to learn, watch his matches, try and see if there's any weaknesses there that you can capitalize on,” Murray commented.  He added to that by saying Djokovic could potentially have a drop off because of the difficulty to maintain the level of tennis he’s playing at for a long period of time.

Murray Talks About His Training Regime

The Scot went with a new training regime in the offseason, basing a 10 day camp in Dubai where he mostly did gym work. He added, “I got here earlier than I ever have . I arrived two weeks ago to try and help a bit with acclimatization, get over all the jet lag. I was in Perth last week where it was 43 degrees one of the days we were training, 40 another day. I'm doing everything I can to try and win here and that’s my main goal. It would mean a lot because of how many times I've been close.”

The Extreme Heat Policy could come into effect already at the Australian Open qualifying with temperatures soaring to a high of 41 degrees Celsius (105.8 degrees Fahrenheit). Here are the rules on the Australian Open Extreme Heat Policy.

  1. The Australian Open Extreme Heat Policy (EHP) will be applied at the Referee's discretion and may be altered at any time.
  2. At the Referee's discretion, when the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature only (WBGT) is equal to or above the pre-determined threshold, the Referee may suspend the commencement of any further matches on outside courts.
  3. Any matches currently in progress will continue until the end of the current set. At the completion of the set, play will be suspended.
  4. Where play in any match commences outdoors (or with a roof open) and the WBGT temperature is equal to or exceeds the pre-determined threshold, the match will continue until the completion of the set. At the end of the set a decision may be made by the Referee to close the roof for the remainder of the match and the following matches, when the EHP is still in effect.
  5. A roof will only be closed because of extreme heat if a decision has been made by the Referee to suspend the completion or commencement of matches on the outdoor courts.
  6. Supplement for women’s singles and junior singles only; to allow a 10-minute break between the second and third sets when a WBGT reading of 28 has been recorded prior to the calling of the match by Tournament Control. Readings are continually made throughout the day.
  7. The 10-minute break will not apply between the second and third sets, if play had previously been suspended after the first set due to the EHP.