Score Agnieszka Radwanska - Carla Suarez Navarro Of The 2016 Australian Open Quarterfinals (2-0)
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Radwanska awaits the winner of Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova in the other quarterfinal.

Radwanska only had 15 winners, but even fewer unforced errors, only 13.

Suarez Navarro hit 45 unforced errors in that match, only a few less than Milos Raonic hit in his five set match last night. The Spaniard only have 22 winners. She also had seven double faults.

Radwanska is through to her fifth grand slam semifinal, her second at the Australian Open (2014)

Suarez Navarro falls to 0-6 in grand slam quarterfinals.

"I really have nothing to lose. It doesn't matter who I play against. It's going to be a good match. I'm going to have a good rest and get ready, otherwise I'll be in trouble." -Radwanska on her semifinal against either Serena Williams or Maria Sharapova.

"I know how it is to be in the semifinal/final of a grand slam. I remember my first one. I remember like it was yesterday. Experience is important in tennis." -Radwanska was asked about experience deep in majors.

"Yes, I'm very very pleased. She's very solid player. I knew everything was going to come back to my side, so I tried to be aggressive, focus on my serve, and I did a good job." -Radwansk a's comments about the match in her post-match interview

Game, Set, and Match, Agnieszka Radwanska. 6-1, 6-3.

Game, Radwanska. Another forehand errors from Suarez Navarro ends the match. 6-3.

Ad-Radwanska: Big serve draws soft return which Radwanska puts away. Match Point.

Deuce: Suarez Navarro drives the cross court backhand wide

Ad-Suarez Navarro: Return winner down the line

Deuce: Radwanska makes the drop shot and finishes with a perfect backhand passing shot up the line.

30-40: Return hits the net. Still break point.

15-40: Swinging volley winner from Suarez Navarro. Double break point.

15-30: Net cord sets up easy winner for Suarez Navarro

15-15: Long rally ends with another missed drop shot from Radwanska

15-0: Forehand into the net from Suarez Navarro

Radwanska is serving for the match

Game, RadwanskaSuarez Navarro drives it long. 5-3. 

Ad-Radwanska: Well timed approach from Radwanska finishes with volley winner

Deuce: Drive from Suarez Navarro draws an error

Ad-RadwanskaSuarez Navarro backhand is wide, hawkeye confirms. Break point.

Deuce: Double fault

40-30: Backhand from Suarez Navarro is long

40-15: Return is long

30-15: And now the forehand down the line catches the net

30-0: This time, the backhand down the line is in

15-0: Finally a forehand down the line is in for Suarez Navarro

Game, Radwanska. Another return into the net. 4-3.

40-15: Forehand drive from Suarez Navarro hits the net.

30-15: Double fault

30-0: Good approach from Radwanska leads to volley winner

15-0: Return in the net

Game, Suarez Navarro. At long last, Radwanska's backhand is wide. Ends run of four consecutive breaks of serve. 3-3.

Ad-Suarez NavarroRadwanska drop shot doesn't clear the net

Deuce: Radwanska's backhand chip is wide

Ad-RadwanskaSuarez Navarro backhand hits the net

Deuce: Inside-out forehand goes wide

Ad-Suarez Navarro: Spaniard survives some crazy defence from Radwanska, finally hitting a forehand winner

Deuce: Swinging volley winner from Suarez Navarro

Ad-Radwanska: Double fault

Deuce: More shots into the net from Suarez Navarro

Ad-Suarez Navarro: Return is long

Deuce: Suarez Navarro drives forehand into net

Ad-Suarez Navarro: Return hits the net

Deuce: Radwanska lob is wide

30-40: Another backhand into the net for Suarez Navarro

30-30: Radwanska backhand down the line is wide 

15-30: Routine forehand from midcourt hits the net for Suarez Navarro

15-15: Sloppy backhand into the net from Suarez Navarro

15-0: Overhead winner 

Game, Suarez Navarro. Big backhand cross court winner reclaims the break again. 3-2.

15-40: Great redirect backhand winner down the line from Radwanska. Still break point.

0-40: Well set up points ends in forehand winner from Suarez Navarro

0-30: Brilliant backhand winner down the line from Suarez Navarro

0-15: Huge return for a winner from Suarez Navarro

Game, Radwanska. Spectacular defence from Radwanska draws error to reclaim break. 3-1.

Ad-Radwanska: Perfect cross court passing shot winner. Break point

Deuce: Radwanska forehand down the line hits the net

30-40: Suarez Navarro backhand hits the net cord and lands on her own side. Break point.

30-30: Return hits the net

15-30: Backhand drilled long by Suarez Navarro

15-15: Double fault

15-0: Forehand long by Radwanska

Game, Suarez Navarro. This time it's Radwanska with the backhand unforced error. 2-1.

Ad-Suarez NavarroRadwanska's volley is long, hawkeye confirms

Deuce: Return is slice wide

Ad-Suarez Navarro: Huge backhand winner down the line

Deuce: Return into net

30-40: Forehand winner from Suarez Navarro. Break point.

30-30: Huge return from Suarez Navarro draws an error

30-15: Another backhand into the net from Suarez Navarro

15-15: Radwanska reads passing shot perfectly and smacks volley winner

0-15: Forehand from Radwanska hits the net

Game, Radwanska. Backhand drive from Suarez Navarro hits the net. 2-0.

30-40: Perfect lob from Radwanska. Break point

30-30: Double fault

30-15: Deep backhand from Radwanska draws short return which she finishes down the line

30-0: Clean cross court backhand winner from Suarez Navarro

15-0: Radwanska backhand is wide

Game, Radwanska. The Pole finishes with a forehand winner.

40-30: Another smash from Suarez Navarro

40-15: ACE

30-15: Suarez Navarro finishes with a smash

30-0: This time a backhand error from Suarez Navarro

15-0: Forehand miss from Suarez Navarro

Radwanska to serve

Compare that to Radwanska, it was nothing special fom the Pole. 4 winners, 3 unforced errors. 

Brutal set from Suarez Navarro. Eighteen unforced errors, only five winners. She won 18% of her second serve points.

That set only took 28 minutes.

Game and first set, Radwanska. 6-1. Suarez Navarro drives forehand wide.

15-40: Radwanska nets return

0-40: Suarez Navarro saved the lob, but missed a forehand. Triple set point.

0-30: defence into offence brilliantly from Radwanska, finishing with forehand winner

0-15: Suarez Navarro misses forehand well wide

Game, Radwanska. Return is wide. 5-1.

Ad-Radwanska: Backhand is long

Deuce: Radwanska gets impatient and drives forehand wide

40-30: Suarez Navarro drives backhand long

30-30: Suarez Navarro puts away soft Radwanska chip

30-15: Clean forehand winner down the line from Radwanska

15-15: Suarez Navarro gets Radwanska going corner to corner, drawing an error

15-0: Suarez Navarro slice hits the net

Game, Suarez Navarro. Spaniard gets on the board with an ace. 4-1.

40-15: Double fault

40-0: Wide serve draws an error

30-0: Radwanska  misses half-volley

15-0: Forehand winner from Suarez Navarro

Game, Radwanska. Forehand drive from Suarez Navarro hits the net. 4-0. 

40-30: Initial ace overruled by the umpire, hawkeye confirms it was out, but Suarez Navarro can't take advantage, losing a long rally with an unforced error.

30-30: Return is long

15-30: Forehand winner

0-30: Poor net play from Radwanska gives Suarez Navarro an easy winner

0-15: Drop shot from Radwanska hits the net

Game, Radwanska. Backhand long gives the world number four a double-break lead. 3-0.

30-40: Double fault brings up break point

30-30: Suarez Navarro drives forehand long

30-15: Radwanska lob is long

15-15: Suarez Navarro's turn to put the backhand wide

15-0: Radwanska backhand is wide

Game, Radwanska. Another unreturnable serve. 2-0.

40-15: Amazing defence from Suarez Navarro finally gets a passing shot winner

40-0: Inside-out forehand winner from Radwanska

30-0: Unreturnable serve

15-0: Return is long

Radwanska serving

Game, RadwanskaSuarez Navarro loses four straight points and gives away the break by putting a lob wide. 1-0.

Ad-Radwanska: Double fault brings up break point

Deuce: Poor backhand into net from Suarez Navarro

40-30: Deep return forces an error

40-15: Forehand into net from Radwanska

30-15: Low volley from Radwanska is wide

15-15: Unforced forehand error from Suarez Navarro

15-0: Deep backhand from Suarez Navarro returned into net

Ready, Play

Suarez Navarro to serve.

Above all, Suarez Navarro needs to be consistent. There may not be a more consistent player on the tour than Radwanska. The Pole will be in every point of every game. Suarez Navarro needs to do the same.

Start will be key for both women. Neither has started matches particularly well, usually picking up steam in the second set. It's probably more important for Suarez Navarro to get the early lead, as it will be a lot harder for her to fight bak against Radwanska

The players have arrived on court!

It's a big day down under, not just for tennis. It's Australia Day!!

It's a coolish morning in Melbourne. Around 74 degrees and partly sunny. That's cool by Melbourne standards. Weather is expected to reach around ninety degrees by the early afternoon. The heat should not be a major factor in this match.

The Surface: the slow hard courts of the Australian Open are essentially a neutral surface for these two women. Suarez Navarro prefers slow clay, because it allows her to tee-up her shots, while Radwanska prefers speedy grass, because it takes time away from her opponents. These hard courts in Melbourne essentially land in the middle. Twice before they have played on fast hard courts, with Radwanska winning both times. Their lone match on a slow hard court, the most comparable to this match, was won by Suarez Navarro.

Offence vs. Defence: Essentially, this match-up is an attacker vs. a defender. Suarez Navarro likes to step up and blast her shots and put the pressure on her opponents. Radwanska is exactly the opposite. The Pole likes to hang back on the baseline and use her quick movement and controlled groundstrokes to out-wit her opponents. Suarez Navarro is a bit like Stan Wawrinka on the men’s side as she likes to use her big one-handed backhand to dictate. The question is will she be able to overpower Radwanska enough to keep the world number four from dictating. And if she can’t, how will she adjust her game to prevent herself from getting run ragged by the crafty Pole.

2015 was the best year of Suarez Navarro’s career. While she did not win a title, she reached three finals in a season for the first time in her career. That included her first Premier Mandatory final in Miami, and her first Premier 5 final in Rome. She entered the top ten and reached a career high ranking of number eight. She is surely hoping to next another step forward in 2016.

Radwanska is hoping for a better year in 2016 after a rollercoaster of a 2015 season. The Pole fell out of the top ten and was struggling, only to finish the year on a tear, winning three tournaments after the US Open, including the biggest title of her career to date at the WTA Finals. Radwanska has made it clear that she believes that she can win a Grand Slam in 2016.

Radwanska is contesting her sixth quarterfinal at the Australian Open alone, which is one more major quarterfinal than her opponent has at all the majors combined. However, Radwanska has only reached the semifinals in Melbourne once, when she upset two-time defending Victoria Azarenka in the 2014 quarterfinals before losing to Dominika Cibulkova in the semifinals. This is Radwanska's twelfth major quarterfinal. She has reached four semifinals, advancing to the final once. Radwanska has a massive experience advantage in this match.

Suarez Navarro is into her second quarterfinal at the Australian Open. The last time she reached this round was in her main draw debut in 2009. Overall, this is Suarez Navarro’s fifth major quarterfinal, but her first since the 2014 French Open. Last she, she went 2-4 in grand slam matches, losing in the first round at three of the four majors. She reached the third round of the French Open. Suarez Navarro has never reached the semifinals of a major (0-4 in major quarterfinals).

Interesting fact: the player who wins the first set in matches between these two women is 1-2. In both of their last two matches, the player who won the first set lost the match.

Radwanska leads their head-to-head 2-1. However, Suarez Navarro won their most recent match, defeating Radwanska in three sets in Miami last march. Radwanska won their lone match at a major, defeating the Spaniard in three sets in the second round of the 2012 US Open. That is Radwanska’s most recent win over Suarez Navarro. Radwanska’s other victory came in 2009 at the Rogers Cup in Toronto. All three of their previous meetings have come on hard courts.

Suarez Navarro has had a tougher go of it so far in Melbourne. She’s had to come back from a set down twice; in the second round against Maria Sakkari, and in her last match against Daria Gavrilova, who won the opening set 6-0. She won her opening match against Teliana Pereira in straight sets and her third round match when Elizaveta Kulichkova retired in the second set.

Radwanska has been impressive so far at the Australian Open, although she is coming off a very tough test in the round of sixteen. The Pole beat Christina McHale, former world number five Eugenie Bouchard, and Monica Puig in the first three rounds all in straight sets, never losing more than six games in the match (against Bouchard). But she was forced to fight back from a set down in the round of sixteen against young gun Anna-Lena Friedsam of Germany, surviving a tight three-setter.

Suarez Navarro is coming off a career year in 2016 that saw her reach the top ten in the WTA rankings for the first time in her career. She is already playing her third tournament of 2016, after Brisbane and Sydney. She reached the semifinals in Brisbane, while falling in her opening match in Sydney.

Radwanska is coming into the match on one of the best runs of her career. She is currently undefeated in 2016 and has won her last three tournaments in a row, including the WTA Tour Finals last November. She won her first title of 2016 in Shenzen.

This match is first on Rod Laver Arena during the day session, and will be starting at 7 pm EST.

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