Result Milos Raonic - David Goffin in the 2016 BNP Paribas Open Semifinals (2­-1)
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Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will do battle for the right to challenge Raonic next on court in Indian Wells. Please follow out live coverage of that match.

While Goffin did well at controlling long rallies, he had no answer to Raonic's big first serve. Most of them were not returned. Raonic will need a serving performance like that in the final. 

Goffin had three aces, but five doubles faults. He won 70% of his first serve points and 40% of his second serve points. He broke twice out of three opportunities.

Raonic finished with 11 aces, but five double faults. He dominated on his first serve with 82%, but was surprisingly poor on his second serve, only winning 32% of those points. Perhaps the key to the match was Raonic's ability to take advantage of his opportunities. He converted all three of his break point chances on Goffin's serve.

Match time was two hours exactly

Raonic is guaranteed a shot at revenge in the Indian Wells final, as he now awaits the winner between Nadal and Djokovic.

In his first Masters 1000 final, Raonic was crushed by Rafael Nadal 6-2, 6-2 on home soil in Montreal at the Rogers Cup in 2013. In 2014, he lost the Paris Masters final to Novak Djokovic 6-2, 6-3.

Raonic is through to his third ATP Masters 1000 final, but is still seeking his first title (0-2).

Looking on to the final, Raonic said "well, I won't kick my feet up. I have some more work left to do today, but it would be a great opportunity for myself tomorrow and I'm here to make the most of these opportunities. I work hard for them and I'll try and put it together

Raonic on game plan in third set: the most important thing was to stick to my identity. It was great to play here in my second semifinal, to make the most of it and I wanted to make that's what I did, I went for it and it came through

Raonic on serve speeds: Yeah, I do look at the radar

Raonic on how he turned the match around: I lost my way a little bit, I got into his rhythm and I really got into it in the third set and it really came together

A good fight from Goffin, but in the end the Belgian was unable to keep up with Raonic's power.

Game, Set and Match, Milos Raonic. 6-3, 3-6, 6-3

Another perfect serve outwide is returned well out. Raonic is victorious.

40-15: Huge second serve from Raonic is returned long. Two match points.

30-15: Service winner

15-15: Goffin misses return by a mile

0-15: Raonic drives forehand into the net

Raonic is serving for the match.

Despite blowing a 40-0 lead, Goffin holds after Raonic goes for too much on the return and puts it into the net. 5-3.

AD-GoffinGoffin with a beautiful drop volley winner off what looked to be a perfect passing shot from Raonic

Deuce: Raonic gets to the net and finishes with the smash. Goffin has missed three game points.

40-30: Goffin misses backhand wide

40-15: Raonic challenges second serve which proves to be double fault

40-0: Forehand winner from Goffin

30-0: ACE

15-0: Point of the match so far sees Goffin hit several lines, followed by Raonic returning a smash with an overhead nearly from the crowd, only for Goffin to win a quick exchange at the net.

Goffin is serving. Needs to hold to stay alive.

Big serve out wide draws short return and Raonic curls the forehand winner down the line. He is now one game away from the final, leading 5-2. 

40-30: Raonic hits forehand into the net

40-15: Raonic misses volley wide

40-0: Return is nowhere near the court

30-0: Great serve up the T does not come back

15-0: ACE #11

Raonic is serving

Raonic tries to run around a return, but moves to early and Goffin aces him the other way. 4-2.

40-30: Raonic dumps slice into the net

30-30: Goffin puts the forehand winner behind Raonic

15-30: Raonic drills return long

0-30: Goffin goes for a winner at the wrong moment and misses long

0-15: Goffin misses long

Goffin is serving

Another big forehand is nowhere close to being returned. Raonic holds for 4-1.

40-0: Return is long

30-0: Huge inside-out forehand winner from Raonic

15-0: ACE #10 is called by the umpire, Goffin challenges but the serve was in

Just when it looked like he was out of the point, Goffin sprawls and picks off Raonic passing shot and drops it in the back corner to hold for 3-1. 

40-30: Brilliant serve+one by Goffin

30-30: Goffin does a good job of pushing Raonic out wide and draws the error

15-30: Double fault

15-15: Huge forehands from Raonic draw an error

15-0: Easy volley put-away from Goffin

Goffin is serving

Raonic closes it out with his ninth ACE. He leads 3-0.

40-15: Great passing shot from Goffin is missed by sprawling Raonic

40-0: ACE #8

30-0: Poor shot selection from Goffin coupled with bizarre reflex shot from Raonic inside out eventually leads to passing shot winner from Raonic

15-0: Wide serve does not come back

Raonic is serving

Goffin fires forehand well long and Raonic has the break 2-0. Terrible game from Goffin after a fantastic second set.

15-40: Double fault. Two Break Points for Raonic

15-30: Beautiful forehand down-the-line by Goffin

0-30: Forehand into the net by Goffin

0-15: Backhand down-the-line from Raonic draws an error

Some big forehands from Raonic and he draws an error to hold for 1-0.

40-30: Forehand down the line from Raonic is too good

30-30: Raonic chips up half-volley and Goffin drives it right through him

30-15: Forehand volley winner for Raonic

15-15: Double fault

15-0: Unreturnable serve

Set Three. Raonic is serving

Raonic desperately needs to clean up the errors if he wants to win this match.

Raonic misses again and Goffin holds to win the set 6-3 and force a deciding set.

40-30: Double fault. One more set point.

40-15: Finally Raonic keeps a forehand in the court, hitting a winner

40-0: Return into the net from Raonic. Triple set point.

30-0: Backhand into the net by Raonic

15-0: More errors from Raonic

Goffin is serving

Goffin rips the return winner to break again. He will serve for the set at 5-3.

40-15: This time Raonic makes no mistake with the short forehand, blasting it for a winner

30-15: ACE #7

15-15: Raonic slices floats long

15-0: Goffin lob is just long

Raonic is serving

Raonic has been struggling a lot more with errors in this set. He needs to calm down a bit, move his feet and stop missing these routine shots.

Raonic goes for too much on the return and Goffin holds for 4-3. 

40-30: Goffin loses his balance his misses forehand wide

40-15: Raonic forehand is long

30-15: Huge return from Raonic draws error

30-0: Raonic's slice passing shot is just wide

15-0: It's Raonic's turn to shank a return

Goffin is serving

Goffin cannot get deep Raonic forehand back into play and the set is tied 3-3.

40-30: Slice backhand from Raonic is into the net

40-15: Short volley from Raonic is unreturnable

30-15: 144 MPH serve is returned wide

15-15: Raonic drills forehand into the net

15-0: Return into the net 

Raonic is serving

Goffin puts routine forehand into the net to give Raonic the break right back. 3-2.

AD-Raonic: Perfect backhand down-the-line passing shot from Raonic

Deuce: Goffin forehand is long

40-30: Raonic return is long

30-30: Goffin paints a few lines and eventually draws Raonic forehand into net

15-30: Raonic drives Goffin well off the court with inside-out forehands and draws error

15-15: Goffin forehand is well long

15-0: Raonic pushes forehand wide

Goffin is serving. 

Backhand up the line draws an error from Raonic and Goffin finally breaks for a 3-1 lead.

0-40: Goffin roles a forehand winner down the line. Three break points.

0-30: Great attacking from Goffin and he puts away the easy volley

0-15: Goffin drills a backhand winner down the line

Raonic is serving

Another smart approach seals an important hold for Goffin. He leads 2-1.

40-30: Unforced backhand error long from Goffin

40-15: Raonic forehand is long

30-15: Raonic forehand hits the net cord and it falls on his side of the net

15-15: Raonic slices backhand into the net

0-15: Goffin backhand into the net

Goffin is serving

Goffin cannot take advantage of some poor serving from Raonic and gives the game away by drilling crosscourt backhand wide. 1-1.

AD-Raonic: After a great return, Goffin goes for a winner and misses wide

Deuce: Third double fault of the game for Raonic

AD-RaonicGoffin somehow gets serve back in, but Raonic puts away forehand easily

Deuce: Double fault

40-30: Goffin misses backhand well wide

30-30: Goffin shanks the return

15-30: Both players scramble, but eventually Goffin draws a backhand into the net from Raonic

15-15: Double fault

15-0: Goffin hits passing shot into the net

Raonic is serve

In the first set, Goffin generally seemed to dominate the long rallies, but Raonic was doing better in that game

Raonic sets up point perfectly, but shockingly hits what should have been a winner wide. Goffin survives a tough first game from the 1-0 lead.

AD-GoffinRaonic attacks second serve but drills it long

Deuce: Inside-In forehand from Raonic draws an error

40-30: Smart approach from Goffin and he puts away an easy volley winner

30-30: Forehand winner down-the-line from Raonic

30-15: Forehand into the net by Raonic

15-15: Good pressure from Goffin draws an error

0-15: Raonic blasts forehand down the line and Goffin barely gets a racquet on it

Second Set. Goffin to serve.

Both players managed only four out of nine second serve points in the first set.

A mere six aces for Raonic in that set, but he won 18 of 21 points on his first serve.

Raonic dominated Goffin with the body serve in that set. The Belgian could not figure out a response. He will need to in the second set if he hopes to extend the match.

Another unreturnable serve and Milos Raonic has won the opening set 6-3.

40-15: Not sure if Goffin tried to return that serve or was ducking out of the way, but the serve bounces off the Belgian and into the crowd. Set Points.

30-15: For the second time, Goffin challenges Raonic ace and it's overruled, only this time Raonic wins the rally with a forehand winner

15-15: Raonic nets backhand down-the-line

15-0: Goffin butchers the return

Raonic is serving for the set

Goffin out-grinds Raonic and draws a backhand error to put the pressure back on the Canadian. 5-3.

40-30: Goffin pushes backhand long

40-15: ACE

30-15: Raonic strikes perfect forehand down the line return winner

30-0: Well timed approach from Goffin and he drills backhand volley winner

15-0: Raonic misses forehand by a mile

Goffin is serving

Another return goes long and Raonic survives after saving a break point. He leads 5-2.

AD-RaonicGoffin misses return

Deuce: Raonic lets Goffin passing shot go and it lands long

AD-Goffin: Double fault gives Goffin break point

Deuce: Raonic pushes forehand wide

40-30: ACE #6 with a slice out wide

30-30: Net cord deflects Raonic forehand wide

30-15: Gorgeous serve out wide is shanked into the crowd

15-15: Forehand into the net from Raonic

15-0: Beautiful drop volley from Raonic

Raonic is serving

Goffin hits a wicked serve out wide that Raonic can't return. 4-2.

40-15: Good defence from Goffin and Raonic fires passing shot long

30-15: Double fault 

30-0: Raonic backhand goes long

15-0: Raonic hits return well long

Goffin is serving

Third ace of the game, fifth overall, allows Raonic to consolidate the break. 4-1.

40-30: Raonic drives forehand into net

40-15: ACE #4. This time it's a bomb out wide.

30-15: ACE #3. 146 MPH. No challenge this time.

15-15: After Goffin correctly challenges a would-be ace, Raonic drives forehand long

15-0: Serve + One works again. Another forehand winner for Raonic

Raonic is serving.

Slice backhand from Raonic draws another error as Goffin nets backhand passing shot. Raonic breaks. 3-1.

0-40: Perfect crosscourt backhand passing shot from Raonic. Triple break point.

0-30: Another missed forehand, this time wide from Goffin

0-15: Goffin drives forehand long

Goffin is serving

Goffin returns long. Raonic holds for 2-1 lead.

40-15: Raonic serve goes straight through Goffin. ACE number two

30-15: Raonic misses the forehand long

30-0: Body serve is returned into the net

15-0: Goffin passing shot finds the net

Raonic is serving.

Well placed forehand from Goffin cannot be returned. 1-1. 

40-15: Raonic tries to wrong-foot Goffin but misses wide

30-15: Forehand unforced error from Raonic

15-15: First big rally of the match ends when Goffin fires a forehand wide down the line

15-0: Return into the net

Goffin is serving

Goffin lob is long and Raonic holds easily to start the match. 1-0.

40-0: Beautiful backhand from the line by Raonic draws an error

30-0: ACE number one

15-0: Textbook serve + one from Raonic with a forehand winner

143 MPH fault right off the bat from Raonic

Ready. Play.

Raonic to serve

Raonic has never lost to a player ranked below number two in the world in the semifinals of a Masters 1000 event. He's lost to Federer twice and Djokovic once. In his two Masters 1000 finals, he lost to Nadal and Djokovic.

Goffin's previous best run at a Masters 1000 event was the quarterfinals of Rome in 2015. On that occasion, he lost to David FerrerFerrer was ranked seventh at the time.

Raonic came into Indian Wells with low expectations for himself. Safe to say he has done considerably better than expected. However, Raonic will no doubt accept nothing less than a win today.

The players have arrived on court.

Goffin is contesting his first career ATP Masters 1000 semifinal. Raonic is playing his sixth. He is 2-3 in Masters 1000 semifinals.

Raonic is very confident in his abilities going into the match: At the end of the day, I think it's regardless to me who is necessarily on the other side. I have a very strict and inverse outlook on myself. If I do the right things I can give myself a chance. I think I have shown that this year, and I hope I can keep showing that.

Raonic on Goffin: You know, he's playing well. He's taking the ball early. He's trying to, you know, maybe not overpower but take away time from his opponents. I watched a little bit of his match today. Really wanted to nap, to be honest with you. It was the first time to be playing in the evening. I watched quite a bit of his match against Stan. You see that he's trying to take time away and maybe getting guys to panic and not set up their swings. But I think when it comes to that kind of stuff I'm pretty good at getting things to my term. If he wants to stay on the baseline I'm going to have to try to push him back. I think I have come through some difficult challenges and I have played well. It's a completely new match.

It's a beautiful day in Indian Wells, California. 70 degrees and clear. Perfect weather for tennis.

Raonic’s Consistency: Goffin’s primary tactic will be to draw out rallies and let his consistent groundstrokes wear down Raonic and draw errors. There is no question that he is the more consistent of the two players. However, ever since Raonic hired Carlos Moya, the Canadian has shown improved patience and consistency in long rallies. Extending points is no longer an effective, or at least guaranteed, strategy against the Canadian. A wicked slice backhand and a dominant forehand allows the Canadian to out-grind even the best returners. Goffin is going to need to find another way to draw errors or at least weak shots from Raonic.

Pressure on Goffin: It’s no secret that Milos Raonic will be the one doing the attacking in this match. However, they style of attack could be very different than what Goffin defended against 18 months ago in Basel. So far in 2016, Raonic has been attacking the net with every opportunity, and the tactic has been extremely effective for the Canadian. No doubt Goffin will be faced with the tough task of passing the tall Canadian regularly. On top of that, Raonic does not go for aces the way he used to. Instead, the Canadian is happy to blast his powerful serve right into opponent’s bodies, drawing weak returns. Goffin can expect a similar tactic in this match. While he has a strong return, he will have to survive a constant barrage. And there may be few things scarier in the world than Milos Raonic’s serve coming straight at you.

Offence vs. Defence: This will be a classic matchup between two different styles of tennis. Raonic loves to attack and keep points short, while Goffin likes to outwork his opponents from the baseline. Last time around, Goffin returned Raonic’s serve well enough that he set himself up to outplay the Canadian from the baseline. He will no doubt be trying to do the same thing in Indian Wells. Raonic, on the otherhand, will surely be throwing everything he has at the Belgian, going hard with his serve, swinging free with his ground strokes, are charging to the net as often as possible.

It's nearly game time. Let's take a look at what to expect in this match and some factors that may affect the outcome.

The winner of this match will be the underdog in the final, as they will have to face either reigning champion and world number one Novak Djokovic, or three-time champion Rafael Nadal.

The surface: the slow hard courts in Indian Wells would theoretically favour Goffin. However, Raonic has a considerably better record at this event which points to the contrary. Raonic actually does surprisingly well on slower surfaces. While it does make his dominant serve slightly less effective, the slow surface gives the Canadian more time to set up his shots. With his current Carlos Moya-influenced baseline game, it is very difficult to put the Canadian under pressure and draw errors on this surface. However, it also gives Goffin more time to return shots and at least put the ball in places where Raonic cannot crush it. Consider the surface an even playing field. 

The two men had extremely different 2015 seasons. Goffin had a strong season, breaking into the top 20 for the first time, reached a pair of finals and claimed match wins at each major. Raonic started brilliantly before injuries completely derailed his season, which saw him fall from a career high ranking of number four to out of the top ten.

Not only is this semifinal run Goffin’s best run in Indian Wells, it is his best run at a Masters 1000 event. Only once before had he reached the quarterfinals of a Masters 1000 event (last year in Rome, l. to Ferrer). Indian Wells has been particularly bad for the Belgium, who was 1-2 in the desert before this year’s event. 

By reaching the semifinals, Raonic has matched his best-ever performance in Indian Wells. This is the second year in a row that the Canadian has reached the last four at this event. In 2015, he stunned Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals, saving match points, before losing a tight two-setter to Roger Federer. He has already defended all of his points by reaching the semifinals, but will be looking for more in 2016.

Goffin won the only previous match between the pair. They previously met in the quarterfinals of Basel in 2014, which Goffin won 6-7(3), 6-3, 6-4. That match was at the of Raonic’s stellar 2014 season, and was in the midst of Goffin’s dominant end to 2014. On that occasion, the Belgian’s momentum powered him past the Canadian, although it did not stop Raonic from qualifying for the ATP World Tour Finals

Raonic is definitely coming into the match with more energy, momentum, and probably confidence. He also appears to be in better form.

Goffin has had to battle in nearly every round so far in Indian Wells. He required three sets to win his first three matches. He had to survive a third set tiebreak against American teenager Frances Tiafoe in the second round, before coming back from a set down to beat Guido Pella in the third round. The Belgian had to battle through another third set tiebreak in his fourth round upset of Stan Wawrinka, before finally claiming a routine match in the quarterfinals, topping Marin Cilic in straight sets.

Raonic has been dominant so far in Indian Wells and has yet to drop a set. He dominated Inigo Cervantes in the opening round, his first match back from injury. He followed that up by being gifted a third round win when Bernard Tomic retired in their match, although Raonic was leading by a set and a break at the time. The big-serving Canadian scored an upset in round four, claiming his fourth win over Tomas Berdych, topping the sixth seeded Czech in straight sets. In the quarterfinals, he topped Gael Monfils. Despite having missed six weeks leading into the tournament, Raonic has shown no signs of rust so far in the desert.

David Goffin has not has a great start to the season. He is 12-4 and has yet to make it past the quarterfinals of an event in 2016. His best result was a quarterfinal in Marseille, where he lost in straight sets to Tomas Berdych. However, he won his first three matches in Melbourne before falling to Roger Federer. Indian Wells is his best result so far this year. 

Milos Raonic is playing his first event since the Australian Open due to a left injury that kept him off the court for six weeks. Prior to the injury, Raonic was 9-1 on the season, including one title at the Brisbane International. He reached the semifinals of the Australian Open, losing to Andy Murray. He is now 13-1 in 2016, the second best record behind Novak Djokovic.

The match will be the first of the day on Stadium One at 11 am local time, which is 2 pm EST.

Hello and welcome to VAVEL USA’s Live coverage of the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California. Today, we will be providing point-by-point updates and analysis of the semifinal encounter between 12th seed Milos Raonic of Canada and 15th seed David Goffin of Belgium. My name is Pete Borkowski and I will be your guide for this match today.