Novak Djokovic says that tennis is a clean sport

There has been much scrutiny around tennis as of late. Between Maria Sharapova's steroid scandal and the allegations of fixed matches, the sport could use a clean slate. 

Must have proof

But for Novak Djokovic, he does not believe that tennis has issues of players doping. In an interview with CNN International, the world's number one says, "As long as we don't have proof that the game isn't clean, then it is clean." While this is true, Djokovic is surely aware of the negative attention his sport is getting at the moment. 

Djokovic believes tennis is clean. | Photo: Michael Steele/Getty Images
Djokovic believes tennis is clean. | Photo: Michael Steele/Getty Images

He goes on to say that, "It's tricky for tennis, there's many stories that go round, betting, doping. It seems the weight has come down on tennis." Djokovic also states, "But I think it all comes down to anti-doping agencies, governing bodies, need to come out with proof. If they don’t it’s only rumor."

Djokovic still loves tennis

But take nothing away from this, Djokovic still loves the game he knows well, adding that he is "proud to be part of this sport, a sport I love and want to keep its integrity."

The Serbian broke into professional tennis in 2003. Since then, he has won 11 Grand Slam titles, and is one of the best player's in the sport today. There's just one major that is eluding him -- the French Open. If Djokovic can win on the clay in France, then there could be arguments about whether or not he is one of the best ever. He has also won the last four Tour Finals, dominating the play against some of his closest rivals including Rafael NadalAndy Murray, and Roger Federer.

However, this summer, he also has his eyes set on winning an Olympic gold medal in Rio. In Beijing, back in 2008, there he managed to win only bronze and will be itching to get the top prize.