All England Club to welcome Maria Sharapova back if name is cleared

In June, Maria Sharapova will face a tribunal to see if the Russian should be banned for four years after admitting she had tested positive for Meldonium at the Australian Open in January. They also said that they will be taking added precautions in terms of their doping policy and additional tests may be conducted in order to keep the players in check. 

Sharapova welcome at All England Club 

The All England Club have hinted should her name be cleared that they would welcome Sharapova back on tour with open arms. 

"It would be a great shame if Maria was not here. She is a former champion at Wimbledon, and very popular with the crowds. Wimbledon chairman," Philip Brook said. "In terms of what happened we need to let due process take its course and an outcome be determined and see what happens after that."

Maria Sharapova holding the famous Venus Rosewater Dish in 2004 (Photo: Bongarts/Getty Images)
Maria Sharapova holding the famous Venus Rosewater Dish in 2004 (Photo: Bongarts/Getty Images)

Since admitting to taking the drug, Maria Sharapova has been on a provisional ban ever since. The ITF are planning to hold a court case to determine whether the former world number one should be banned for four years and wording is to come out before the start of Wimbledon, making her eligible to play the third slam of the year.

The All England Club also announced that the prize money was to be increased by five percent, to £28.1m while the singles champions will receive £2m apiece for the first time.


The Russian Olympic committee have made it very clear that they plan to include her in the Summer Olympics in Rio, despite concerns over her participation. Russian tennis president Shamil Tarpishchev says in a statement "we really hope that Sharapova will still be allowed to take part in the Olympic Games."

News of Sharapova's imminent disciplinary hearing came on the same day Russian officials announced new measures to have a ban on their track-and-field program lifted.