US Open: Naomi Osaka discusses dominant second-round win over Julia Glushko

US Open: Naomi Osaka discusses dominant second-round win over Julia Glushko

The Japanese number one needed only 50 minutes to get through to the third-round,

Noel John Alberto

Naomi Osaka has been quite dominant in the early stages of the US Open. The Japanese number one has dropped only seven games en route to a second consecutive third-round appearance in Flushing.

Osaka discussed in her press conference how she trains for the heat, fighting her inner-self, and even her favorite drinks. 

Training For The Heat

The 20-year-old said she doesn't really train for the heat because she trains in Florida. She said it's natural for her to play in hot weather, and that she doesn't really know how other people train for the heat. 

Favorite Drinks

On a hot day, everyone loves a cold drink. After being asked about how she trains for the heat, Osaka was asked what her favorite drink is. Confused at first, she eventually told us that her favorite cold drink is green or oolong tea. For what it's worth, her favorite hot drink is also green tea.

Fighting Herself

After her first-round match, the Florida native said that coach Sascha Bajin has really helped her because she fights herself a lot. This is what Osaka has to say about that after her match today. "I would say it's, like -- okay, for example, it happened not this match, the match before. She hit a second serve, right? And in my mind, right before she hits the second serve, I'm thinking, Do not hit this down the line. Don't go for it, right?

And then there is another part of me that's, like, But if I hit this down the line, there is a 50/50 chance it will be a winner and you could win the point easy. And then when she's serving the ball, it's like ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, and I'm arguing with myself. Do it, don't do it, do it, don't do it. And then the ball comes and I hit it down the line and it goes in the net. I'm, like, Why did I do that? Yeah, that basically happens a lot."