US Open: Juan Martin del Potro discusses reaching his first major final since 2009

Juan Martin del Potro spoke to the press following his semifinal win over Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard retired after two sets, but the Argentine won a first set tiebreak and was quite dominant in the second before Nadal called it quits. 

When Did He Know About The Injury

Del Potro said he saw Nadal struggling a lot in the second set but had to keep his focus on himself because he didn't know what could happen if he let his foot off the gas. Later in the second though, he saw Nadal in a lot of pain and tried to move him around the court. 

The Difference Between Now And 2009

The Argentine said the biggest difference between now and his first final is that he is older now. In terms of his game, this is what he had to say, "I don't know. I think I mix it up a lot my backhands with the slices, dropshots. My wrist problems. But it's working good, which is a good signal to my renew the game. I need to be in my best shape on Sunday if I want to win the final."

Close To Quitting But Never Gave Up

A number of wrist surgeries put del Potro on the edge, nearly calling it quits in his tennis career. What helped him? His friends who are here with him now because of the support they gave to him during those years of the surgeries. 

He added that during his last wrist surgery that he had to have trust in his doctor because he did not want to be in the surgery room another time after his last one. 

Training Sessions

American John Isner, whom del Potro defeated in the quarterfinals, talked about how he spends a lot of training time making sure he's able to play best-of-five sets. For the three seed, a lot of time is spent doing wrist treatments. 

He finished off by saying he does yoga and that during these times, it's important to rest and get treatment so he'll be getting an ice bath and a massage before doing some light hitting the day before the final.