Spain 2-0 Canada: resume and highlights Davis Cup Final 2019


This has been everything! Memorable afternoon for Spanish tennis with two beautiful victories. Nadal suffered but won the victory and the final point to achieve the sixth title for Spain. Champions! Thank you for following him live from Until next time!
Sixth Davis Cup for Spain! Unbelievable perfomance. Gladiator Nadal. Spain are the champions.
7-9 | Spain is the champion! Rafa Nadal wins the tie break!
7-7 | Nadal equals.
7-6 | Set point for Canada. Serve for Nadal.
6-6 | Shapovalov equals!
5-6 | Shapovalov survives! Serve for him but game point for Spain.
4-6 | Ace!!!! Match ball for Nadal!!
6-6 | Tie break will decide the game!
6-5 | Shapovalov ensures the tie break! Awesome game with a very high level of both players.

5-5 | Hold Nadal with extraordinary points the thrust of Shapovalov. Very hard second set. Maximum equality

5-4 | There is no way. Beautiful second set. Shapovalov saves a break ball and is still alive. Nadal service.

4-4 | Intratable with his serve Nadal. Maximum equality when we reach the key moment of the second set.


4-3 | Sensational Shapovalov to win his serve. The maximum equality continue.


3-3 | Nadal keeps his serve! How hard this second set! Maximum equality.

But... Ace for Nadal! 40-40 again.

3-2 | The Canadian keeps his serve. Turn for Rafa Nadal, who wins points but still fails to break Shapovalov's service at the moment.


2-2 | Zero options for Shapovalov to the rest. Perfect Rafa Nadal.


1-2 | Shapovalov mantiains the initiative. He had to solve two break balls in favor of Nadal.


1-1 | Very important game for Rafa Nadal because Shapovalov squeezed a lot, but without having a break ball. Equality in the second set.


1-0 | Win your service without granting break ball for the first time Shapovalov.


Start the second set of the match! If Nadal wins, Spain will be Davis Cup champion. Serve Shapovalov.

First ser for Rafa Nadal!

3-6 | And set for Rafa Nadal! No option for Shapovalov! Spain needs only one more set to be the champions!


3-5 | Blank game for Shapovalov, who has taken very well. Rafa Nadal serves to win the set.

2-5 | Rafa takes the lead! The number ATP n1 confirms the break. 

2-4 | Break for Rafa Nadal! Very good game of the spanish player to put distance in the first set. Everything gets expensive for Spain.


2-3 | Huge Rafa Nadal at the service. Very serious the spanish.


1-2 | No problems Rafa to win his serve. Close with an ace and first break time in the game.

1-1 | The Canadian wins his service with character. He got to lose 0-30. Turn for Rafa.

0-1 | Blank game for Nadal. The spanish number 1 starts strong.
Second round!
The match between Nadal and Shapovalov begins! The spanish serves.
Now it's time for Rafa Nadal! A break and the Balearic will have the option of winning the cup for Spain. It will not be easy, because Shapovalov is a tough opponent.
6-7/3-6 | And Roberto did it! First point for Spain after a great match for the spanish.

3-5 | With much suffering, Auger wins his serve, but Roberto takes off to win the game and put the 1-0 for Spain.

2-5 | Roberto wins his service! Only one more step to win. Sensational Spanish response.
2-4 | No option for Auger! Roberto breaks his service again.

2-3 | Auger breaks the service! Battling a lot the Canadian, who now has a chance to counter.


1-3 | Game for Auger. He won his service by lifting a breaking ball from Roberto. Turn for the Spanish with the serve.

Break for Roberto!

0-3 | And Roberto confirms it! Break for the Spanish! This second set is very good and, therefore, the first point of the final for Spain.

0-2 | Break the service Roberto Bautista! He made his third break ball good and starts the game. Now he needs to confirm the break with his serve.

0-1 | Roberto wins his set without problems! More aggressive the spanish, with confidence.

The second set starts!
6-7 | Set for Spain! Bautista won the tie break 3-7!
6-6 | Game in white and we go to the tie break! Maximum emotion.

6-5 | Another blank game for Auger, which ensures the tie break. Roberto will take out to force the tiebreaker.

5-5 | Start pushing Roberto Bautista. Blank game and much more aggressive. Decisive moment.
5-4 | Game for Auger without too much suffering. Key moment in the first set.
4-4 | The best game of the game! Roberto endured the Canadian's onslaught very well. First moment of suffering of the party. The emotion begins.
4-3 | Another blank game, this time for Auger. Maximum equality.

3-3 | Blank game for Roberto, who still does not lose a point with his serve despite leading zero winners.

3-2 | Blank game for Canada.
2-2 | Very correct Roberto at your service. Blank game with three unforced Auger errors.
2-1 | Felix Auger endured, to take his service with problems. Take-off time for Roberto when we reach the first break of the game.
1-1 | 30-30 It matches well Auger. The 19-year-old played very well.
1-1 | Blank game for Roberto Bautista. Without problems the Spanish closing with direct serve.
1-0 | Game for Auger. The Canadian started very well but then he complicated himself with a double foul. However, after an ace, he managed to close it. Roberto's turn.
Start the match! Felix Auger starts service for Canada.
And there it is! Spain jumps to the central court of the Magic Box before the roar of the stands! Rafa Nadal, Roberto Bautista, Marcel Granollers, Feliciano López and Pablo Carreño are the Spanish warriors.
Canada on the field! Start the presentation.
Shakira's performance ends. Time for tennis. The workers are picking up the track so that everything is ready for the protagonists soon.
The opening ceremony begins! Shakira already appears to offer a little show!

The Canadian Auger-Aliassime has been testing himself in training and his feelings to debut have been optimal. While it is risky to be from the game for the first time in the final, Canadians have high hopes for the young man, who has not been able to play due to discomfort in his ankle.

There is last minute surprise! Pospisil won't play against Bautista, Auger-Aliassime will make his debut in the tournament. Very little expected change in Canadians.

Auger-Aliassime is only 19 years old (2000) and will make his Davis Cup debut in the final. The young man is currently number 21 in the world and has been doing a rising season.

It will be the eighth final in the last 20 years for Spain, at an average of almost 50%. Everything is in the hands of Roberto and Rafa, who will not have anything easy against two very uncomfortable rivals.
Rafa Nadal, unbeatable at Davis Cup
Rafa Nadal has practically all the Davis Cup records, and he has not lost a game since his debut (in doubles) in 2005. Since then the Balearic tells everything for victories.
- Record of 31 consecutive victories and 17 consecutive qualifiers won.

They talk about their numbers in Roland Garros or Monte Carlo, but Nadal in Davis is also amazing.

Spain will try to win its sixth Davis Cup today

The profile of Shapovalov, Rafa Nadal's rival
Denis Shapovalov was born in 1999 (20 years) and became known after reaching the semifinals of the 1,000 Masters of Canada, in 2017, with 18 years. Precisely along the way he defeated Rafa, who was, also like today, world number one. "Shapo" was born in Israel but his family emigrated to Canada when he was one year old. He is left-handed and currently number 15 in the world.
If Roberto and Rafa Nadal did not win any of their matches it would be the turn of the doubles. It is complex to predict which Spanish couple would dispute the decisive point, but it is almost certain that Canadians will repeat as they have been doing.
There are just two hours left before the final starts in Madrid. At 4:00 pm, he will throw the ball in the Manolo Santana. Roberto Bautista has been training normally and will fight for the first point.
Second point: Nadal vs Shapovalov
On the other hand, Rafa Nadal will, in all likelihood, make his appearance in the final in the second match. In front you will have a Shapovalov who, at 20, is one of the promises of world tennis and is setting an extraordinary Davis Cup.
Roberto Bautista vs Auger-Aliassime, at 10:00 a.m. on the central court
Everything indicates that the Spaniard will face Auger-Aliassime to fight for the first point of the final. The current number 21 in the world will undoubtedly put the hairs up to the stand with this decision.
Last minute: Baptist plays the first point
There is news: Roberto Bautista is currently training in the Magic Box. The Spanish tennis player, after suffering this week the death of his father, will open the tie against Canada giving a show of strength, courage and enormous value. On Saturday night everything indicated that Roberto would be preparing the final because he was very involved in the team and with constant signs of support. The Spaniard did not want to leave his team behind after his fatal loss and at 4:00 pm he will be on the central court to get the first point with the help of his father. Exciting at least.
Shapovalov's Canada, a dangerous rival
For its part, Canada arrives with the illusion of the first time, and that is that the Americans have qualified for the Davis Cup final for the first time in its history. His duo, Shapovalov and Pospisil, has played the entire tournament. However, that gave them to end Rublev and Kachanov at the final point of doubles to achieve the feat.
Nadal, no rival
And it is that the manacorí, as much as it seems to have everyone accustomed, continues to work unreal feats. Rafa Nadal has supported Spain throughout the tournament by offering not only an exhibition of tennis, but of courage, claw and winning mentality. The undisputed number one right now.
Rafa Nadal, with Spain on his back
For his part, a Rafa Nadal at an extraordinary level throughout the tournament did not offer a single option to his British rival and defeated him with a blunt 6-4 / 6-0 to put the tie in the series.

Before, Feliciano López was defeated in the first match of the afternoon against Edmund, who gave him no choice and defeated him in two sets. However, the 38-year-old Spaniard was replaced to partner with Nadal after Granollers' injury and achieve the final point within a few hours.
Two agonizing tie-breaks to win the British team for Spain
The classification of Spain was epic in the early hours of this Saturday after a very suffered tie. Finally Rafa Nadal and Feliciano López managed to impose themselves, after two tie breaks, to the British couple, who showed a great level, especially in the network. A magic ball saved by an income-sensitive Rafael Nadal, who threw the country behind his back, gave hope to Spain for Feli to finish off with an impeccable direct kick.
TV: where and how to watch Spain vs Canada live stream
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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live blog of the Davis Cup final between Spain vs Canada! The action on the track will begin at around 4:00 pm with the first game of singles. Let the show begin!