Result: Federer 0-3 Djokovic in 2020 Australian Open semifinals


7:12 AMa year ago

Djokovic wins the match 7-6 (1) 6-4 6-3!

That's that as Djokovic holds to 30 to seal a place in the final! The first set was the key as Federer let a 5-2 lead slip away and it was one-way traffic from there. 


Djokovic plays in his eighth Melbourne final against Thiem or Zverev where he has yet to lose and based on what we've seen, you wouldn't bet on a first defeat now.

7:07 AMa year ago

Federer 6-7 (1) 4-6 3-5 *Djokovic

Half a chance for Djokovic to finish things off, but Federer holds from 30-30. The Serb serves for the final.
6:53 AMa year ago

*Federer 6-7 (1) 4-6 2-5 Djokovic

Just a matter of time now as Djokovic holds.
6:28 AMa year ago

Federer 6-7 (1) 4-6 2-4 *Djokovic

And that could be it! Federer blows a 40-15 lead as Djokovic breaks with a looping forehand that just kisses the line, confirmed by replay.
6:26 AMa year ago

*Federer 6-7 (1) 4-6 2-3 Djokovic

Another easy hold for the second seed.
6:25 AMa year ago

Federer 6-7 (1) 4-6 2-2 *Djokovic

Strong serving from Federer with three aces. He's still in the fight.
5:56 AMa year ago

*Federer 6-7 (1) 4-6 1-2 Djokovic

Slightly more complicated game for the Serb, but he holds.
5:54 AMa year ago

Federer 6-7 (1) 4-6 1-1 *Djokovic

And Federer responds.
5:53 AMa year ago

*Federer 6-7 (1) 4-6 0-1 Djokovic

Easy as you like for Djokovic.
5:40 AMa year ago

Djokovic wins the second set 6-4!

A magnificent get from Djokovic as he chases down a drop shot with a forehand winner, a fist pump and a roar! A two-set lead and all to do for Federer now.
5:37 AMa year ago

*Federer 6-7 (1) 4-5 Djokovic

Djokovic isn't known for his serve, but he's only lost two points on it this set. Must game for Federer coming up.
5:30 AMa year ago

Federer 6-7 (1) 4-4 *Djokovic

12 aces for Federer now. More importantly, a love hold to ease the nerves.
5:28 AMa year ago

*Federer 6-7 (1) 3-4 Djokovic

Federer keeps attacking, Djokovic keeps holding comfortably. On we go.
5:23 AMa year ago

Federer 6-7 (1) 3-3 *Djokovic

He may regret that. Djokovic gets a break point, but messes up a backhand and Federer holds. We may look back on that if the Swiss goes on to win the set.
5:21 AMa year ago

*Federer 6-7 (1) 2-3 Djokovic

It's all coming to easy now for Djokovic. Another easy hold.
5:17 AMa year ago

Federer 6-7 (1) 2-2 *Djokovic

I think Federer should do more serve-and-volleying. It worked in that game as he holds to 30.
5:14 AMa year ago

*Federer 6-7 (1) 1-2 Djokovic

A love hold for Djokovic. His serve seems to be clicking in now.
5:10 AMa year ago

Federer 6-7 (1) 1-1 *Djokovic

That was a huge hold for Federer as he saves three break points (with help from a failed Djokovic challenge) to hold. He needed that.
5:07 AMa year ago

*Federer 6-7 (1) 0-1 Djokovic

Both players took a medical timeout after the first set. Djokovic holds comfortably to open the second.
5:04 AMa year ago

Djokovic wins the first set!

The Serb roars through the breaker with some delightful play! A ripping winner on set point gives him the early lead. Deja vu for Federer, perhaps?
5:01 AMa year ago

*Federer 6-6 Djokovic

And the two-time defending champion holds. To a tiebreaker we go.
4:59 AMa year ago

*Federer 6-5 Djokovic

Federer is coming forward and he needs to after being down 15-40. A key hold and he's a game away from the opening set for a second time.
4:55 AMa year ago

*Federer 5-5 Djokovic

And just like that, we're level. Three games on the trot for Djokovic after he nearly went down double break. 
4:48 AMa year ago

Federer 5-4 *Djokovic

And Djokovic steps up his game, breaking to love! Back on serve as Federer throws away his early advantage.
4:40 AMa year ago

*Federer 5-3 Djokovic

This isn't coming easy for Djokovic. He holds after being pushed to deuce. Federer to serve for the set.
4:33 AMa year ago

Federer 5-2 *Djokovic

The Swiss holds in the blink of an eye. He's a game away from the first set.
4:31 AMa year ago

*Federer 4-2 Djokovic

Well, that was a big game. Djokovic erases 0-40 to hold. If he rallies, we'll look back on this game as to where his revival began.
4:22 AMa year ago

Federer 4-1 *Djokovic

The break is consolidated after Federer slams home an ace. He's looked very sharp so far.
4:18 AMa year ago
A third break in a row as Djokovic makes a mess of a backhand on break point. The crowd are happy as Federer regains the advantage. 
4:18 AMa year ago

*Federer 3-1 Djokovic

A third break in a row as Djokovic makes a mess of a backhand on break point. The crowd are happy as Federer regains the advantage. 
4:15 AMa year ago

Federer 2-1 *Djokovic

The second seed is showing why he's the best returner in tennis. He breaks to 30 and we're back on serve.
4:09 AMa year ago
What a start for Federer! His backhand is on point to start and he has the early advantage. 
4:09 AMa year ago

*Federer 2-0 Djokovic

What a start for Federer! His backhand is on point to start and he has the early advantage. 
4:03 AMa year ago

Federer 1-0 *Djokovic

Six minutes and three deuces later, Federer holds. A crucial beginning for the Swiss.
2:50 AMa year ago

First-time Aussie Open finalist awaits

Whoever wins this match will face a newcomer in the championship match as fifth seed Dominic Thiem faces seventh seed Alexander Zverev in the second semifinal.
2:48 AMa year ago

Federer struggles, but survives

By comparison, the Swiss has had to escape from a couple of his matches, rallying from 8-4 down in the fifth set tiebreaker against John Millman and saving seven match points in the quarterfinals against Tennys Sandgren.
2:45 AMa year ago

Djokovic cruising into semifinals

The seven-time Australian Open champion has looked solid this fortnight, dropping just one set in his first five matches, the third set of his first round match against Jan-Lennard Struff.
10:20 PMa year ago

50th meeting between legends

In addition to a spot in a major final being on the line, this is a milestone meeting as Federer and Djokovic will square off for the 50th time with the Serb holding a 26-23 lead, but Federer won the last meeting 6-4, 6-3 at the 2019 Nitto ATP Finals. Djokovic was victorious in their last meeting in Melbourne, a four-set win in this same round in 2016.
6:30 PMa year ago

Welcome to our live coverage of this blockbuster match!

Hello everyone and welcome to VAVEL's live coverage of the Australian Open! I'm John Lupo and I will be guiding you through coverage of this titanic match between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.