Medvedev vs Thiem (2-1) Live Stream Updates and Score in Nitto ATP Finals
Photo: Alex Caparros


5:19 PM2 years ago

Medvedev wins!

Daniil Medvedev wins the match 4-6 7-6 (2) 6-4!

And after (fittingly) an unreturned serve, Medvedev is the 2020 Nitto ATP Finals champion! He went undefeated this week a year after going winless and he takes home the title after the longest three-set final in tournament history at 2 hours, 42 minutes.

Commiserations to Thiem, who loses in the final for the second straight year. He'll surely have many more chances at this title and is now a force to be reckoned with.

Stay tuned for all of the post-match coverage coming up shortly.

5:16 PM2 years ago

Thiem forcing Medvedev to serve it out

*Medvedev 4-6 7-6 (2) 5-4 Thiem

The third seed comes back from 15-30 down to hold.

5:03 PM2 years ago

Medvedev a game away

Medvedev 4-6 7-6 (2) 5-3 *Thiem

Another stunning volley to close off a game for the Russian. He's on the verge of his biggest title yet.

5:00 PM2 years ago

Thiem holds

*Medvedev 4-6 7-6 (2) 4-3 Thiem

A love hold for the Austrian. Is it too late, though?

4:59 PM2 years ago

Medvedev closing in

Medvedev 4-6 7-6 (2) 4-2 *Thiem

That volley sat up for Thiem, but he couldn't put the ball in the court. Medvedev is two games away from the title.

4:58 PM2 years ago

Medvedev breaks!

*Medvedev 4-6 7-6 (2) 3-2 Thiem

Remember when I said Medvedev was looking to come in more? Well, he nailed a volley there on his third break point of the game. First blood to the Russian in the decider.

4:55 PM2 years ago

Simple game from Medvedev

Medvedev 4-6 7-6 (2) 2-2 *Thiem

Easy as you like as Medvedev holds in 69 seconds.

4:55 PM2 years ago

Thiem escapes

*Medvedev 4-6 7-6 (2) 1-2 Thiem

A brilliant hold from 0-40 as the Austrian keeps his nose in front.

4:54 PM2 years ago

Medvedev guts through game

Medvedev 4-6 7-6 (2) 1-1 *Thiem

A punishing forehand closes off the game for the fourth seed. 

4:53 PM2 years ago

Thiem comes through tough hold

*Medvedev 4-6 7-6 (2) 0-1 Thiem

Now it's Dominic's turn to finish points and the game off at net as he holds to begin the third set.

4:52 PM2 years ago

Medvedev forces a third set!

Daniil Medvedev wins the second set 7-6 (4)!

From 2-0 down, Medvedev won seven consecutive points, finishing with an ace on set point. This championship match, and the 2020 season, is headed to a deciding set.

4:49 PM2 years ago

Thiem forces a tiebreaker

*Medvedev 4-6 6-6 Thiem

The set will go to a tiebreaker courtesy of a strong hold by Thiem.

4:49 PM2 years ago

Medvedev again a game away

Medvedev 4-6 6-5 *Thiem

Daniil is coming to net with great frequency and having success. 

4:47 PM2 years ago

Thiem responds

*Medvedev 4-6 5-5 Thiem

Answered with a hold to 15.

4:46 PM2 years ago

Medvedev a game away

Medvedev 4-6 5-4 *Thiem

A simple hold to 15 for the fourth seed.

4:45 PM2 years ago

Thiem's turn to escape danger

*Medvedev 4-6 4-4 Thiem

And now the Austrian saves a break point to keep the set level.

4:44 PM2 years ago

Medvedev gets through trouble

Medvedev 4-6 4-3 *Thiem

The Russian is living dangerously, that's for sure. He saves three break points and slams down an ace to hold. Huge game this.

4:43 PM2 years ago

Thiem cruising on serve

*Medvedev 4-6 3-3 Thiem

Another love hold for the Austrian.

4:42 PM2 years ago

Medvedev with a battling hold

Medvedev 4-6 3-2 *Thiem

The Russian is showing some good skills up at net and a finishing volley keeps him out in front in a game where he saved a break point.

4:40 PM2 years ago

Thiem answers

*Medvedev 4-6 2-2 Thiem

And a love hold for the third seed.

4:40 PM2 years ago

Easy hold for Medvedev

Medvedev 4-6 2-1 *Thiem

The Russian is starting to find his groove now.

4:39 PM2 years ago

Thiem gets out of danger

*Medvedev 4-6 1-1 Thiem

A bit of a challenge for the Austrian at 30-30, but a Medvedev error and fine serve get him through the game.

4:38 PM2 years ago

Medvedev holds to begin the second set

Medvedev 4-6 1-0 *Thiem

A simple hold to 15 for the Russian as he gets off to a good start in the second set.

4:31 PM2 years ago

Thiem into the lead!

Dominic Thiem wins the first set 6-4!

A terrific set from Thiem as he gets out of 15-30 in this closeout game. On set point, he hits a forehand that clips the tape and flies over Medvedev's shoulder. Lucky break, but nothing more than he deserved.

4:29 PM2 years ago

Medvedev holds

Medvedev 4-5 *Thiem

A love hold by the Russian and he'll make Thiem serve out this opening set.

4:28 PM2 years ago

Thiem on the brink

*Medvedev 3-5 Thiem

Answered by the Austrian with a love hold of his own.

4:25 PM2 years ago

Medvedev stays within touch

Medvedev 3-4 *Thiem

A quick hold by the Russian.

4:24 PM2 years ago

Thiem holds

*Medvedev 2-4 Thiem

A huge forehand at deuce and an unreturnable serve on game point bring Thiem to within two games of the set.

4:19 PM2 years ago

Thiem breaks!

Medvedev 2-3 *Thiem

From 40-0 up, Medvedev loses his serve. A delicate drop shot sets up a break point for Thiem and when the Russian double-faults, the Austrian takes the lead.

4:18 PM2 years ago

Thiem eases through game

*Medvedev 2-2 Thiem
A much simpler hold for the Austrian that time.
4:16 PM2 years ago

Medvedev rallies

Medvedev 2-1 *Thiem

And now it's the Russian's turn to use his big weapons to dig out of trouble as he holds from 0-30.

4:15 PM2 years ago

Thiem holds in marathon game

*Medvedev 1-1 Thiem

Well, it took 10 minutes, but Thiem managed to get through that game after saving two break points and firing off some good serves to hold.

2:30 PM2 years ago

Medvedev holds

Medvedev 1-0 *Thiem

A quickfire hold by the Russian as he pounds down a pair of unreturnable serves from 30-15.

2:25 PM2 years ago

How to watch Medvedev vs Thiem LIVE

You can watch the final on ESPN2 at 1pm Eastern time, 6pm London time, but stay with me for all of the action.
2:20 PM2 years ago


This is the fifth career meeting between Medvedev and Thiem with the Austrian holding a 3-1 edge, their most recent meeting in this year's U.S. Open semifinal, won by Thiem 6-2, 7-6 (7), 7-6 (5) on his way to his first major title.
2:15 PM2 years ago

London finale

This is the final year of the Nitto ATP Finals in London, which have hosted the event since 2009. Next year, the tournament will move to Turin.
2:10 PM2 years ago

Medvedev stuns Nadal to reach championship match

In the second semifinal, Medvedev came from 6-3, 5-4 down to oust second seed Rafael Nadal 3-6 7-6 (4), 6-3 to advance to the final.
2:05 PM2 years ago

Thiem outlasts Djokovic to book finals spot

The third seed upset world number one Novak Djokovic in the semifinals, winning in three sets, rallying from 4-0 down in the third set tiebreaker.
2:00 PM2 years ago


Hello and welcome to today's championship match at the Nitto ATP Finals between fourth seed Daniil Medvedev and third seed Dominic Thiem.

My name is John Lupo and I'll be your host for this last-ever match of the year-end championship match as the Russian faces the Austrian.