Highlights: Zverev 2-3 Tsitsipas in Roland Garros 2021 semifinal match
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1:02 PMa year ago


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12:41 PMa year ago

3rd | 3-6

ACE, GAME, SET AND MATCH FOR TSITSIPAS! The Greek has done it after dropping the third and fourth sets. THE FIRST FINALIST OF ROLAND GARROS 2021 IS READY!
12:36 PMa year ago


Double match point for Tsitsipas, now with his serve.
12:31 PMa year ago


Well Tsitsipas demanding Zverev from side to side forcing him to error.
12:26 PMa year ago

5th | 3-5

Game for Zverev and now Tsitsipas will serve for the match.
12:21 PMa year ago


Good serve by Zverev and takes the lead again.
12:16 PMa year ago


Out of Zverev because of the net and the game is tied again.
12:11 PMa year ago


Now point for game by Zverev.
12:06 PMa year ago


Fourth match point saved by Zverev.
12:01 PMa year ago


Zverev's ball out and another match point for Tsitsipas.
11:56 AMa year ago


Ace by Zverev to equalize.
11:51 AMa year ago


Third match point for the Greek.
11:46 AMa year ago


Excellent drop shot by Zverev to tie the game.
11:41 AMa year ago


Double match point for Tsitsipás.
11:36 AMa year ago

5th | 2-5

Game for Tsitsipás! 5-2 up for the Greek and he is getting closer and closer to the Roland Garros final.
11:31 AMa year ago


Triple chance for Tsitsipás to go back up by three in the set.
11:26 AMa year ago

5th | 2-4

Game for Zverev, who gets within two of Tsitsipas.
11:21 AMa year ago


Zverev again appeals to his effectiveness with his serve and goes 40-0 up.
11:16 AMa year ago

5th | 1-4

Tsitsipas ace! It's 4-1 for the Greek in the last set.
11:11 AMa year ago


One point away! Tsitsipas is in a position to stretch the lead to three games.
11:06 AMa year ago

5th | 1-3

Tsitsipás broke! The Greek recovers his confidence.
11:01 AMa year ago


Clever Tsitsipas has made Zverev uncomfortable and now has break point.
10:56 AMa year ago

5th | 1-2

Ace by Tsitsipás and now he takes the lead again in the set by holding his serve.
10:51 AMa year ago


Tsitsipas is effective with his serve and takes a 40-0 lead.
10:46 AMa year ago

5th | 1-1

Maximum effort by Tsisipas, but the ball stays in the net.
10:41 AMa year ago


Tsitsipas does not want to give in. It gets 40-30.
10:36 AMa year ago


Zverev and his serve! 40-0 quickly.
10:31 AMa year ago

5th | 0-1

Game for Tsitsipas who lifted three break points. Now he puts pressure on Zverev not to give up his serve.
10:26 AMa year ago


Take back the break points, Tsitsipás.
10:21 AMa year ago


Tsitsipas double fault and Zverev will have triple break point at the start.
10:16 AMa year ago

Fifth set begins

The action begins in the last set of the match with Tsitsipás serving.
10:11 AMa year ago

4th | 6-4

We go to the fifth set! Zverev gets up two sets down and now evens everything up.
10:06 AMa year ago


Double set point for Zverev!
10:01 AMa year ago

4th | 5-4

Game for Tsitsipas with a nice change of pace, but now, Zverev will serve for set.
9:56 AMa year ago


Tsitsipas does not want to give in. He gets a shot to close the gap.
9:51 AMa year ago

4th | 5-3

Zverev also quickly solves with his serve to put two games ahead again.
9:46 AMa year ago

4th | 4-3

Tsitsipas quickly solves with his serve to get back to within one game of the tie.
9:41 AMa year ago

4th | 4-2

Zverev's serve is still the key. 4-2 up for the German.
9:36 AMa year ago


Zverev was overconfident waiting for a Tsitsipas return to go long and ended up with an unforced error.
9:31 AMa year ago

4th | 3-2

Tsitsipás remains so far. The Greek must break in this game.
9:26 AMa year ago


Tsitsipás makes good use of his serve.
9:21 AMa year ago

4th | 3-1

Game for Zverev, who continues to hold the brake. Tsitsipas is very unfocused and the match is going out of his hands.
9:16 AMa year ago


Zverev's serve is the key to the match now. Triple chance to take the game.
9:11 AMa year ago

4th | 2-1

Set for Tsitsipás. The Greek keeps the distance.
9:06 AMa year ago


Triple point for Tsitsipas to take the game.
9:01 AMa year ago

4th | 2-0

Zverev goes 2-0 up with his devastating serve.
8:56 AMa year ago

4th | 1-0

Zverev breaks at the start of the fourth set. Tsitsipas goes into despair.
8:51 AMa year ago


Zverev comes out determined in this fourth set. Advantage for the German.
8:46 AMa year ago

Fourth set begins

Start this set with Tsitsipás serving.
8:41 AMa year ago

3rd | 6-4

We will have a fourth set! Zverev takes advantage of the effectiveness of his serve to win the third.
8:36 AMa year ago


Triple set point for Zverev with his serve.
8:31 AMa year ago

3rd | 5-4

Tsitsipas solves once again with his serve and gets within one game. Zverev serves to win the third set.
8:26 AMa year ago


Tsitsipas' ball apparently outside and the judge gives it inside. Zverev claims.
8:21 AMa year ago

3rd | 5-3

Excellent Zverev! He reached every ball Tsitsipas demanded and keeps the two-game lead.
8:16 AMa year ago


Another good serve to trouble Tsitsipas and now he has the advantage.
8:11 AMa year ago


Zverev appeals to his big serve and equalizes everything again in the game.
8:06 AMa year ago


Zverev's errors come at a key moment of the game.
8:01 AMa year ago

3rd | 4-3

The match is 4-3 in the third set. The difference is maintained with the break achieved by Zverev.
7:56 AMa year ago


Tsitsipas always looked for the line and made Zverev uncomfortable.
7:51 AMa year ago

3rd | 4-2

Ball out by Tsitsipas. Zverev holds his serve.
7:46 AMa year ago


Good shot by Zverev to take the lead.
7:41 AMa year ago


Zverev serves to the body, making Tsitsipas uncomfortable.
7:36 AMa year ago


Very good Tsitsipas making Zverev uncomfortable by playing short.
7:31 AMa year ago


Zverev now equals it.
7:26 AMa year ago


Very well Tsitsipas playing backhand paralea and the ball hitting the line.
7:21 AMa year ago

3rd | 3-2

Ace by Tsitsipas and it is now 3-2 in the third set.
7:16 AMa year ago


Tsitsipas goes up 40-15 with his serve.
7:11 AMa year ago

3rd | 3-1

Game for Zverev after a Tsitsipas return that went wide.
7:06 AMa year ago


Zverev looks to pull ahead again to take a two-game lead.
7:01 AMa year ago

3rd | 2-1

Tsitsipas unforced error and Zverev takes a 2-1 lead in the third set.
6:56 AMa year ago


Break point for Zverev. Opportunity for the German to take a breath of fresh air in the match.
6:51 AMa year ago


Very well Tsitsipas, serving crosscourt, and when he received the return, he changed the intention and direction of his shot to leave Zverev with no options.
6:46 AMa year ago

3rd | 1-1

Game for Zverev and the third set is tied.
6:41 AMa year ago


Good point of Zverev demanding Tsitsipás to the maximum.
6:36 AMa year ago


Equal now in this game.
6:31 AMa year ago


Very decisive Tsitsipas. Zverev will have to change his strategy to avoid losing the match.
6:26 AMa year ago

3rd | 0-1

Tsitsipas moved Zverev from side to side and finished the game with a change of pace.
6:21 AMa year ago

Third set begins

The third set begins with Tsitsipás serving.
6:16 AMa year ago

2nd | 3-6

Game and set for Tsisipas! Zverev's ball out and the Greek goes two sets up. 42 minutes lasted this second set.
6:11 AMa year ago


Another advantage for Tsitsipas.
6:06 AMa year ago


Zverev does not give in. Even.
6:01 AMa year ago


Unforced error by Zverev and there is set point for Tsitsipas.
5:56 AMa year ago

2nd | 3-5

Game for Tsitsipas! 5-3 up for the Greek.
5:51 AMa year ago


Tsitsipas is looking to widen the gap.
5:46 AMa year ago

2nd | 3-4

Tsitsipas breaks! This time the net played a trick on Zverev and the Greek comes back to take the second set.
5:41 AMa year ago


Excellent backhand parallel ball by Zverev. One more break point for Tsitsipas.
5:36 AMa year ago


Great Tsitsipas! The Greek recovers his confidence. Double break point.
5:31 AMa year ago


GREAT TSITSIPAS! Two balls incredibly rescued by the Greek and ended up winning the point by going up to the net.
5:26 AMa year ago

2nd | 3-3

Game for Tsitsipas. The Greek ties this second set.
5:21 AMa year ago


Tsitsipas played a cross-court ball to the left and Zverev left him in the crease.
5:16 AMa year ago


Tsitsipas begins to regain confidence and demands Zverev.
5:11 AMa year ago

2nd | 3-2

Tsitsipas breaks! Another unforced error by Zverev and now he will have with his serve the opportunity to tie the second set, which takes 19 minutes.
5:06 AMa year ago


Now the one with the error is Zverev. New break point for Tsitsipas.
5:01 AMa year ago


Unforced error by Tsitsipas. Equal now.
4:56 AMa year ago


Break point for Tsitsipas. The Greek played deep this time to Zverev and forced him to make a mistake.
4:51 AMa year ago


Zverev's fourth double fault of the match.
4:46 AMa year ago

2nd | 3-1

Demanding ball for Zverev who sent it out. 3-1 in the second set.
4:41 AMa year ago


Quickly, Tsitsipas manages to get within a point of his first game in the second set.
4:36 AMa year ago

2nd | 3-0

Zverev's ball hit the net and was short for Tsitsipas. 3-0 up for the German.
4:31 AMa year ago


Tsitsipas tries to cope with a dominant Zverev in the second set.
4:26 AMa year ago


Double chance for Zverev to go three games up.
4:21 AMa year ago


He does a lot of damage with his serve, Zverev. Another ace for the German.
4:16 AMa year ago

2nd | 2-0

Zverev breaks! Unforced error by Tsitsipas and the German takes a 2-0 lead in the second set.
4:11 AMa year ago


Zverev has the first break point of this set.
4:06 AMa year ago

2nd | 1-0

Quickly, Zverev is on top with his serve.
4:01 AMa year ago

Second set begins

Zverev starts serving in this set.
3:56 AMa year ago

1st | 3-6

Set for Tsitsipas after a ball from Zverev that went long. 1-0 in 37 minutes.
3:51 AMa year ago


New set point for Tsitsipas.
3:46 AMa year ago


Zverev is still trying to hold on to the set.
3:41 AMa year ago


Good cross-court serve by Tsitsipas for an unforced error by Zverev. Set point.
3:36 AMa year ago


Zverev balances a little this game demanding Tsitsipas.
3:31 AMa year ago

1st | 3-5

Despite a double fault that put the game 40-30, Zverev kept the distance with a good serve that Tsitsipas could not effectively return.
3:26 AMa year ago


Zverev takes advantage of Tsitsipas' poor defense and quickly makes it 40-0.
3:21 AMa year ago

1st | 2-5

Game for Tsitsipas, who is one game away from taking the first set. 27 minutes of play.
3:16 AMa year ago


The match is starting to become more demanding and we can already see how Tsitsipas and Zverev are starting to climb towards the net.
3:11 AMa year ago

1st | 2-4

Zverev holds his serve and keeps the two-point distance for now.
3:06 AMa year ago


Zverev also starts to find some rhythm with his serve and is up 40-0 quickly.
3:01 AMa year ago

1st | 1-4

Game for Tsitsipas. The Greek does not want to leave any chance and quickly leads the first set in his favor.
2:56 AMa year ago


Tsitsipas quickly makes it 40-0 with his serve.
2:51 AMa year ago

1st | 1-3

Zverev serves to the crease and Tsitsipas' return goes wide.
2:46 AMa year ago


First chance for Zverev to take a game.
2:41 AMa year ago


The longest point of the match so far was played. It ended with a cross-court ball from Zverev, who demanded the maximum from Tsitsipas, who left it in the net.
2:36 AMa year ago

1st | 0-3

Tsitsipas holds his serve once again and is already 3-0 up in the first set.
2:31 AMa year ago


Zverev tries to lift a 0-40. Tsitsipas is being accurate.
2:26 AMa year ago

1st | 0-2

Tsitsipas breaks. He takes a 2-0 lead in the first set. Zverev looks uncomfortable at the start.
2:21 AMa year ago


Two double faults by Zverev and with a demanding ball, Tsitsipas has double break point.
2:16 AMa year ago

1st | 0-1

Tsitsipas holds his serve. Although he showed some nervousness. First moves to warm up.
2:11 AMa year ago


Zverev wins the draw and has chosen to serve.
2:06 AMa year ago

Players on the field

Zverev and Tsitsipas are announced and both come out to start this great match.
2:01 AMa year ago

We start!

Everything is ready to bring you this first semifinal duel of Roland Garros 2021.
1:56 AMa year ago

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Titsipa's Road

Primera ronda: vs Jérémy Chardy 7-6 (6), 6-3 y 6-1

Segunda ronda: vs Pedro Martínez 6-3, 6-4 y 6-3

Tercera ronda: vs John Isner 5-7, 6-3, 7-6 (3), y 6-1

Cuarta ronda: vs Pablo Carreño 6-3, 6-2 y 7-5

Cuartos de final: vs Daniil Medvédev 6-3, 7-6 (3), y 7-5

1:41 AMa year ago

Zverev's Road

1st round: vs Oscar Otte 3-6, 3-6, 6-2, 6-2 y 6-0

2nd round: vs Roman Safiulin 7-6 (4), 6-3, y 7-6 (1)

3rd round: vs Laslo Djere 6-2, 7-5 y 6-2

4th round: vs Kei Nishikori 6-4, 6-1 y 6-1

Quarterfinals: vs Alejandro Davidovich 6-4, 6-1 y 6-1

1:36 AMa year ago


The winner of this match will play the final of this Roland Garros against the winner of the match between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.
1:31 AMa year ago

Stefano Tsitsipas

The Greek comes to this match after defeating Russian Daniil Medvedev in the quarterfinals, 6-3, 7-5 (3), 7-5.
1:26 AMa year ago

Alexander Zverev

The German comes into this match after defeating Spaniard Alejandro Davidovich in straight sets 6-4, 6-1, 6-1.
1:21 AMa year ago

Zverev vs Tsitsipsás

In total, these two players have met seven times. The numbers show five wins for the Greek and two for the German.
1:16 AMa year ago

Zverev vs Tsitsipas: a young duel with a lot of quality

This game will measure the forces of two young players, who more than being prospects, are a great reality, with their quality. We are facing a duel that promises many emotions, around what will be a great semifinal.
1:11 AMa year ago


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