Summary and highlights of Djokovic 2-0 Davidovich at Tennis Tokyo 2020
Djokovic - Davidovich. Source: Diario del Sur


4:52 AM2 months ago

End of match

The Serbian qualifies for the quarterfinals after beating Davidovich in 1 and 24 minutes. The rival in the quarterfinals will be the japanese Nishikori 
4:49 AM2 months ago

2 set (6-1)

Djokovic breaks the break to the Spanish tennis player and manages to take the victory;
4:48 AM2 months ago

2 set (5-1)

Another easy game for No. 1 and he is one game away from closing out the match.
4:43 AM2 months ago

2 Set ( 4-1)

Once again, the Spanish pilot loses the service and his chances of winning vanish;
4:35 AM2 months ago

2 set (3-1)

The Serb suffers in this game, but continues without failing in his service;
4:28 AM2 months ago

2 set (2-1)

The Serbian tennis player breaks his serve to take the lead in the second set;
4:25 AM2 months ago

2 set (1-1)

Primer set para Djokovic en este segundo set y lo gana con facilidad 
4:25 AM2 months ago

2 set (0-1)

Davidovich suffers a lot to take the first game of the second set
4:15 AM2 months ago

End of the first set

Djokovic wins 6-3 in the first set that lasted 47 minutes;
4:14 AM2 months ago

Ninth game (6-3)

The Serb wins his game and takes the first set;
4:11 AM2 months ago

Eighth game (5-3)

Easy gameplay for Davidovich that closes the gap
4:06 AM2 months ago

Seventh Game

Alejandro pelea con garra en este juego, pero se lo lleva el serbio 
4:01 AM2 months ago

Sixth Game

The Spaniard suffers after almost losing the service, but manages to take it.
3:53 AM2 months ago

Fifth Game

Novak does not fail and wins comfortably 
3:49 AM2 months ago

Fourth Game

Attention! First service break of the number 1 that goes on the scoreboard;
3:39 AM2 months ago

Third Game

Davidovich misses two break balls, and Djokovic is the one who takes this game 
3:32 AM2 months ago

Second game

Davidovich suffers, but manages to win on his first serve
3:29 AM2 months ago

First Game

The Serbian takes the first game, in which the Spanish player could not win any point.
6:28 PM2 months ago

How to watch Djokovic - Davidovich Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the match between Djokovic & Davidovich on TV, your choice is EuroSport Player;
6:23 PM2 months ago

What time is the Djokovic vs Davidovich Olympics Men's Tennis Game?

This is the time of the Djokovic Davidovich match in several countries

Argentina: 8:30 AM on Claro.

Bolivia: 2:30 AM on Claro.

Brazil: 1:30 AM on Claro.&;

Chile: 2:30 AM on Claro.

Colombia: 1:30 AM on Claro.

Ecuador: 1:30 AM on Claro.

United States (ET): 0:30 AM.

Spain: 7:30 PM

México: 9:30 AM on Marca Claro./lt;/p>

Paraguay: 2:30 AM on Claro.

Perú: 1:30 AM on Claro.

Uruguay: 3:30 AM on Claro.

6:18 PM2 months ago

Davidovich's previous statements

Although he is a tough opponent, he can be beaten. In fact, there are people who have beaten him and every time I go out to the track I think about winning more than who is in front of him.
6:13 PM2 months ago

Clashes between the two

On May 13 were the only time they played a match and the Serbian won comfortably;
6:08 PM2 months ago

Davidovichc's path to the round of 16

The player born in Málaga has already eliminated the Portuguese Sousa and Millman.
6:03 PM2 months ago

Djokovic's path to the round of 16

Novak has had to overcome Dellien and Stuff to reach this round.
5:58 PM2 months ago


The Serb is ranked No. 1 in the ATP, while the Spaniard is ranked No. 34.
5:53 PM2 months ago


The match will be played at the Ariake Tennis Park;
5:48 PM2 months ago

Preview of the game

Djokovic and Davidovich to meet in the round of 16 at the Olympic Games
5:43 PM2 months ago

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