Summary and highlights of the France 1-2 Great Britain in the Davis Cup


10:33 AM2 months ago

Thank you all!

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting final, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. ¡SEE YOU ALL AGAIN!
10:29 AM2 months ago


Great Britain won both singles matches, while France won the doubles.
10:27 AM2 months ago

The last point goes to France

The French pair of Mahut and Rinderknech win point for France
10:25 AM2 months ago

2º Set Mahut-Rinderknech (6-1 6-4) Salisbury- Skupski

The French pair broke the break and confirmed it in the next game to give the first point to France in the Davis Cup.
10:10 AM2 months ago

2º Set Mahut-Rinderknech ( 4-4) Salisbury- Skupski

Maximum equality in the second set, all to be decided;
10:04 AM2 months ago

France takes the first set

Mahut Rinderknach pair wins 6-1 in the first set
9:31 AM2 months ago

1º Set Mahut-Rinderknech ( 4-1) Salisbury- Skupski

The French are still ahead in this first set
9:26 AM2 months ago

1º Set Mahut-Rinderknech ( 3-0) Salisbury- Skupski

The French team got off to a flying start, knowing that winning this point could be decisive for advancing to the next round.
9:24 AM2 months ago

Doubles started

Rinderknech will finally replace Herbert
8:53 AM2 months ago

The last game remains

The last point of the series will be decided in doubles with Herbert and Mahut facing Salisbury and Skupski.
8:43 AM2 months ago

Norrie gives the second point to Great Britain. Here are the statistics of the match

Source: Loli
Source: Loli
8:36 AM2 months ago

2º Set Rinderknech (2-6 6-7) Norrie

Norrie wins in tie break after a hard-fought tie break (8-10) for the Briton
8:17 AM2 months ago


They go to a tiebrek in the second set, where Norrie can close the match.
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Three break balls wasted by Norrie

Chances to put the match and the tie back on track, but the Frenchman manages to save them and takes the game.
7:50 AM2 months ago

2º Set Rinderknech (2-6 3-3) Norrie

Both are struggling to hold serve, and the second set is still tied.
7:35 AM2 months ago

2º Set Rinderknech (2-6 2-2) Norrie

The Frenchman suffered to take the game on his serve, while Norrie did it with a game in white.
7:34 AM2 months ago

2º Set Rinderknech (2-6 1-1) Norrie

Three break balls had the French tennis player to break the service, but failed;
7:20 AM2 months ago

Norrie takes the first set


7:16 AM2 months ago

1º Set Rinderknech (2-6) Norrie

Norrie broke Norrie's service again and won the set.
7:06 AM2 months ago

1º Set Rinderknech (2-4) Norrie

On the third break ball attempt in the game Norrie got it and then confirmed it by winning his service game in white;
6:48 AM2 months ago

1º Set Rinderknech (2-2 ) Norrie

Both players missed breaks, first Norrie missed two and then Rinderknech missed one.
6:35 AM2 months ago

1º Set Rinderknech (1-1 ) Norrie

Game in white in the Frenchman's serve, suffered something more the birtá nico in his game with serve, but managed to take it. No one fails in this start of the match
6:31 AM2 months ago

Second clash between Rinderknech vs. Norrie

The only time they faced each other was on May 22 in the quarterfinals of the ATP Lyon where the tennis player from Grand Bretton won;
6:13 AM2 months ago

In a few minutes the next game

The next match is Rinderknech vs Norrie, in the second game of this France vs Great Britain match.
6:11 AM2 months ago



6:05 AM2 months ago

2º Set Mannarino (5-7 4-6) Evans

The Briton broke his serve and shortly thereafter he confirmed it by winning on his serve with a game in white.
6:00 AM2 months ago

2º Set Mannarino (5-7 4-4) Evans

Both hold the pressure and continue to win their games with the service in their favor
5:47 AM2 months ago

2º Set Mannarino (5-7 3-3) Evans

Evans had a break ball and did not take it, the Frenchman had two and also failed to break serve.
5:40 AM2 months ago

Evans' tip


5:33 AM2 months ago

2º Set Mannarino (5-7 2-2) Evans

Both suffer in their service, but still hold the draw
5:25 AM2 months ago

2º Set Mannarino (5-7 1-1) Evans

Mannarino struggled to hold serve in the second set, while Evans made a clean break in the second set.
5:17 AM2 months ago


First set for the tennis player from Great Britain 
5:16 AM2 months ago

1º Set Mannarino (5-7) Evans

Evans' break to close out the first set
5:15 AM2 months ago

1º Set Mannarino (5-6) Evans

Now the one who breaks the service is the Briton, who serves to take the first set.
5:08 AM2 months ago

1º Set Mannarino (5-5) Evans

Blank game of Mannarino who breaks the service and equalizes again the set 
5:03 AM2 months ago

1º Set Mannarino (4-5) Evans

The Frenchman suffered, but he took the game, Evans will serve and if he wins this game he will take the first set.
4:59 AM2 months ago

1º Set Mannarino (3-5) Evans

Easy set for confirming service breakage
4:54 AM2 months ago

1º Set Mannarino (3-4) Evans

After the sixth attempt, Evans manages to break serve.
4:49 AM2 months ago

1º Set Mannarino (3-3) Evans

Evans comes back from 0-30 down for second consecutive time to hold serve
4:46 AM2 months ago

1º Set Mannarino (3-2) Evans

The British player misses three break balls again, after taking a 0-40 lead, Mannarino finally manages to save the game again by a miracle.
4:37 AM2 months ago

1º Set Mannarino (2-2) Evans

The ATP No. 25 came back from a 0-30 deficit to keep the match level.
4:31 AM2 months ago

1º Set Mannarino (2-1) Evans

Evans had two break balls, but he wasted both of them, finally the Frenchman managed to take the game.
4:18 AM2 months ago

1st Set Mannarino (1-1) Evans

The tennis player from Gran Betrañ a puts the tie through his serve
4:13 AM2 months ago

1º Set Mannarino (1-0) Evans

The first game of the match goes to the Frenchman who does not fail in his serve.
4:11 AM2 months ago

The game started

In the first game, the Frenchman
3:54 AM2 months ago

Mannarino vs Evans

The French tennis player Mannarino is number 71 of the ATP, while Evans, of the Great Britain team is number 25. These two tennis players have faced each other on three occasions, with the last two for Evans, while the French player has only beaten him on one occasion. The last time they have faced each other was last June at the London ATP in the round of 16 where the player from Great Britain won.


3:51 AM2 months ago

Gran Betraña Team

Cameron Norrie, Daniel Evans, Liam Broady, Joe Salisbury, Neal Skupski: Leon Smith.
3:50 AM2 months ago

France Team

Arthur Rinderknech, Richard Gasquet, Pierre-Hugues Herbert, Nicolas Mahut.Capitán: Sebastien Grosjean.
3:49 AM2 months ago

Order of play

It will start with the clash between Mannarino and Evans, followed by Rinderknech and Norrie, and will end with the doubles match between Herbet and Mahut against Salisbury and Skupski.
3:44 AM2 months ago

France vs. Great Britain protagonists

Source: Davis Cup
Source: Davis Cup
3:11 AM2 months ago

1 hour

In 1 hour the series between France and Great Britain will start.
Both the preview and the match can be followed here

Davis Cup

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How to watch France vs Great Britain live in Davis Cup ?

If you want to watch France vs Gran Britain live on TV, your option is ESPN. 

If you want to watch it on the internet,VAVEL;is your best option.

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What time is the match France vs Great Britain in the Davis Cup ?


This is the start time of the match between France vs Gran Britain  in several countries:

Argentina: 05:00 hrs.
Bolivia: 03:00 hrs.
Brazil: 04:00 hrs.
Chile: 03:00 hrs.
Colombia: 03:00 hrs.
Ecuador: 03:00 hrs
Spain: 10:00 hrs.
Mexico: 03:00 hrs.
Paraguay: 04:00 hrs.
Peru: 03:00 hrs.
Uruguay: 05:00 hrs.
France: 10:00 hrs.
Sweden: 10:00 hrs.

9:38 PM2 months ago

Moment when France won the Davis Cup in 2017.


9:33 PM2 months ago

Murray's match point that gave Great Britain the Davis Cup, 79 years later


9:28 PM2 months ago

How to get to Big Britain ?

The selection of Great Britain will play their first match of the Davis Cup against France. In their last edition of this tournament in 2019 they passed as group winners beating Kazakhstan and the Netherlands, then defeated Germany in the quarterfinals, but in the semifinals they were eliminated by Spain, who won the last edition of the Davis Cup.
9:23 PM2 months ago

How does France arrive ?

The French National Team in 2019 in the last Davis Cup was eliminated in the group stage after finishing second in their group, but did not finish among the two best runners-up. In their first match against the Czech Republic they won 2-1 after coming from behind, first Gasquet lost, then Mannarino and the pair Herbert and Mahut won in the doubles.
9:18 PM2 months ago


The head-to-head record is three for each team. In 2017 they faced each other in the quarterfinals where the French won by 4-1. Finally, France won that Davis Cup after beating Belgium 3-2 in the final. The ú last time that Great Britain took the victory was in 2015 where Great Britain eliminated France in the quarterfinals by 1-3 and ended up winning it by Belgium with 3-1.
9:13 PM2 months ago


The meeting will be held in Olympiahalle, which was held in Insbruck, Austria.
9:08 PM2 months ago

Preview of the match

France and Great Britain will face each other, the second match for the French and the first for Great Britain. Both teams are drawn in Group C with the Czech Republic;
9:03 PM2 months ago

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