Summary and highlights of the Spain 1-2 Russia in Davis Cup
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6:47 PMa year ago

The quarterfinals are ready


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6:41 PMa year ago

3º Set Granollers - Feliciano López (6-4 2-6 4-6) Karatsev - Rublev

From the baseline Karatasev takes advantage of the first match ball to give Russia the victory.
6:33 PMa year ago

3º Set Granollers - Feliciano López (6-4 2-6 4-4) Karatsev - Rublev

The Russians have not matched more than one point in each game.
6:25 PMa year ago

3º Set Granollers - Feliciano López (6-4 2-6 3-3) Karatsev - Rublev

No clearance continues to be given at the Madrid Arena
6:17 PMa year ago

3º Set Granollers - Feliciano López (6-4 2-6 2-2) Karatsev - Rublev

Blank game for the Russians, the Spanish team suffered the most, but managed to win the game.
6:13 PMa year ago

3º Set Granollers - Feliciano López (6-4 2-6 1-1) Karatsev - Rublev

Both win their first games on the serve, neither notices the pressure
6:05 PMa year ago

Russia forces third set


6:02 PMa year ago

2º Set Granollers - Feliciano López (6-4 2-6) Karatsev - Rublev

The pair Karatsev vs Rubles beat the rest to take the set and everything will be decided in the final third set where the pass to the quarterfinals will be seen.
5:56 PMa year ago

2º Set Granollers - Feliciano López (6-4 2-5) Karatsev - Rublev

It is difficult for the Spaniards to serve the game, white game for the Russians who have this second set well on track
5:49 PMa year ago

The first set point for the Spanish team


5:48 PMa year ago

1º Set Granollers - Feliciano López (6-4 1-4) Karatsev - Rublev

The first set was won by Granollers and Feliciano Ló pez, but in the beginning of the second set the Russian couple broke the service.
5:10 PMa year ago

1º Set Granollers - Feliciano López (4-4) Karatsev - Rublev

Neither one suffers in their service and continue with equality
4:55 PMa year ago

1º Set Granollers - Feliciano López (2-2) Karatsev - Rublev

First four games where none has lost in their game, the Spanish couple had a break ball in the first game with rest, but did not take advantage of it.
4:43 PMa year ago

Doubles match started

The match that will decide the passage to the quarterfinals begins
4:05 PMa year ago

Everything is decided in doubles

Granollers and Feliciano Ló pez will face Karatsev and Rublev in a doubles that will decide the pass to the quarterfinals.
4:03 PMa year ago

2º Set Carreño (2-6 6-7 ) Medvedev

Russian player wins in the tie break and takes the match, this will be decided in doubles.
3:58 PMa year ago

2º Set Carreño (2-6 6-6 ) Medvedev

We go to the tie break where the match can be decided if Medvedev wins it.
3:50 PMa year ago

2º Set Carreño (2-6 5-5 ) Medvedev

Incredible performance by Pablo Carreño who saves two match balls and makes a break to keep the match level.
3:43 PMa year ago

2º Set Carreño (2-6 4-5 ) Medvedev

The Russian tennis player even had a match ball, but Pablo Carreño saved it.
3:31 PMa year ago

1º Set Carreño (2-6 3-4 ) Medvedev

Pablo Carreño took a 3-0 lead, but the Russian wasted it to turn the score around.
3:24 PMa year ago



3:23 PMa year ago

1º Set Carreño (2-6) Medvedev

Set for the Russian tennis player who takes the lead in the match
2:48 PMa year ago

1º Set Carreño (0-4) Medvedev

Perfect start by Medvedev who again breaks serve and does not concede any game.
2:42 PMa year ago

1º Set Carreño (0-2) Medvedev

Like his partner Rublev, the No. 2 starts by breaking serve. He then rallies from 0-30 to confirm the break of serve.
2:35 PMa year ago

The match begins

The Spanish tennis player, Pablo Carreño, starts serving.
2:24 PMa year ago

The second match will be Carreño vs. Medvedev

This year they have met three times, twice the Russian and once Pablo Carreño in the Olympic Games.
2:19 PMa year ago

Feliciano Lopez's victory point


2:17 PMa year ago


Source: Davis Cup
Source: Davis Cup
2:10 PMa year ago

3º Set Feliciano López (2-6 6-3 6-4) Rublev

He had two match points at the rest, he did not get it, but he did, with the serve in favor.
1:57 PMa year ago

3º Set Feliciano López (2-6 6-3 5-3) Rublev

Both win the game in white with the service in favor, the match can be decided if Feliciano wins the rest or serving.
1:52 PMa year ago

3º Set Feliciano López (2-6 6-3 4-2) Rublev

Both suffer, but continue to win on their serves, the Spanish tennis player still retains the lead
1:45 PMa year ago

3º Set Feliciano López (2-6 6-3 3-1) Rublev

Heroic Spanish tennis player breaks the break to take the lead
1:37 PMa year ago

3º Set Feliciano López (2-6 6-3 1-1) Rublev

Neither had it easy in these first serves, Rublev had to come back from 0-30 and Feliciano had to save two break balls.
1:27 PMa year ago

Feliciano Lopez wins the second set


1:26 PMa year ago

2nd Set Feliciano López (2-6 6-3) Rublev

Incredible the Spanish tennis player who had to save three break balls in the last game and come back from 0-30 to win this game and even the match.
1:09 PMa year ago

2º Set Feliciano López (2-6 4-2) Rublev

Feliciano had three break balls and broke serve to give Spain an advantage in the second set.
12:59 PMa year ago

2º Set Feliciano López (2-6 1-1) Rublev

The first two games are won by both players with an easy serve.
12:55 PMa year ago

Spanish fans cheer in the stands


12:54 PMa year ago


Source: Vamos de Movistar
Source: Vamos de Movistar
12:50 PMa year ago

Feliciano López (2-6) Rublev

Russian wins the game in white to close out the first set
12:48 PMa year ago

Feliciano López (1-5) Rublev

The lack of success in the first serves and two consecutive double faults caused the second break, which equaled a 0-40.
12:38 PMa year ago

Feliciano López (1-3) Rublev

First serve won by the Spanish tennis player and Rublev did not fail to continue to have advantage
12:33 PMa year ago

Feliciano López (0-2) Rublev

On his second break point, the Russian did not waste the opportunity and broke serve in the first game. However, it was not easy for Rublev to win with his serve.
12:23 PMa year ago

The game started

Sacará Feliciano López
12:20 PMa year ago

Tennis players warm up

Both Feliciano López and Rublev are already warming up on the Madrid Arena
12:05 PMa year ago

The moment of truth is approaching

Both players are already arriving on stage for the start of the match.
11:18 AMa year ago

We are still waiting

The match has not yet started because Canada and Kazakhstan are still playing in the doubles.
10:15 AMa year ago

Feliciano Lopez vs Rublev

They will face the number 106 as is the Spanish player against the number 5 which is Rublev. The last confrontation between them was on February 13 at the Australian Open where the Russian tennis player won 7-5 6-2, 6-3 to Feliciano López.
10:11 AMa year ago

Finally, Feliciano López will play first

The first clash of the match will be Feliciano Ló pez vs. Rublev
10:09 AMa year ago

In a few moments the last round of the group will begin.


9:42 AMa year ago

Order of play

The first match will be Pablo Carreño vs Medvedev, then Feliciano López vs Andey Rublev, finally in doubles it will be Lopez - Granollers vs Rublev - Karatsev.
9:31 AMa year ago

Spain wants to retain its title

The Spanish team wants to win the Davis Cup again, but it will not be easy with the casualties of Rafa Nadal, Bautista and Carlos Alcaraz.
9:31 AMa year ago

España quiere revalidar el título

El cuadro español quiere volver a ganar la Copa Davis, pero no lo tendrá nada fácil con las bajas de Rafa Nadal, Bautista y  Carlos Alcaraz
9:17 AMa year ago

Group A standings are as follows

Source: Tenis España
Source: Tenis España
9:13 AMa year ago

1 hour

In exactly one hour, Spain will play against Russia, where the winner will qualify for the quarterfinals.
12:51 PMa year ago

How to watch Spain vs Russia live in the Davis Cup ?

If you want to watch Spain vs Russia  live on TV, your option is Eurosport

If you want to watch it on the internet,VAVEL;is your best option.

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What time is the match Spain vs Russia in the Davis Cup ?

This is the kick-off time of the match in several countries

 Argentina: 7:00 hrs. Bolivia: 9:00 hrs. Brazil: 10:00 hrs. Chile: 9:00 hrs. Colombia: 9:00 hrs. Ecuador: 9:00 hrs. Spain: 16:00 hrs. México: 9:00 hrs. Paraguay: 10: 00 hrs. Peru: 9:00 hrs. Uruguay: 11:00 hrs. England: 15: 00 hrs EEUU:10:00 hrs. Australia: 00:00 hrs. India: 19:15 hrs

12:41 PMa year ago

Recap of the 2019 Davis Cup final where Nadal beat Shapalov to give Spain a 2-0 win over Canada.

12:36 PMa year ago

Moment in which the Spanish pair: Pablo Carreño and Granollers seal the first victory of the Davis Cup 2021.


12:31 PMa year ago

How does Russia arrive?

Russia in the last edition of 2019 was left at the gates after falling in the semifinals, they came second in the group after beating Croatia and losing to Spain, in the quarterfinals they defeated Serbia 1-2 and in the semifinal they were defeated by Croatia, who then fell in the final against Spain.
12:26 PMa year ago

How does Spain arrive?

The Spanish team will seek to revalidate the Davis Cup title after winning it in the last edition in 2019. In 2020 it could not be held, due to the sanitary circumstances caused by COVID-19. An edition where Spain won all the matches, defeating Cá nada, Great Britain and Argentina in the group stage. In the quarterfinals they defeated Argentina, in the semifinals again Great Britain and in the final against Canada. Spain has already played in the first match of the group stage of the Davis Cup 2021, with the triumphs of Feliciano Ló pez, Carreño and in doubles with the pair of Carreño and Granollers.
12:21 PMa year ago


They have faced each other twice in the Davis Cup, once in 2019 where Spain won 2-1 in a group stage match, finally the Spanish team won that Davis Cup. The other was in 2015 in the group stage, where the Russian team won 3-2 against Spain;
12:16 PMa year ago


The match will be played at the Madrid Arena located in the capital of Spain, which has a capacity for 12,000 spectators.
12:11 PMa year ago

Preview of the match

Spain and Russia face each other in the second and last Davis Cup group stage match
12:06 PMa year ago

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