Summary and highlights of Great Britain 2-1 Czech Republic at Davis Cup
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9:59 AM2 years ago

Thank you all!

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting final, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. ¡SEE YOU ALL AGAIN!
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9:50 AM2 years ago

Great Britain's victory in doubles


9:49 AM2 years ago

2º Set Salisbury- Skupski (6-4 6-2) Machac- Vasely

They did not fail in their serving game and give the victory to Great Britain.
9:34 AM2 years ago

2º Set Salisbury- Skupski (6-4 5-1) Machac- Vasely

Britons break serve again, are just one game away from qualifying for quarterfinals
9:23 AM2 years ago

2º Set Salisbury- Skupski (6-4 2-0) Machac- Vasely

The Salisbury-Skuspki pair break serve to stay in the lead
9:11 AM2 years ago

1º Set Salisbury- Skupski (6-4) Machac- Vasely

The British won the first set after breaking the break in the penultimate game of this set.
8:50 AM2 years ago

1º Set Salisbury- Skupski (2-2) Machac- Vasely

Equality between the two pairs is maintained
8:43 AM2 years ago

1º Set Salisbury- Skupski (1-1) Machac- Vasely

The Czechs struggled to keep the game on serve, while Great Britain's team made a clean sweep of the game.
8:07 AM2 years ago

The last game remains

Everything will be decided in the doubles where the pair Salisbury - Skupski will face Vasely and Kolar.
8:01 AM2 years ago



7:51 AM2 years ago

3º Set Norrie (6-1 2-6 6-1) Lehecka

Blank game for Norrie to close out the match
7:49 AM2 years ago

3º Set Norrie (6-1 2-6 5-1) Lehecka

Norrie breaks Norrie's serve, will have the serve to close the match
7:45 AM2 years ago

3º Set Norrie (6-1 2-6 3-1) Lehecka

Two break balls wasted by Norrie, who could have taken a 4-0 lead.
7:28 AM2 years ago

3º Set Norrie (6-1 2-6 2-0) Lehecka

Lehecka had one break ball but did not take it, Norrie had four and took one to take the lead in the third set.
7:15 AM2 years ago

2º Set Norrie (6-1 2-6) Lehecka

He had three set balls and break Lehecka, but ended up Norrie, but with the service in favor closed this set.
7:05 AM2 years ago

2º Set Norrie (6-1 1-5) Lehecka

First game for the British in this second set, while the Czech manages with the serve in favor to make a game in white, is a game to take this second set.
6:57 AM2 years ago

2º Set Norrie (6-1 0-4) Lehecka

Second consecutive service break of Lehecka, then in his game Norrie had a break ball, but did not take advantage of it;
6:49 AM2 years ago

2º Set Norrie (6-1 0-2) Lehecka

After a blistering first set Norrie loses on his first serve and then the Czech makes a break that shows that Lehecka is not going to give up.
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6:40 AM2 years ago

1º Set Norrie (6-1) Lehecka

Czech error that sends him out and this ends the first set where Norrie has run over & nbsp;
6:30 AM2 years ago

1º Set Norrie (4-1) Lehecka

Again the British tennis player breaks serve, he has a big advantage in this set.
6:22 AM2 years ago

1º Set Norrie (2-0) Lehecka

Perfect start for the Briton, who knows he needs to win after the defeat of his partner Evans, and in his first game at the rest he has broken the service.
6:16 AM2 years ago


Lehecka will be in charge of the second game.
6:04 AM2 years ago

While we wait for the second duel, let's take a look at the three best points of yesterday's duel.


5:55 AM2 years ago

In a few minutes the second game

After this first match, in a few minutes Norrie vs Lechecka will be played, the first confrontation between these players.
5:54 AM2 years ago

Machaz gives Czech Republic first point

Source: Davis Cup
Source: Davis Cup
5:47 AM2 years ago

2º Set Evans ( 2-6 5-7 ) Machaz

He broke serve for the second consecutive time to achieve the comeback in this second set and give the first point to his country.
5:38 AM2 years ago

2º Set Evans ( 2-6 5-5 ) Machaz

Evans had a service game to close the set, but the Czech broke serve to tie the second set.
5:26 AM2 years ago

2º Set Evans ( 2-6 5-3 ) Machaz

Both still winning with the service in favor, Evans serves to win the set.
5:18 AM2 years ago

Exhibition by the Czech


5:17 AM2 years ago

2º Set Evans ( 2-6 4-2 ) Machaz

Easy game for Evans and blank game for Machaz
5:12 AM2 years ago

2º Set Evans ( 2-6 3-1 ) Machaz

The Czech had a break ball that did not take advantage, but the British did to break the service and take the lead in the second set.
5:01 AM2 years ago

2º Set Evans ( 2-6 1-1 ) Machaz

Craziness at the start of the second set, Mahaz breaks serve at the fourth attempt and the Briton does so after three attempts.
4:54 AM2 years ago



4:53 AM2 years ago

1º Set Evans ( 2-6 ) Machaz

Again in the third attempt of the seventh game he breaks serve and wins the game in white to take the first set.
4:37 AM2 years ago

1st Set Evans ( 2-4 ) Machaz

Good games to services of both to leave things unchanged 
4:36 AM2 years ago

1º Set Evans ( 1-3 ) Machaz

Machaz manages to break the service and confirm it in the following serve to take the lead.
4:28 AM2 years ago

1º Set Evans ( 1-1 ) Machaz

The British tennis player suffered something not to lose the service, while the Czech cost him something less.
4:21 AM2 years ago

This is about to start

The draw has been decided, the British team will start with a draw in the clash of
4:20 AM2 years ago

Evans vs Machac

It will be the first time these two players will meet in their professional careers.
4:19 AM2 years ago

ATP Ranking 1st Match

Evans is number 25, while Machac is number 143.
4:18 AM2 years ago

The celebration of the British players yesterday.


4:15 AM2 years ago

Group C

This group is led by Great Britain, which has one win, followed by France, which has already played all its matches and has only one victory. Last but not least is Czech Republic, which has not won yet and is third in the group.
4:12 AM2 years ago

This will be the order of play

Source: Davis Cup
Source: Davis Cup
4:09 AM2 years ago

All prepared

In a few minutes the match between Great Britain and Czech Republic will start. Here on VAVEL we will be able to watch the complete series.
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How to watch Czech Republic vs Great Britain live in Davis Cup ?

If you want to watch Czech Republic vs Gran Britain live on TV, your option is Eurosport. 

If you want to watch it on the internet,VAVEL;is your best option.

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What time is the match Great Britain vs Czech Republic in the Davis Cup ?

This is the start time of the match between Czech Republic vs Gran Britain  in several countries:

Argentina: 05:00 hrs.
Bolivia: 03:00 hrs.
Brazil: 04:00 hrs.
Chile: 03:00 hrs.
Colombia: 03:00 hrs.
Ecuador: 03:00 hrs
Spain: 10:00 hrs.
Mexico: 03:00 hrs.
Paraguay: 04:00 hrs.
Peru: 03:00 hrs.
Uruguay: 05:00 hrs.
France: 10:00 hrs.
Sweden: 10:00 hrs.

12:51 PM2 years ago

The summary of the second Davis Cup for the Czechs

12:46 PM2 years ago

Norrie's statement after winning the first day of Davis Cup for Great Britain


12:41 PM2 years ago

How does the Czech Republic arrive?

Czech Republic has qualified for the Davis Cup after defeating Slovakia in the qualifying round. Last year they managed to qualify, but were eventually suspended. In 2019 he was not there, as he lost in the qualifying round against the Netherlands, the previous year the same for the same team. In its last edition, which was in 2016, it was defeated by the French team in the quarterfinals.
12:36 PM2 years ago

How does Great Britain arrive ?

The selection of Great Britain will play their first match of the Davis Cup against France. In their last edition of this tournament in 2019 they passed as group winners beating Kazakhstan and the Netherlands, then defeated Germany in the quarterfinals, but in the semifinals they were eliminated by Spain, who won the last edition of the Davis Cup. In their first match of this edition they have won in France thanks to the victories of Evans and Norrie in singles, but in doubles they have been defeated.
12:31 PM2 years ago


It will be the first meeting between Czech Republic and Great Britain. The Czech Republic team will return to fight for the Davis Cup, the last time they played the finals was in 2016 where they were defeated in the quarterfinals by France, that year; The British team lost in the semifinals against Argentina, which won the Davis Cup that year after beating Croatia in the final.
12:26 PM2 years ago


The meeting will be held in Olympiahalle, which was held in Insbruck, Austria.
12:21 PM2 years ago

Preview of the match

Czech Republic and Great Britain will face each other in the second and final match of the group stage, both are drawn in Group C along with France;
12:16 PM2 years ago

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