Sumary and highlights of Denis Shapovalov 2-1 Rafael Nadal IN third place in Abu Dhabi
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10:14 AMa month ago

Thank you all.

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting ending, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. See you all again!
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10:09 AMa month ago

3º Set ( Shapovalov 6-7 6-3 10-6 Nadal )

Shapovalov wins this long set to win the match
9:57 AMa month ago

The match will be decided in a tie break

All to decide third place
9:51 AMa month ago

Canadian tennis player wins second set and forces third set


9:50 AMa month ago

2º Set ( Shapovalov 6-7 6-3 Nadal )

Shapovalov closes the second set with a blank game
9:48 AMa month ago

2º Set ( Shapovalov 6-7 5-3 Nadal )

Breaks the break the Canadian tennis player who serves to win the second set
9:32 AMa month ago

2º Set ( Shapovalov 6-7 3-2 Nadal )

The two continue to win their games, but suffer a lot.
9:25 AMa month ago

2º Set ( Shapovalov 6-7 2-1 Nadal )

Save; a ball the Canadian tennis player 
9:18 AMa month ago

1º Set ( Shapovalov 6-7 1-1 Nadal )

Good game of Nadal that remontó a 0-30 and saved; three balls break
9:07 AMa month ago

1º Set ( Shapovalov 6-7 1-0 Nadal )

The second set started with a game for Shapovalov in a very hard fought game by both players.
9:01 AMa month ago



8:59 AMa month ago

1º Set ( Shapovalov 6-7 Nadal )

Rafa Nadal wins in the tie break by 7-4 and takes the first set of the match
8:50 AMa month ago

1º Set ( Shapovalov 6-6 Nadal )

The first set of the match was decided in the tie break;
8:42 AMa month ago

1º Set ( Shapovalov 5-5 Nadal )

In the service game the Spanish tennis player breaks the Canadian tennis player's serve and ties the first set again.
8:30 AMa month ago

1º Set ( Shapovalov 4 - 3 Nadal )

Second consecutive blank game for Spanish tennis player
8:27 AMa month ago

1º Set ( Shapovalov 4 - 2 Nadal )

Canadian tennis player responds with another blank game
8:26 AMa month ago

1st Set (Shapovalov 3-2 Nadal) Game in white for the Spanish tennis player who recovers sensations.

Source: Tenis en movistar
Source: Tenis en movistar
8:21 AMa month ago

1º Set ( Shapovalov 3-1 Nadal )

Shapovalov wins his game comfortably
8:17 AMa month ago

1º Set ( Shapovalov 2-1 Nadal )

Shapovalov had a break ball, but Nadal saved it and managed to win his first game.
8:12 AMa month ago

1º Set ( Shapovalov 2-0 Nadal )

Good start of the Canadian tennis player, in his first game with service in favor won with a game in white
8:10 AMa month ago

1º Set ( Shapovalov 1-0 Nadal )

In his second break ball the Canadian tennis player took advantage of it to get ahead on the scoreboard
8:07 AMa month ago


Rafael Nadal will have the first serve in his favor
8:01 AMa month ago

All set

Both players are already warming up on the court for the start of the match.
7:53 AMa month ago

Statements by Rafa Nadal


7:21 AMa month ago

2 titles for the Canadian this year

Denis Shapovalov has managed to win the Stockhlom and the Genoa tournament, he also had a good tournament at Wimbledon where he lost in the semifinals to Novak Djokovic;
7:18 AMa month ago

Nadal has only won 2 ATP titles this year.

A year marked for the Spanish tennis player by his numerous injuries. He has only played eight tournaments, missed the Olympic Games and the Davis Cup, where he has only been able to win the ATP in Rome and Barcelona.
7:15 AMa month ago

After this match, the final

As soon as the fight for third place is over, Andy Murray and Andrey Rublev will fight to win the Abu Dhabi tournament, the last tournament of the year.
7:11 AMa month ago

Third place

Rafael Nadal's loss to Murray and Shapovalov's defeat against Rublev leaves them out of the final and fighting for third place.
7:00 AMa month ago

1 hour

In 1 hour begins the match between Denis Shapovalov and Rafael Nadal, both the previous and the match can be followed here; in VAVEL
3:28 PMa month ago

How to watch Denis Shapovalov vs Rafael Nadal LIVE ?

The match of the Abu Dabi exhibition between Rafael Nadal vs Shapovalov will start 8: 00 . E.T. and couldá be followed on ESPN

However,  a good option is to follow it through ;VAVEL. com.

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What time is the Denis Shapovalov vs Rafael Nadal ?

This is the starting time for the Nadal vs Shapovalov match on December 18 th in several countries:

Argentina: 8:00 AM

Bolivia: 8:00 AM

Brazil: 9:00 AM

Chile: 8:00 AM

Colombia: 7:00 AM

Ecuador: 7:00 AM

USA (ET): 8:00 AM

Spain: 14:00 PM

Mexico: 7:00 AM

Paraguay: 8:00 AM

Peru: 8:00 AM

Uruguay: 8:00 AM

Venezuela: 8:00 AM

England: 13: 00 AM

Australia : 22:00 AM

India: 17:30 AM

3:18 PMa month ago

The last confrontation between these two tennis players

3:13 PMa month ago

ATP Rankings

The Canadian tennis player is number 14 in the ATP, while Rafael Nadal is in the sixth position.
3:08 PMa month ago

How does Rafael Nadal arrive ?

It was not the best year for Rafael Nadal who only won the Rome ATP and the Barcelona ATP, he started the year being eliminated by Tsisipas in the quarterfinals. At the French Open they were eliminated in the semifinals by Novak Djokovic after losing 3-1. Before having a break to recover, he played the Washington ATP where he was eliminated in the round of 16 after losing in three sets to South African Harris. The 35 year old tennis player is ranked number 6 in the ATP, after several years at the top of the rankings. In his reappearance after five months he was defeated in the semifinals by Murray in two sets.
3:03 PMa month ago

How does Denis Shapovalov arrive ?

The tennis player was eliminated in the second round at Indian Wells, in the same round he fell against Stuff in St. Petersburg. In Stockholm, after beating Vavassori, Rinderknech and Auger, he reached the final, but lost to American Paul in the final. In this tournament he beat Fritz in the quarterfinals in two sets by 3-6 and 0-6 while in the semifinals he lost to Rublev in three sets.
2:58 PMa month ago


Five clashes between Denis Shapovalov and Rafael Nadal with three victories for the Spaniard and two for the Canadian. One of the victories of the Canadian was in 2019 in Paris ATP in the semifinals where Nadal had to withdraw and did not get to play, finally the Canadian who reached the final without playing the semifinals lost to Novak Djokovic and was left without title. The most recent match between these two players was on May 12 in the round of 16 in Rome where he came back and won. A tournament that was won by the Spaniard, after beating the No. 1 in the final.
2:53 PMa month ago


The match will be played at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center.
2:48 PMa month ago

Match preview

Denis Shapovalov and Rafael Nadal will face each other in the fight for third and fourth place, after both players lost in the semifinals.
2:43 PMa month ago

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