Summary and highlights of Andrey Rublev 2-0 Andy Murray AT THE FINAL IN ABU DABI
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Thank you all.

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting ending, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. See you all again!


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2º Set ( Rublev 6-4 7-6 Murray )

Rublev won the tie break with a 7-2 and this closes the match.
11:57 AMa year ago

2º Set ( Rublev 6-4 6-6 Murray )

Both win their games and the second set will be decided in the third set, and if the Russian player wins, the match will also be decided.
11:49 AMa year ago

2º Set ( Rublev 6-4 5-5 Murray )

The Russian tennis player recovered from a 0-30 deficit to continue playing this second set.
11:44 AMa year ago

2º Set ( Rublev 6-4 4-5 Murray )

The British player wins the game and if he breaks the service again, he will win the second set.
11:41 AMa year ago

2º Set ( Rublev 6-4 4-4 Murray )

First Murray made a break of serve on his second attempt to stay alive in the final.
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2º Set ( Rublev 6-4 4-2 Murray )

Rublev continues without suffering in his serves, while Murray has the opposite problem.
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2º Set ( Rublev 6-4 3-1 Murray )

In the first game, the Russian tennis player breaks serve, is on a roll to win the Abu Dhabi tournament.
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Source: ESPN
Source: ESPN
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1º Set ( Rublev 6-4 Murray )

Andrey Rublev does not fail in his game and takes the first set of the match
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1º Set ( Rublev 5-3 Murray )

The Briton suffers, while another game in white for Rublev who is close to take the first set.
10:53 AMa year ago

1º Set ( Rublev 4-2 Murray )

The Russian player breaks serve and takes advantage of his second break attempt to take the lead in this first set.
10:42 AMa year ago

1º Set ( Rublev 2-2 Murray )

The British suffered to take the game, while Rublev for the second consecutive game with serve in favor achieved the game in white.
10:31 AMa year ago

1º Set ( Rublev 1-1 Murray )

Both start the match with blank games on their first serves.
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The Briton will start with a serve in the final
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The final will begin shortly

In a few minutes the final will start, after the fight for the third place, where Shapovalov has finally won.
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Who will revalidate Nadal's throne?

Rafael Nadal, who right now is playing against Shapovalov for third place, was the one who won the Abu Dhabi tournament last year.
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First final between Murray vs Rublev

Although they have met both times, this is the first time they have met in a title game. 
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Andy Murray Semifinals

The British had it somewhat easier and that had to face Rafael Nadal, Murray won in two sets with a 3-6 and 5-7 in favor.
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Andrey Rublev Semifinals

The Russian tennis player defeated Shapovalov in the semifinals in three sets, winning the first in the tie break, losing the second by 3-6 and winning the decisive set by 6-4.
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Final at the exhibition tournament in Abu Dhabi

Ander Murray and Rublev after winning their respective matches in the semifinals fight for the last title of the year.
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1 hour

IN approximately 1 hour the final will start in ABU DABI here we will be able to follow both the preview and the match.
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Where and how to watch Andrey Rublev vs Andy Murray ?

The match of the Abu Dabi exhibition between Andrey Rublev vs Andy Murrat will start 10: 00 . E.T. and couldá be followed on ESPN

However,  a good option is to follow it through ;VAVEL. com.

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What time is the match Andrey Rublev vs Andy Murray ?

This is the kick-off time of the match in several countries

 Argentina: 7:00 hrs. Bolivia: 9:00 hrs. Brazil: 10:00 hrs. Chile: 9:00 hrs. Colombia: 9:00 hrs. Ecuador: 9:00 hrs. Spain: 16:00 hrs. México: 9:00 hrs. Paraguay: 10: 00 hrs. Peru: 9:00 hrs. Uruguay: 11:00 hrs. England: 15: 00 hrs EEUU:10:00 hrs. Australia: 00:00 hrs. India: 19:15 hrs

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Rublev vs. Murray first meeting

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ATP Rankings

Rublev is ranked No. 5 in the ATP, while Murray is ranked No. 134.
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How does Andy Murray arrive ?

The tennis player from Great Britain has finished the year playing in the Paris ATP where he was eliminated in the first round by Koepfer. At the Stockholm ATP he was eliminated in the quarterfinals by Paul in three sets. In the quarterfinals of exhibition in Abu Dhabi he defeated Evans by 0-2 after winning 3-6 and 2-6 in one hour and 27 minutes. While in the semifinals he took advantage of Rafael Nadal's lack of rhythm to defeat him and reach the final.
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How does Andrey Rublev arrive ?

Sweet moment for the Russian tennis player who was in the ATP Finals held in Turín, but did not reach the semifinals after losing against Novak Djokovic and Ruud. Afterwards he helped Russia to conquer the Davis Cup where he only lost against Feliciano Ló pez,  in the semifinal against Koepfer and Gojo gave his best version to give the first point to his national team.  In the semifinals of this tournament he has won suffering in three sets to the Canadian Denis Shapovalov  In the semifinals of this tournament he has won suffering in three sets to the Canadian Denis Shapovalov 
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They have faced each other only twice Andrey Rublev vs Andy Murray. The first time they met was in the second round of the Australian Open where the player from Great Britain won in three sets by 6-3 6-0 and 6-2. The second time was this year on March 3 where they met in the round of 16 of the ATP Rottendar, held in the Netherlands where the Russian won and ended up taking the tournament after beating Fucsovics in the final.
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The match will be played at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center.
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Preview of the match

Andrey Rublev and Andy Murray will meet in the final of the Abu Dhabi exhibition tournament after winning their respective matches in the semifinals.
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