Highlights: Greece 2-1 Georgia in ATP Cup
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5:49 AM14 days ago

Game over!

Georgia closes the matchup against Greece with a win on the doubles game, with 16-14 in the match tiebreak.

Greece wins by 2 to 1 in the general board with victories in the singles matches, of Tsitsipas over Basilashvili and Pervolarakis over Metreveli.

5:22 AM14 days ago

Set Georgia

6/3. Here we go to the set tiebreak.
5:21 AM14 days ago


World number 4 serves very well and closes service game for Greece. Georgia serves for the set with Bakshi
5:19 AM14 days ago

Georgia one game away from the set

Greeks hold with no problem. Georgia saves a break point and passes through the deciding point to close their service game. 5/2
5:14 AM14 days ago


The greek has more difficulty on the shots than his partner Tsitsipas and the georgians are using this
5:08 AM14 days ago

Both teams hold

Georgia still with one break ahead. 4/1
5:03 AM14 days ago

Quick hold

Metreveli serves, Georgia doesn't lose any points and the advantage remains. 3/0
5:01 AM14 days ago


Georgia breaks Greece's serve, with Pervolarakis on the service! 2/0
4:56 AM14 days ago

Georgians hold

With Bakshi on the serve at the beginning of the second set. 1/0
4:49 AM14 days ago

Set Greece

With Tsitsipas on the serve, Greece closes the first set with 6/4.
4:46 AM14 days ago

Greece will serve for the set

Georgia saves two break points and holds. 5/4
4:42 AM14 days ago

Greece saves itself

Team saves break point and passes through a decisive point to hold the serve. 5/3
4:36 AM14 days ago

Georgia also holds

Greece still one break ahead. 4/3.
4:33 AM14 days ago

Greeks hold

Tsitsipas with great work on the net. 4/2
4:29 AM14 days ago


Greece earns a break with Metreveli on the serve for the georgians! 3/2.
4:25 AM14 days ago

Greeks confirm

With Pervolarakis on the serve, Greece ties the set after going through the deciding point on 40-40. 2/2.
4:21 AM14 days ago


Both teams hold their serves, with Tsitsipas serving for Greece and Bakshi for Georgia. 2/1. No breaks yet.
4:14 AM14 days ago

Georgia confirms

Service game close with minimun trouble for the georgians. 1/0.
4:11 AM14 days ago

Game begins

Metreveli on the serve for Georgia
4:04 AM14 days ago

Players on the court

The doubles start warming up
3:56 AM14 days ago

Next game

Doubles match up next, with changes on the greeks' side: Michail Pervolarakis / Stefanos Tsitsipas (GRE) x Aleksandre Bakshi / Aleksandre Metreveli (GEO)
3:47 AM14 days ago


Basilashvili retires from the game! Tsitsipas wins and Greece takes the victory in the matchup against Georgia!

2 x 0 is the board of the matchup, that is still going to have its doubles match.

3:44 AM14 days ago

Tsitsipas warming up

While Basilashvili is in the locker room with the physical therapist, the greek tries to keep warm
3:36 AM14 days ago

Game stopped

Basilashvili asks for a medical timeout
3:32 AM14 days ago

Tsitsipas holds with some trouble

The greek faces two 40-40 partials, but closes the service game after all. 4/1
3:27 AM14 days ago


Tsitsipas wins on the opponent's serve again and gains a good lead in the set. He has the service with 3/1.
3:21 AM14 days ago


Both players hold their serves fastly, without much trouble. Tsitsipas still a break ahead. 2/1
3:14 AM14 days ago


Tsitsipas commits some errors, but closes the game with good serves, with no response from the opponent. 1/0
3:11 AM14 days ago

Game begins

Tsitsipas on the serve
3:07 AM14 days ago

Players on the field

Tsitsipas and Basilashvili warming up
2:54 AM14 days ago

Next game

World nº 4 coming up. In a few moments, Stefanos Tsitsipas will be on the court for the second game of Greece x Georgia, against Nikoloz Basilashvili
2:52 AM14 days ago

Match stats

Pervolarakis x Metreveli

First serve: 61% x 51%

Double faults: 2 x 3

Winners: 20 x 8

Unforced errors: 16 x 30

Break points won: 3/5 x 0/0

Net points won: 5/9 x 4/9

2:47 AM14 days ago

Game over

Pervolarakis closes the second set in 6/2 and the game in 2 to 0! Greece opens 1 x 0 ahead of Georgia in the matchup!
2:42 AM14 days ago


Pervolarakis will serve for the match after breaking Metreveli's serve again! 5/2
2:36 AM14 days ago

Both hold their serves

Metreveli with difficulty, saving two break points, and Pervolarakis fastly. 3/2. Greek still in advantage.
2:27 AM14 days ago

Metreveli confirms

Georgian loses just one point and wins first game in the set, on his serve. 2/1 for the greek
2:26 AM14 days ago

Advantage mantained

The greek holds his serve and open 2/0 in the second set
2:23 AM14 days ago


Pervolakaris begins well in the second set, breaking the opponent's serve! 1/0
2:20 AM14 days ago

First set stats

Pervolarakis x Metreveli

First serve: 63% x 40%

Double faults: 2 x 1

Winners: 14 x 6

Unforced errors: 9 x 14

Break points won: 1/1 x 0/0

Net points won: 4/7 x 3/5

2:16 AM14 days ago

Set Pervolarakis

Greek faces 40-40 three times, but closes it after all. 6/4 and 1 x 0 for him.
2:09 AM14 days ago

Pervolarakis serves for the set

Metreveli holds. 5/4 for the greek
2:05 AM14 days ago

Advantage kept

Pervolarakis goes from 15-30 to hold the serve and mantain the break ahead. 5/2
2:01 AM14 days ago


The greek wins every point on the opponent's service game and opens ahead in the set! 4/2
1:56 AM14 days ago

Without losing points

Pervolarakis rapidly holds his serve. 3/2
1:55 AM14 days ago

Georgian confirms with struggle

Metreveli varies the serve and play agressive to go from 0-30 to hold the service. 2/2
1:48 AM14 days ago

With a little trouble

Pervolarakis faces a 40-40 after losing two game points, but closes the service after all. 2/1
1:44 AM14 days ago

Metreveli ties

Georgia's player starts 0-15 behind, but comes back with good sequence of serves. Service game confirmed. 1/1
1:40 AM14 days ago

No points lost

Greek holds his serve. 1/0.
1:38 AM14 days ago

Game begins

Pervolarakis on the serve
1:32 AM14 days ago

Players on the court

Pervolarakis and Metreveli are warming up
1:18 AM14 days ago

Players in 2021

The #399 Pervolarakis e the #570 Metreveli played mostly Challenger and ITF tournaments in 2021. The first one didn't pass beyond the quarterfinals in all of them, while the second reached the final of the M25 Telavi, in Georgia, but retired in the middle of the game against the bulgarian Alexandar Lazarov
12:56 AM14 days ago


This is going to be the first time that Pervolarakis and Metreveli face each other up.
12:53 AM14 days ago

Poland advances

Poland won by 3 matches to 0 against Argentina and will be the group D team to advance to the semi-finals.


12:42 AM14 days ago

Good morning

We are moments away from the start of matchup between Greece and Georgia.

First game: Michail Pervolarakis x Aleksandre Metreveli - at 1:30am (ET)

12:17 AM14 days ago

Tune in here Greece vs Georgia Live Score

Starting time predicted to 1:30am (ET). Do not miss a detail of the match Greece - Georgia live updates and commentaries of VAVEL.
12:12 AM14 days ago

How to watch Greece - Georgia Live Stream?

If you want to directly stream it: Tennis Channel.

If you want to watch it on the internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

12:07 AM14 days ago

What time is Greece-Georgia match for ATP Cup?

This is the start time of the game Greece vs Georgia of January 5th, 2021, in several countries:

Argentina: 3:30 AM in ESPN

Australia: 5:30 PM in belN Sports
Bolivia: 2:30 AM in ESPN
Brazil: 3:30 AM in Bandsports
Chile: 3:30 AM in ESPN
Colombia: 1:30 AM in ESPN
Ecuador: 1:30 AM in ESPN

Greece: 8:30 AM in Hellenic (OTE TV)

Georgia: 1:30 AM in Silk Media

USA (ET): 1:30 AM in Tennis Channel
Spain: 7:30 AM in Telefonica/Movistar
Mexico: 0:30 AM in ESPN
Paraguay: 3:30 AM in ESPN
Peru: 1:30 AM in ESPN
Uruguay: 3:30 AM in ESPN
Venezuela: 2:30 AM in ESPN

12:02 AM14 days ago

Greece x Georgia prediction

The greeks have a little upper hand in this one, given both their players for the singles matches have higher rankings than their opponents, and one of them is the world nº 4, Stefanos Tsitsipas.

We will how it goes on the court.

11:57 PM14 days ago

About the starting time

It's important to highlight that this matchup between Greece and Georgia has an predicted starting time for 1:30am (ET). So it can be delayed, depending on how the previous ones goes.

However, it is difficult to happen given that there is some time between the games from the previous night and the ones of this morning.

11:52 PM14 days ago

Teams history in the tournament

Both Greece and Georgia didn't go beyond the group stage, just like this year, in 2020 and 2021. Georgia actually was not even present at the tournament last 2021.
11:47 PM14 days ago

ATP Cup history

The tournament saw Serbia as its champion in 2020 and Russia in 2021. They defeated in the finale, respectvily, Spain and Italy.
11:42 PM14 days ago

Group D

The two teams from this matchup are already eliminated from the tournament. Today's game will serve to gain more points to the ATP rankings and as a warm up to Australian Open, that begins on January, 17th.

Poland and Argentina fight against each other, on the previous night, to see who advances from the group to the semi-finals.

Checkout the current standings:

Standings provided by SofaScore LiveScore
11:37 PM14 days ago

Games of the matchup

This matchup between Greece and Georgia will have three games, and we are going to deliver the details of all of them to you, in a row.

So the schedule is:

Not before 1:30am (ET): Michail Pervolarakis (GRE) x Aleksandre Metreveli (GEO)

Right after it: World nº 4 Stefanos Tsitsipas (GRE) x Nikoloz Basilashvili (GEO)

And then (doubles match): Aristotelis Thanos / Petros Tsitsipas (GRE) x Aleksandre Bakshi / Aleksandre Metreveli (GEO)*

*the countries representants in the doubles match can be changed by the captains until the start of the game

11:32 PM14 days ago


To give some context, the ATP Cup was created in 2020, as an informal concurrent to the Davis Cup, with the players playing for their countries.

The difference between the two tournament is that this one distributes points for the ATP Rankings, and the other doesn't.

11:27 PM14 days ago

The match will be played at the Sydney Super Dome

The Greece vs Georgia matchup will be played at the Qudos Bank Arena, with a capacity of 21,000 people.

The stadium is located within the Sydney Super Dome, in Sydney.

11:22 PM14 days ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s coverage of the ATP Cup match: Greece vs Georgia Live Updates!

My name is Gustavo Cipriano and I’ll be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL…

This game between Greece and Georgia happens for Group D of the ATP Cup.