Highlights: Rusia 2-1 Italy in ATP Cup
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1:34 AM21 days ago

End of transmission

Our transmission of the series between Russia and Italy ends, a series that brought us many emotions, we look forward to seeing you in the next opportunity.
1:32 AM21 days ago

Russia wins the series

Russia won the doubles match after a bad start, took the series against Italy and qualified to the semifinals of the competition without losing any series in the group stage.
1:16 AM21 days ago

Third set is coming

Russia managed to hold serve and a super tie-break is coming up where the two pairs will fight to reach 10 points first and qualify for the semifinals.
1:13 AM21 days ago

They serve for a set

Daniil Medvedev and Roman Safiulin hold the advantage and will serve to take the match to the final set.
1:02 AM21 days ago

Holding serves

The Russians and Italians took care of holding their serves, the end of the second set is near and the Russians have a 4-3 lead to take this match to a third set.
12:52 AM21 days ago

The advantage is confirmed

This time the Russian duo was able to defend the advantage they had gained and with their serve they put themselves 3-1 to try to take this match to a third and definitive set, not only for the series, but also to define the qualifier to the semifinals.
12:47 AM21 days ago


After a very complicated service game, the Russians managed to get a break to go up 2-1 in the second set and with the serve in their favor.
12:42 AM21 days ago

Second game

The Russian duo struggled with their serve, but managed to hold on and the Italians were unable to gain the advantage in the second set.
12:32 AM21 days ago

First set

The Italian duo takes again a break opportunity, this time in a very important moment to take the set 5-7.
12:14 AM21 days ago

The set is equalized

Russia could not take advantage of the break in the previous game and the Italians evened the game with the opponents' serve.
12:07 AM21 days ago


The Russians take advantage of their first break opportunity in the first set and go up 4-3 against Italy in the doubles match.
12:05 AM21 days ago

No differences are made

The two duos reach the sixth game of the doubles match tied at 3 and without allowing any break options.
11:54 PM21 days ago

Third game

In the beginning of the game neither of the two pairs suffers with their serves, despite the fact that neither player in the teams is a doubles specialist.
11:47 PM21 days ago

The match gets underway

The final match of the series between Russia and Italy gets underway with Matteo Berrenttini serving for Italy.
11:41 PM21 days ago

Players warm up

Players Daniil Medvedev and Roman Safiulin for Russia and Matteo Berrenttini and Jannik Sinner for Italy warm up to define the series and the qualifier to the semifinals of the ATP Cup.
11:06 PM21 days ago

Match ends

Russia equalizes the series after Daniil Medvedev defeated Matteo Berrenttini in three sets, the series and the qualifier to the semifinals will be defined in the third match.
10:54 PM21 days ago

Very close to tie the series

Daniil Medvedev manages to carry the advantage he got at the beginning of the match and is up 5-3 and very close to equalize the series and that the doubles match will define everything.
10:43 PM21 days ago

Both players hold their serve

The Italian player and the Russian manage to defend their serve and the third is 4-2 in favor of Daniil Medvedev.
10:35 PM22 days ago

The advantage is confirmed

The Russian player started with complications to hold his serve, but scored 4 points in a row and confirmed the advantage for his country.
10:30 PM22 days ago


Daniil Medvedev again takes a break point opportunity after getting none in the second set and the last one was in the eighth game of the first set.
10:28 PM22 days ago

The final set begins

The first two games of the last set start the same as in the second set, tight and with little margin for the opponent to take advantage of errors.
10:13 PM22 days ago

A third set is played

Matteo Berrettini takes the tie-break by a score of 5-7 and this second point of the series will be defined in a third set.
10:02 PM22 days ago


The second set was defined in tie-break after they reached game 12 tied at 6.
9:57 PM22 days ago

Tenth game

The end of the second set is near and the two players are even at 5 games, we are in the final stage of the set where it will be known if the match ends in two sets or if a third set has to be played.
9:43 PM22 days ago

Sixth game

The differences in the second set have been nil and in the middle of the set they are 3-3.
9:34 PM22 days ago

Fourth game

The Italian tennis player became more relaxed in the second set and tied the second set at two games.
9:32 PM22 days ago

Second game

Matteo Berrettini finally gets even in a game with the Russian, winning his first service game.
9:23 PM22 days ago

First set

Russia takes the first set of the second match of the series by taking advantage of a new break opportunity and leaving the score 6-3 in favor of Daniil Medvedev.
9:05 PM22 days ago

Sixth game

The Russian player continues to put pressure on the Italian with his serve, he is 4-2 in favor and in all his opponent's service games he has taken it to deuce.
8:52 PM22 days ago

Fourth game

Italy's Matteo Berretini gets his first game of the match after losing the first three of the first set.
8:38 PM22 days ago

Second game

The Russian player knows the responsibility he has and very quickly takes the lead getting a break and putting the score 2-0 in favor of his country.
8:29 PM22 days ago

Second match begins

The most important match of the day starts between Matteo Berretini and Daniil Medvedev to define the second point of the series.
8:05 PM22 days ago

First game

Jannik Sinner wins the first match of the series 6-7 (6-8), 3-6.
7:59 PM22 days ago

eighth game

Italy has a great chance to take the first match of the series as they are 3-5 up and on serve for the match.
7:51 PM22 days ago

Sixth game

Italy's Jannik Sinner gets a very important break, the score is 2-4 and Italy is approaching the end to take the first match of the series.
7:33 PM22 days ago

fourth game

There is no difference in their serves and the second set begins very similar to what was the first.
7:23 PM22 days ago

Second game

Russian Roman Safiullin wants to pick himself up from what happened in the first set and wins the first service game of the second set.
7:15 PM22 days ago

First set

At the end of the first set both players made many errors, but Jannik Sinner was able to put pressure on the Russian in the last points and make him make mistakes that cost him the set and the Italian takes the first set tie-break by a score of 6-8, when the Russian had a 6-4 advantage.
7:03 PM22 days ago

Tie-Break Definition

The first will be defined in the decisive game that will be definitive for both players because both are looking to keep the advantage for what is to come.
6:53 PM22 days ago

Jannik Sinner

6:51 PM22 days ago

Very important games

At the end of the tenth game of the first set the score is 5-5 and both players will try to find a break that will bring them closer to take the first set.
6:44 PM22 days ago

eighth game

Both players show a great level with their serve only giving up one service per side and we start to reach the final stages of the first set with two very even players.
6:36 PM22 days ago

Sixth game

The Italian player had a difficult serving game being 0-40 down, but managed to recover to not let the Russian go and equalize 3-3 the first set.
6:27 PM22 days ago

fourth game

Roman Safiullin takes advantage of several errors by his opponent and breaks to tie the first set again.
6:16 PM22 days ago

Second game

Berrettini defends his serve and confirms the advantage he got in the first game of the match.
6:11 PM22 days ago

First game

Italian Matteo Berrettini breaks in the first game of the match and starts his match calmly.
6:09 PM22 days ago

The series begins

One of the most attractive series of the day begins, where it will be known which team will qualify to the semifinals.
6:07 PM22 days ago

First game

The match between Roman Safiullin and Jannik Sinner will be the first in the history between these two players.
6:00 PM22 days ago

Agenda for the day

The day's matches will be played as follows:
  • Earlier in the day, Russia's Roman Safiullin will expose his undefeated record in the competition's singles matches when he faces Jannik Sinner.
  • In the second round, the best match of the series will be played when Daniil Medvedev takes on Italy's Matteo Berrettini.
  • And in the closing match of the day, the Russian duo of Roman Safiullin and Daniil Medvedev will play the third point, if necessary, to close the series against Jannik Sinner and Matteo Berrettini, who will represent Italy.
5:50 PM22 days ago








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4. Francia






12:24 AM22 days ago

Stay tuned here to follow Russia vs. Italy

In a few moments we will share with you the latest match details from the Russia vs. Italy live stream, as well as the latest information coming out of Ken Rosewall Arena. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
12:19 AM22 days ago

How to watch the Russia vs Italy series?

If you want to watch the series via streaming, your option is: STAR+ in Latin America and worldwide you can watch it on the ATP Cup platform.
If you want to watch it online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
12:14 AM22 days ago

What time is Russia vs Italy?

This is the start time of the Russia vs Italy series on January 5, 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 20:00 hrs on STAR+.

Bolivia: 19:00 hrs on STAR+.

Brazil: 20:00 hrs on STAR+.

Chile: 19:00 hrs on STAR+.

Colombia: 18:00 hrs on STAR+.

Ecuador: 18:00 hrs on STAR+.

Spain: 00:00 hrs.

Mexico: 18:00 hrs.

Paraguay: 19:00 hrs on STAR+.

Peru: 18:00 hrs. on STAR+.

Uruguay: 20:00 hrs on STAR+.

12:09 AM22 days ago

Top player - Italy

Matteo Berrettini is one of the most important players of the Italian team, he has a great experience in major tournaments and will try to make Italy dream with a victory and qualification to the final rounds.
12:04 AM22 days ago

Top Player - Russia

The tennis player Daniil Medvedev is the main figure of Russia to face the series against Italy has helped the team to raise the level and get better things and play.
Medvedev will be in charge of playing the second singles match of the series against Matteo Berrettini to bring Russia closer to qualification.
11:59 PM22 days ago

How will the series be played?

The series between Russia and Italy will close Group B of the ATP Cup and the winner will be defined by a best of 3 matches, the first team to win 2 matches will win the series and get closer to qualifying for the next round.
11:54 PM22 days ago


In the last 10 years Italy teams have faced each other in 3 series with two victories for Russia and 1 for Italy, the results were:
Russia 1-4 Italy - 2015.
Russia 3-0 Italy - 2020.
Russia 2-0 Italy - 2021.
11:49 PM22 days ago


The series will be played at the Ken Rosewall Arena in Australia.
11:44 PM22 days ago

How does Russia arrive?

The Russian team had a great performance in the last Davis Cup reaching the final and defeating Croatia by a score of 2-0 to win the competition.
11:39 PM22 days ago

How does Italy arrive?

The Italian team has just competed less than 2 months ago in the Davis Cup.
On that occasion they shared the group with the United States and Colombia, the two confrontations were 2-1 and they qualified to the quarterfinals where they lost to Croatia.
11:34 PM22 days ago

How is the group?

The Italian team must go for the series against Russia to increase their chances of qualifying to the next round since they lost the first game of the competition against Australia by a score of 1-2 and in the second game they won by 3-0.
On the Russian side with a win they will secure their qualification to the next round after beating France 2-1 and Australia 3-0.

The winner of each group will qualify to the finals.

11:34 PM22 days ago

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