Summary and highlights of Rafael Nadal 2-0 Ruusuvory AT Melbourne ATP


7:55 AM19 days ago

Thank you all.

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting ending, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. See you all again!
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7:47 AM19 days ago

2º Set Rafael Nadal (6-4 7-5) Ruusuvuori

Rafael Nadal first saved a break ball and shortly after in his first match ball opportunity he took advantage of it to close the match.
7:33 AM19 days ago

2º Set Rafael Nadal (6-4 5-5) Ruusuvuori

Finnish tennis player broke serve to tie again the second set.
7:20 AM19 days ago

2º Set Rafael Nadal (6-4 5-3) Ruusuvuori

Rafa Nadal breaks Rafa Nadal's serve and serves to close the match.
7:15 AM19 days ago

2º Set Rafael Nadal (6-4 4-3) Ruusuvuori

Now it is Ruusuvory who has saved a break ball to stay alive in the match.
7:04 AM19 days ago

2º Set Rafael Nadal (6-4 3-2) Ruusuvuori

The number 6 saves a break ball to the Finnish who has been about to take the lead in this second set.
6:52 AM19 days ago

2º Set Rafael Nadal (6-4 2-1) Ruusuvuori

The Spanish tennis player wants to qualify for the final by the quickest way and at the beginning of the second set does not suffer with the service in favor
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6:38 AM19 days ago

Rafael Nadal (6-4) Ruusuvuori

The Spanish tennis player wins the first set after taking advantage of his first break point;
6:34 AM19 days ago

Rafael Nadal (4-4) Ruusuvuori

Now it is the Finn who responds with a white game to keep the set level.
6:20 AM19 days ago

Rafael Nadal (3-3) Ruusuvuori

Nadal each time with better sensations and this time wins with white game
6:14 AM19 days ago

Rafael Nadal (2-2) Ruusuvuori

The tie continues in this first set where both suffered to take the game with serve in favor.
6:04 AM19 days ago

Rafael Nadal (1-1) Ruusuvuori

Rafael Nadal had to save two break balls in the first game
5:49 AM19 days ago

The match is about to start

Rafael Nadal will start the match with a serve
4:28 AM19 days ago

In a few minutes the clash begins

All set on the court for the semifinals between Nadal and Ruusuvory, the match may be delayed for a few minutes.
4:09 AM19 days ago

ATP Ranking

The Spanish tennis player who could not play in the second part of the year is number 6 in the ATP, while Ruusuvory is number 95, being in the TOP 100.
4:07 AM19 days ago

Emil Ruusuvory

The Finnish tennis player has given the surprise defeating the number 75 of the ATP, and the number 88, Molcan. So this against the Spanish tennis player is the third meeting where he is not favorite.
4:00 AM19 days ago

Rafael Nadal is the big favorite to win this tournament, he comes rested, since in the quarterfinals he qualified even without playing. This is a tournament that serves him to prepare the Australian Open.

Source: Meridiano. Net
Source: Meridiano. Net
3:44 AM19 days ago

Cressy awaits in the final

The American has qualified for the final of the Melbourne ATP after defeating Dimitrov, who was the third favorite in this tournament. Cressy has won in 2 hours and four minutes by a 5-7 6-7.
3:42 AM19 days ago

In search of a place in the final

Rafael Nadal and Emil Ruusuvory want to fight for a place in the final of the Melbourne ATP, in the first tournament of 2022
3:31 AM19 days ago

1 hour

In 1 hour begins the match between Nadal and Ruusuvory, both the preview and the match can be followed hereí on VAVEL
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How to watch Rafael Nadal vs Emil Ruusuvory at ATP Melbourne ?

If you want to watch the match Rafael Nadal vs Ruusuvory live on television, your option is ESPN.  .

If you want to watch it on the internet,VAVEL;is your best option.

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Rafael Nadal's statements on Novak Djokovic case

"I think if he wanted to, he would be playing here in Australia without any problems. He made his own decisions and everybody is free to make their own decisions, but then there are some consequences. The only thing I can say is that I believe in what people who know about medicine say, and if people say we have to vaccinate, we have to vaccinate.Of course, I don't like the situation that is going on. In a way, I feel sorry for him. But at the same time, he has known the conditions for many months, so he makes his own decision"


9:58 PM19 days ago

What time is the match between Rafael Nadal vs Emil Ruusuvory ?

This is the start time of the match between Rafael Nadal vs Emil Ruusovory in several countries:

Argentina: 05:30 hrs.
Bolivia: 0330 hrs.
Brazil: 04:30 hrs.
Chile: 03:30 hrs.
Colombia: 03:30 hrs.
Ecuador: 03:30 hrs
Spain: 10:30 hrs.
Mexico: 03:30 hrs.
Paraguay: 04:30 hrs.
Peru: 03:30 hrs.
Uruguay: 05:30 hrs.
France: 10:30 hrs.
Sweden: 10:30 hrs.

9:53 PM19 days ago

Rafael Nadal has already been training with Emil Ruusuvory in Australia.

9:48 PM19 days ago

Rafael Nadal's first match of the year summary

9:43 PM19 days ago

How does Emil Ruusuvory arrive ?

The Finnish born tennis player, who is ranked 95th in the ATP ranking, has started the year playing in the Melbourne tournament where he defeated the Argentine Baez in the round of 16 by 7-6 and 6-1. In the round of 16 he defeated the number 75, Thompson after beating him in three sets and in the quarterfinals he defeated Molcan by a 2-6 and 6-1.
9:38 PM19 days ago

How does Rafael Nadal arrive ?

The Spanish tennis player ñol; reparareció in the exhibition tournament in Abu Dhabi after his injury where he lost ó in the semifinals against Murray as in the third place against Shapovalov. After testing positive and being doubtful he is finally in Australia where he has started the year playing this tournament in Melbourne, where he is already in the semifinals. In the first round won & oacute; in two sets to Berankins, while in the quarterfinals has passed the round without playing


9:33 PM19 days ago


This will be the first confrontation between the Spanish tennis player and the Finnish , since Rafael Nadal and Emil Ruusuvuory have not faced each other on any occasion.
9:28 PM19 days ago


The match will be played at the Rod Lover Arena, a stadium located in Australia, exactly in the city of Melbourne, which has a capacity of 14820 spectators.
9:23 PM19 days ago

Preview of the match

Rafael Nadal and Ruusuvuori will face each other in the second semifinal of the Melbourne ATP, the first will be between Dimitrov and Cressi.
9:18 PM19 days ago

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