Highlights: Rafael Nadal 3-1 Matteo Berrettini in Australian Open
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2:45 AM4 months ago

Match stats

Nadal x Berrettini

Aces: 5 x 14

1st serve points won: 73% x 74%

2nd serve points won: 63% x 44%

Winners: 28 x 38

Unforced errors: 19 x 39

2:43 AM4 months ago

In the finale

Nadal awaits for either Tsitsipas or Medvedev now.
2:42 AM4 months ago

Game over!!

Nadal wins against Berrettini by 3 to 1 and goes to Australian Open's final!
2:36 AM4 months ago

Break Nadal!

Spaniard breaks Berrettini's serve and will serve for the game! 5/3.
2:28 AM4 months ago


Nadal faces 15/30, but holds. 4/3.
2:25 AM4 months ago

No one opens up

No breaks yet in the fourth set. 3/3.
2:21 AM4 months ago

Spaniard holds

Nadal closes service game fast again. 3/2
2:18 AM4 months ago

All tied

Berrettini serves well, with strenght, and doesn't allow the opponent to return. 2/2
2:14 AM4 months ago

No points lost

Nadal also does his part with no trouble on the serve. 2/1
2:10 AM4 months ago

Italian holds

Berrettino closes the service game. 1/1
2:07 AM4 months ago

Takes the game back

Nadal begins off, faces 0/30, but closes the service game. 1/0 in the fourth set.
2:04 AM4 months ago

3rd set stats

Nadal x Berrettini

Aces: 1 x 2

Double faults: 1 x 0

First serve points won: 69% x 84%

Second serve: 40% x 55%

Winners: 6 x 6

Unforced errors: 7 x 8

2:01 AM4 months ago

Set Berrettini!

World number seven cuts down Nadal's lead with 6/3 win in the third set! 2 to 1 to the spaniard.
1:58 AM4 months ago

Break Berrettini!

Italian plays really agressive, breaks the spaniard's service and serves for the set in 5/3!
1:53 AM4 months ago

Fastly done

Italian wins quickly on the serve, with no points lost. 4/3
1:48 AM4 months ago

Nadal holds

Another win by the server. 3/3
1:44 AM4 months ago

No breaks yet

The two players remain serving well, with great angles and speed on the shots. Berrettini holds the serve. 3/2
1:39 AM4 months ago

Without much trouble

Spaniard loses just one point on the serve and holds. 2/2.
1:35 AM4 months ago

Almost went away

Berrettini opens 40/15, lets Nadal tie it up, but holds the service game afterwards. 2/1.
1:27 AM4 months ago

All tied up in the set

Nadal also holds. 1/1
1:23 AM4 months ago

A little bit of trouble

Italian faces 40/40 on the serve, but holds. 1/0 in the third set.
1:16 AM4 months ago

Second set stats

Nadal x Berrettini

First serve: 50% x 82%

Aces: 1 x 4

Winners: 7 x 8

Unforced errors: 2 x 10

1:12 AM4 months ago

Set for Nadal!

Former number one closes the second set by 6/2 and opens 2 x 0 in the match!
1:08 AM4 months ago

Nadal serves for the set

Berrettini holds. 5/2 for the spaniard.
1:03 AM4 months ago

One game away

Nadal opens 5/1 and gets very close to winning the second set as well.
12:58 AM4 months ago

First game in the set

Berrettini finally wins first game in the second set, with the serve. 4/1 Nadal
12:54 AM4 months ago

Nadal holds

Spaniard faces 0/30, but holds the serve. 4/0
12:47 AM4 months ago

Another break for Nadal!

The italian saves three break points, but loses the serve with a fourth. Nadal with big advantage in the second set. 3/0
12:40 AM4 months ago

Nadal holds

Former world number one remains putting pressure on, with well angulated and deep shots. He holds. 2/0.
12:35 AM4 months ago

Break for Nadal!

Berrettini starts the second set losing his serve, after winning just one point in the game. 1/0 Nadal
12:33 AM4 months ago

First set stats

Nadal x Berrettini

Aces: 0 x 5

Double faults: 0 x 2

1st serve points won: 70% x 81%

2nd serve points won: 60% x 13%

Winners: 7 x 13

Unforced errors: 5 x 14

12:30 AM4 months ago

Set Nadal!

Spaniard opens 40/0 on the serve, sees the oponnent tie it up, but holds in the end. 1 set to 0 for him!
12:24 AM4 months ago

With some difficulty

Berrettini faces 40/40, but holds the serve. Nadal serves for the set.
12:21 AM4 months ago

Physical Therapist

Berrettini talks quickly with the physio
12:19 AM4 months ago

One game from the set

Nadal faces 30/30 on the serve, but holds. 5/2
12:15 AM4 months ago

Berrettini maintain himself in the set

World number 7 serves well, delivers strong shots and holds. 4/2 Nadal
12:10 AM4 months ago

Spaniard still ahead

Nadal loses just one point on serve and holds to maintain himself ahead by one break. 4/1
12:06 AM4 months ago

Italian's first game

Berrettini face 30/30, but holds and wins first game in the match. 3/1 Nadal
12:01 AM4 months ago

Advantage sustained

Nadal holds the serve and keeps the break ahead advantage. 3/0
11:56 PM4 months ago


Berrettini wins just one point on his service game and Nadal gains the advantage! 2/0
11:54 PM4 months ago


The Rod Laver Arena's rooftop is closed as it rains a lot in Melbourne.
11:51 PM4 months ago

Nadal holds

Spaniard uses a lot of deep balls to face a 40/40 and hold the serve. 1/0
11:45 PM4 months ago

The game begins

Nadal on the serve
11:37 PM4 months ago

Players on the court

Nadal and Berrettini warm up for the game
10:54 PM4 months ago

On the other side of the draw

The winner of this Berrettini x Nadal match will face the winner of Stefanos Tsitsipas x Daniil Medvedev in the tournament's final. The russian and the greek will play each other at 3:30am (ET) on this Friday, 28th.
10:47 PM4 months ago

Good evening

Soon, Rafael Nadal and Matteo Berrettini will be on the court. Stay tuned.
3:26 PM4 months ago

Tune in here Nadal vs Berrettini Live Score

The game is scheduled to not before 10:30pm (ET). It can be delayed depending on the duration of mixed doubles final match that will be played right before in the Rod Laver Arena.

Do not miss a detail of the match Rafael Nadal - Matteo Berretini live updates and commentaries of VAVEL.

3:21 PM4 months ago

How to watch Nadal - Berrettini Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Rafael Nadal - Matteo Berretini live on TV, your option is: ESPN.

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN+.

If you want to watch it on the internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

3:16 PM4 months ago

What time is Nadal-Berrettini match for Australian Open?

This is the start time of the game Rafael Nadal vs Matteo Berrettini on January 27th, 2022, in several countries:

Argentina: 0:30 AM (Friday) in ESPN / Star+

Australia: 2:30 PM (Friday) in Nine & Stan Sport

Bolivia: 11:30 PM in ESPN / Star+
Brazil: 0:30 AM (Friday) in ESPN 2 / Star+


Canada: 10:30 PM in TSN / RDS
Chile: 0:30 AM (Friday) in ESPN / Star+
Colombia: 10:30 PM in ESPN / Star+
Ecuador: 10:30 PM in ESPN / Star+
USA (ET): 10:30 PM in ESPN

Mexico: 9:30 PM in ESPN / Star+
Spain: 4:30 AM (Friday) in Eurosport
Paraguay: 0:30 AM (Friday) in ESPN / Star+
Peru: 10:30 PM in ESPN / Star+
Uruguay: 0:30 AM (Friday) in ESPN / Star+
Venezuela: 11:30 PM in ESPN / Star+

3:11 PM4 months ago

Nadal vs Berrettini Prediction

Off course the 20-time Grand Slam champion has the upper hand in this one, on paper. We will see how it goes on the floor.
3:06 PM4 months ago


The two players only met once before tonight, in 2019, through the US Open's semifinals. Nadal won that game by 3 to 0.
3:01 PM4 months ago

Berrettini's history at the tournament

The italian is already with his best campaign at the Australian Open up to date. His goal is now to win his first title not only at the tournament, but in Grand Slams in general.

He only reached the final game in a Grand Slam before in last year's Wimbledon, and the result was a loss to Djokovic by 3 to 1.

In the previous year, Berrettini abandoned the australian major before his fourth round match against Stefanos Tsitsipas.

2:56 PM4 months ago

Nadal's history at the tournament

Within his 20 career Grand Slams, the spaniard has only one title in Melbourne. He is now two games away from winning the second, and surpasing Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic for the record of Major titles.

Nadal will try to go to his sixth final at the Australian Open. Since his last conquest at the tournament in 2009, he has four consecutive defeats in the competition's last game, with the latest being in 2019, with a loss to Djokovic by 3 x 0.

In 2020 and 2021, Nadal lost in the quarter-finals, to Dominic Thiem and Stefanos Tsitsipas, respectvily.

2:51 PM4 months ago

Berretini's campaign

1st round: 3 x 1 vs Brandon Nakashima

2nd round: 3 x 1 vs Stefan Kozlov

3rd round: 3 x 2 vs Carlos Alcaraz

1/8-finals: 3 x 0 Pablo Carreno-Busta

Quarter-finals: 3 x 2 vs Gael Monfils (Almost four-hour match)

2:46 PM4 months ago

Nadal's campaign

1st round: 3 x 0 vs Marcos Giron

2nd round: 3 x 0 vs Yannick Hanfmann

3rd round: 3 x 1 vs Karen Kachanov

1/8-finals: 3 x 0 Adrian Mannarino

Quarter-finals: 3 x 2 vs Denis Shapovalov (Four-hour match)

2:41 PM4 months ago

The match will be played at the Rod Laver Arena

The Nadal vs Berrettini match will be played at the Rod Laver Arena, with a capacity of 14.820 people.

The stadium is located within the Melbourne Park, in Melbourne, Australia.


2:36 PM4 months ago

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