Result Roger Federer 3-0 Marin Cilic in the 2017 Wimbledon Final

Result Roger Federer 3-0 Marin Cilic in the 2017 Wimbledon Final
Roger Federer
3 0
Marin Cilic

And that's it! Roger Federer is your 2017 Wimbledon champion, making even more history with an eighth Wimbledon men's singles title and a 19th major overall. Thank you very much for following the final here with us at VAVEL USA. I hope you've enjoyed it. Follow us on twitter @VAVELUSATennis and @VAVEL_USA. Please keep coming back to VAVEL USA for all of your tennis and sports news. I'm Pete Borkowski (@pete_borkowski on twitter), signing off

Federer is now the oldest Wimbledon men's singles champion 

Federer's victory makes him the oldest Grand Slam men's singles champion since Ken Rosewall at the 1971 Australian Open

Despite Federer's dominance at Wimbledon, this title is the first of his eight which he won without dropping a set. 

In Cilic's defence, Federer did not let him find any kind of rhythm.

Cilic simply was not on Federer's level today. Injury seemed to be a factor, although the Croatian did not address it. He was not serving nearly as well as he usually does, nor was he striking his groundstrokes with the same ferocity.

Federer did not do anything special in this final except for being perfectly solid. The Swiss was not particularly flashy, but he also made next to no mistakes. He kept the pressure on Cilic and prevented the Croatian from stepping up on crushing the ball. Federer executed the perfect game plan to perfection.

Federer solidifies his hold on the second spot in the Race to London, now just over 500 points back of Rafael Nadal for the top spot. Cilic rises to number five.

With the win, Federer is up to number three in the world. Stan Wawrinka falls to number five. Cilic will stay at number six.

Federer is not making any definitive statements about returning in 2018 to defend the title. He said he hopes he can be back.

"It's disbelief that I can achieve such heights and ya know I did know if I would ever be here again in the finals... I always believed that I could come back and do it again. If you believe, you can go really far in your life. I kept on believe and dreaming and here I am today with the eighth. It's fantastic." -Roger Federer

"Better than holding the trophy, it feels great just to be healthy" -Federer on his own health

"It is cruel sometimes, but he fought well" -Federer on Cilic's injury

"I had an amazing journey here, I played the best tennis of my life." -Cilic

"I gave my best and that's all I could do" -Cilic

This final was the most one-sided victory in a major final of Federer's career, only losing eight games.

The last time Federer won the Australian Open and Wimbledon in the same year, he went on to win the US Open and finished the season at number one. That was 10 years ago in 2007.

It's the first time since 2009 that Federer has won two majors in the same season. 

It also extends his record for most men's Grand Slam singles titles to 19. He leads second-place Rafael Nadal by four titles. 

It is a historic eighth Wimbledon title for Federer. The title breaks a tie with Pete Sampras and William Renshaw for the most Wimbledon men's singles titles ever

6-3, 6-1, 6-4

Federer closes it out with an ACE


40-30: Big forehand from Cilic draws a forehand error from Federer. Still Championship Point

40-15: Another big serve, another return error. Double Championship Point

30-15: Great wide serve draws return long.

15-15: ACE

0-15: Federer drives backhand long

Federer is serving for the championship

Game, CilicFederer's return goes long and the Croatian lives to fight another game. 5-4 Federer.

40-15: Double fault

40-0: Return into net

30-0: Cilic gets in to the net and finishes with an emphatic forehand volley

15-0: ACE

Cilic is serving to stay in the match.

Game, FedererCilic nets the return. 5-3 Federer. The Swiss is one game away from the title.

40-15: Classic Federer inside-in forehand winner

30-15: Beautiful drop shot winner by Cilic

30-0: Desperate return lands wide

15-0: Deep backhand from Federer unreturnable

Federer is serving

Game, Federer. Another forehand into the net gives the Swiss a break. 4-3 Federer.

15-40: Cilic goes for huge forehand but dumps it into the net. Break point

15-30: Cilic drives shot wide, hawkeye confirms

15-15: Huge shots from Federer draw slice that doesn't even reach the net

15-0: Return is missed

Cilic is serving

Game, Federer. Closes it out with another unreturnable serve. 3-3

40-0: Return sails long

30-0: Cilic nets the forehand

15-0: ACE

Federer is serving

Game, Cilic. Escapes with an ACE. 3-2 Cilic

40-30: Forehand from Cilic is netted

40-15: Serve and volley works this this time

30-15: Federer finds the net

15-15: ACE

0-15: Cilic forehand flies long

Cilic is serving

Game, FedererCilic sends the forehand long. 2-2.

Ad-Federer: ACE

Deuce: Big return draws a forehand error

40-30: Federer's turn to miss the serve and volley

40-15: Return into net

30-15: Federer keeps pressing

15-15: Perfect forehand winner off the baseline by Federer

0-15: Federer shanks backhand wide

Federer is serving

Game, Cilic. Big serve comes to the rescue. 2-1.

Ad-Cilic: Well constructed point ends in a forehand winner

Deuce: Finally, the serve and volley works for Cilic

Ad-40: Cilic drives forehand into net. Break point

Deuce: Massive misfired forehand from Cilic

Ad-CilicFederer nets running backhand

Deuce: Perfect crosscourt backhand winner from Federer

40-30: Federer goes for a backhand winner at the end of a long rally but misses it.

30-30: Beautiful backhand winner up the line from Cilic

15-30: Good pressure from Cilic finally draws an error

0-30: Flat-footed forehand from Cilic finds the net

0-15: Cilic nets a backhand

Cilic is serving

Game, Federer. ACE. 1-1.

40-15: Cilic nets a forehand

30-15: Cilic sends forehand long

15-15: Federer finds the net

15-0: First serve and volley from Federer and gets it perfect

Game, Cilic. Another unreturnable serve gets the Croatian on the board. 1-0.

40-15: Net-cord-aided forehand winner from Federer

40-0: Another return long

30-0: Return into net

15-0: Return long

Set Three: Cilic is serving

Cilic is out to play the third with a re-taped foot.

Cilic  served and volleyed a lot in the second set. Likely because of the apparent foot issue. The tactic did not work at all. If he continues to play, he will need to figure something else out because Federer was all over him

Cilic is currently meeting with the doctor and trainer. Trainer is working on his left foot.

To the Swiss' credit, he is super composed and is making no mistakes. His serve is as good as ever

Something was clearly wrong with Cilic. Wasn't moving well. Wasn't hitting the ball well. Missing easy shots. Making this easy for Federer

Game and second set, Federer. 6-1. It started with an ace and ends with an ace.

40-0: Another service winner. Triple set point

30-0: Federer picks up a short forehand and finds the baseline

15-0: Return is wide

Federer is serving.

Game, Federer. Backhand passing shot draws a volley long from Cilic. 5-1 Federer.

Ad-Federer: Serve and volley isn't working and Cilic sends a short slice wide. Break point

Deuce: Federer miss-hits return, hawkeye confirms

Ad-Federer: Clean return winner from the Swiss. Break point

Deuce: Some great deep shots from Federer eventually grind Cilic into a forehand error

40-30: Another serve and volley goes wrong for Cilic

40-15: Return into net

30-15: Federer's return into Cilic's feet is sent into the net

30-0: Stabbing return nowhere near the court

15-0: Federer nets return

Cilic is serving

Game, FedererCilic's forehand goes long. 4-1 Federer.

40-15: Cilic finds the net

30-15: Return long

15-15: Serve to the rescue

0-15: Federer nets volley

Federer is serving

Game, Cilic. Great lunging stab drops over for a winner. 3-1 Federer

40-30: Big serve draws return long.

30-30: Great block return from Federer counters Cilic's serve and volley as the Croatian's half-volley finds the net.

30-15: Forehand winner from Cilic

15-15: Cilic misses the volley

15-0: Return into net

Cilic is serving.

Cilic did not receive any physical treatment, but was in tears throughout the changeover.

Cilic calls for the trainer. Is visibly upset.

Game, Federer. Ends it with an ace. 3-0 Federer

40-15: Easy miss from Cilic

30-15: Federer nets forehand

30-0: Return into net

15-0: Long from Cilic

Federer is serving.

Game, Federer. A string of lazy errors from Cilic, ending with a backhand wide, give Federer an immediate break to start the second set. 2-0 Federer.

30-40: Backhand long from Cilic. Break point.

30-30: Shot long from Cilic

30-15: ACE

15-15: Huge backhand return from Federer sets up the point, eventually forces an error

15-0: ACE! Cilic finally gets an ace on the board

Cilic is serving

Game, Federer. Another service winner wraps up the game. Cilic did not get a ball in play in the opening game of the set. 1-0.

40-0: Return long

30-0: Return into net

15-0: ACE! First ace of the match

Set two, Federer is serving

Interestingly, Federer played almost that entire set at the baseline. Only one volley winner from the Swiss.

Cilic put barely any pressure on Federer in that set. His first serve was not doing any damage and for every big forehand he hit, he also hit an error. 

Federer was solid in set one, but did not need to do anything special. Cilic's weapons were not firing consistently.

Game and first set, Federer. 6-3. Cilic double faults it away.

Ad-FedererCilic fires forehand wide. Break/Set point

Deuce: Federer chips return wide

30-40: Federer rips backhand passing shot. Break/Set point

30-30: Miss-hit from Cilic flies out

30-15: Cilic's dig goes long

30-0: This time, Federer goes long

15-0: Federer finds the net

Cilic is serving

Game, FedererCilic finally puts a return in play, but misses a backhand. 5-3 Federer.

40-0: Make that three in a row

30-0: Another unreturnable serve

15-0: Unreturnable serve

Federer is serving

Game, Cilic. Huge serve from Cilic bails him out after blowing 40-0 lead. Still trails by a break. 4-3 Federer.

Ad-CilicFederer nets forehand

Deuce: Double fault.

40-30: Perfect drop shot from Federer from the baseline lands a few feet from the net. Cilic doesn't even try to chase it down.

40-15: Perfect forehand return winner from Federer

40-0: Cilic pounces on a short return and crushes a winner

30-0: Huge winner down the line

15-0: Better start

Cilic is serving

Game, Federer. The Swiss consolidates with a hold to love. 4-2 Federer.

40-0: Return straight into the net

30-0: Federer rips a winner from the midcourt

15-0: Big backhand wide from Cilic

Longest rally of the match so far ends in an overrule and a replayed point

Federer is serving

Game, Federer. Some big backhands from the Swiss draw a backhand into the net from CilicFederer breaks first and leads 3-2.

30-40: Another return long. One more break point.

15-40: Return is long. Two more break points.

0-40: Wild forehand long from Cilic. Triple break point.

0-30: Federer wins drop shot battle, somehow chipping backhand over highest part of the net behind a falling Cilic

0-15: Forehand into the net from Cilic

Cilic is serving

Game, Federer. The Swiss survives when his opponent sends a forehand wide. 2-2.

Ad-Federer: Another net from Cilic

Deuce: Cilic nets return

30-40: Some huge shots from Cilic before Federer nets backhand. Break point

30-30: Double fault number two from Federer

30-15: Unreturnable serve

15-15: Cilic returns the favour

0-15: Backhand long by Federer

Federer is serving

Game, CilicFederer sends his return long. On serve at 2-1

40-15: Forehand into net by Federer

30-15: Deep return from Federer draws error

30-0: Huge forehand from Cilic draws shot long

15-0: Federer nets backhand

Cilic is serving

Game, Federer. Return is long. 1-1.

Ad-FedererCilic nets backhand passing shot

Deuce: Double fault

40-30: Cilic nets backhand

30-30: Swinging volley winner from Federer while following his serve in

15-30: Huge hitting from Cilic ends with forehand winner

15-15: Return into net

0-15: Longest rally of the match so far, great defence from Cilic before Federer nets backhand

Federer is serving

Game, CilicFederer nets backhand passing shot. 1-0.

Ad-Cilic: Great body serve on the second serve draws error

Deuce: Forehand into the net from Cilic

40-30: Return long

30-30: Backhand into the net from Federer

15-30: Cilic sends what should have been easy forehand long

15-15: Federer can't handle serve

0-15: Deep return from Federer and Cilic nets forehand

Ready, play

Cilic to serve

The surface works well for both men, but for different reasons. It rewards Cilic's power, but Federer's accuracy and variation make him incredibly dangerous. There are two big ways in which the grass could affect the match that would tip it in Federer's favour. First, grass is the toughest surface to move on and Cilic is not the best of movers. Second, the low bounce could give Cilic a hard time, especially if Federer slices and attacks the net.

The players are warming up

This match will be a serving duel. Federer and Cilic have two of the best serves on the tour and are battling on a surface that rewards big serves. Cilic's serve is bigger, but Federer's is more varied and accurate. Don't expect a lot of breaks in this match. And if there is a break, that will likely be the difference in the set.

Just by reaching the final, Cilic has climbed into a qualifying spot in the Race to London. Should he lose the final, he would move up to number five from number 11 just by having reached the final. If he wins, he would climb up to number three, behind Federer and Nadal.


Federer will stay at number two in the Race to London regardless of the result. A title would leave him just over 500 points behind Nadal for the top spot, while a loss would leave him around 1300 points back.

Both men need to win the title to climb up the rankings. If Cilic wins, he will leapfrog Federer, jumping up to number five in the world and knocking the Swiss down to number six. With a win, Federer would ascend to number three in the world, surpassing Novak Djokovic and Stan Wawrinka.

History is not in Cilic's favour. Of Federer's 10 major final losses, only one has been to anyone but Rafael Nadal and Novak DjokovicJuan Martin del Potro (2009 US Open) is the only non-Big Three member to defeat Federer in a major final. Only Nadal and Djokovic have beaten Federer in a Wimbledon final.

We're now about 12 minutes away from the men taking to the court

Check out VAVEL’s full preview of the men’s final.

Cilic has had a fairly average season so far, going 29-13 and sits 11th in the Race to London. The Croatian has one title, on clay in Istanbul. However, he has been building up momentum since April, having reached the quarterfinals or better at seven of his last eight events. He reached the semifinals or better at all three of his grass court events. Apart from his title in Istanbul, he has reached one other final, that being the final of his last warm-up event before Wimbledon at the Queen’s Club, where he lost in a third set tiebreak to Feliciano Lopez

Federer is in the midst of one of the best season’s of his legendary career, a season made even greater considering how he played less than half of the 2016 season with injury, including missing the last five months of the season. The Swiss is 30-2 so far in 2017, having won four titles, including a record-extending 18th major title at the Australian Open (d. Rafael Nadal) and completing the Melbourne-Indian Wells-Miami hat trick for just the second time in his career. Federer skipped the entire clay court season before winning his ninth title in Halle in the lead up to Wimbledon. Bizarrely, Federer has yet to lose to a player inside the top 100 in 2017, with his two losses coming number 116 Evgeny Donskoy in Dubai and 302 Tommy Haas in Stuttgart. He is currently second in the Race to London

Federer and Cilic’s most recent meeting was also their biggest and most relevant to their upcoming final. The two met twelve months ago in the quarterfinals on Centre Court. The first two sets of that match were dominated by the Croatian, who used his gigantic groundstrokes to blow the seven-time champion off the court. Federer would start to claw back by taking the third set before finding himself one point away from defeat late in the fourth set. Serving at both 4-5 and 5-6, the Swiss was forced to saved match points, which he did. Federer would save another in the fourth set tiebreak before taking it to send the match to a fifth set. The seven-time champion showed his pedigree by breaking late in the fifth set to escape with an epic victory. 

Of their seven previous meetings, only one took place on grass, that being their 2016 Wimbledon quarterfinal, won by Federer. The pair have met three times previously at majors, with Federer winning two out of three, including their lone Wimbledon meeting, although Cilic won the deepest match at a major, as his win came in the semifinals while Federer’s came in the quarters and third round. Five of their seven meetings have come on hard court, with Federer winning four of five. The Swiss also won their lone clay meeting.

Federer dominates their head-to-head 6-1, but the pair’s last three matches have been the three most competitive of the rivalry. After winning their first four meetings fairly easily, Federer narrowly edged Cilic in the round of 16 in Toronto 6-4 in the third after a pair of tiebreaks. A month later, the Croatian finally got on the board in the rivalry with a blowout win in the semifinals of the US Open on his way to his lone major title. Federer would avenge the loss last year in the Wimbledon quarterfinals in an absolute epic.

Cilic, who has had some solid runs at the All England Club before, finally was able to put the pieces of his big-hitting game together for six great matches to reach his first final in SW19. The Croatian took full advantage of his draw falling apart, though he was still given all he could handle by Rafael Nadal’s conqueror Gilles Muller and Andy Murray’s vanquisher Sam Querrey. Cilic outlasted Muller in five sets in the quarterfinals before pulling several comebacks in his four-set semifinal win over Querrey

2017 has been a renaissance year for Federer and Wimbledon has been yet a further step forward. The Swiss has yet to drop a set at the tournament, only the third time in his career that he has reached the final without losing a set at the All England Club. Federer has made mincemeat out of what was not an easy draw. He got through his first round match courtesy of retirement by Alexandr Dolgopolov and has cruised since, including impressive victories over the crafty Mischa Zverev and Australian Open semi-finalist Grigor Dimitrov before crushing his 2016 Wimbledon conqueror Milos Raonic, the reigning runner-up, in a straight-sets dismantling. The Swiss faced his toughest test in the semifinals against 2010 runner-up Tomas Berdych, but held off the Czech’s onslaught to reach the final.

Cilic is contesting his 2nd major final, having won his lone previous major final back at the 2014 US Open. Overall, Cilic is looking to win an 18th career title. He has a 17-12 record in career finals. He is 1-2 in career grass court finals, all three coming at the Queen’s Club. His lone title came back in 2012. He was actually trailing by a set in that final when David Nalbandian was defaulted. He lost in the 2013 final (l. to Andy Murray) and this year (l. to Feliciano Lopez).

Federer is contesting his 29th major final and is looking to win a 19th major title, which would further extend his record for men’s Grand Slam singles titles. He is 18-10 in major finals. It would be his 93rd title overall. He is 92-48 in all career finals. An eighth Wimbledon title would also extend Federer’s record for grass court titles to 17. He is 16-6 in career grass court finals. 

World number six Marin Cilic is through to his second career major final, first at Wimbledon, and first since winning the 2014 US Open

History is on the line for world number five Roger Federer, as the Swiss contests his eleventh final at the All England Club (7-3) and is looking to break a three-way tie between himself, Pete Sampras and William Renshaw for the most men’s singles titles at Wimbledon by claiming his eighth crown.

Hello tennis fans! Today is the biggest day of the tennis year. Welcome to VAVEL USA’s live commentary of the 2017 Wimbledon men’s singles final between seven-time champion Roger Federer of Switzerland and first-time Wimbledon finalist Marin Cilic. My name is Pete Borkowski and I’m excited to be bringing you point-by-point coverage of what’s sure to be an incredible match in London. From now until match time, which will be at 2:00 pm local time (9:00 am EDT), I’ll be supplying notes and previewing the showdown. Please come back tomorrow for point-by-point updates of the match.