5 Things Learned: Monday Night RAW October 24

The go home show before Hell in a Cell was stocked full of surprising and interesting moments - but what 5 things did we learn?

5 Things Learned: Monday Night RAW October 24
What 5-things did we learn from Monday Night Raw? (image: insidepulse.com)

Monday Night Raw has been struggling to compete against SmackDown Live on a week-for-week basis but they looked to blow away their competition just six days before Hell in a Cell.

With stars Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Chris Jericho all present surely it would be a hit, right?

More people make the list

Strowman made the list of Jericho (image: dailyddt.com)

According to Michael Cole, RAW was supposed to kick off with a singles match between Enzo Amore and Karl Anderson but instead (thankfully) Chris Jericho came out to ignite the crowd.

Y2J informed the Minneapolis crowd that someone had stolen the 'List of Jericho' prompting Kevin Owens to make his presence known, although it was obvious he was not the man with the list.

Stephanie McMahon then came out to inform everyone that she will do her best to find the list but Jericho informed her that unless the list is found, he will not compete in tonight's scheduled main event against Owens and Seth Rollins.

The Architect came out with one arm behind his week as he was holding the list, he then suggested Owens and McMahon were present on the list and issued a challenge for The G.O.A.T to come get the list if he wants it so bad.

After searching in multiple backstage segments, the list was found in the hands of Braun Strowman who showed his anger at not seeing Sami Zayn's name on the list (although it was) but the penalty for even touching the LOJ was to be put on the list itself.

Maybe they can get along

The whole scenario between Sheamus and Cesaro and the best of seven series resulted in the pair forming a tag-team, much to the annoyance of many in the WWE Universe.

The New Day came out and mocked The Irishman but to everyone's surprise both teams had a great match and the winner's were even more shocking.

Big E hurled Kofi Kingston over top rope - hoping to land on The Celtic Warrior but he was met with a European Uppercut from Cesaro.

Then Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on the big man to pick up an unlikely victory over the tag-team champions ahead of their title match this Sunday at Hell in a Cell.

The Woman are ready

The women's championship match was made official (image:RingsideNews.com)

A contract signing took place between Sasha Banks and Charlotte to make their match inside Hell in a Cell official, but Mick Foley was keen to get through to the pair what they will be stepping into.

The RAW General Manager could a series of impassioned stories about how the cell changed him and how it has a mind of its own, saying it destroyed his life.

He tried to make the women understand the decision they are making and he may have gotten through to them although the chance to make history was too much for the duo to throw away and they signed anyway.

Charlotte said to Sasha "See you on Sunday" to which the champion replied "I'll see you in Hell."

Vince McMahon is not God

Following Goldberg's passionate promo last week, during which he spoke about how much it meant to him to be there for the kids and be a superhero, he immediately become a babyface.

So Vince McMahon decided to attempt to turn the Minneapolis crowd against Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar... this is The Beast's former residence as he attended the University of Minnesota.

The fans were firmly on Lesnar's side although it was obvious that his advocate was trying to start a Goldberg chant, what instead happened was a 'Goldberg - Sucks' chant.

The music hit once more for The Conqueror who was supposed to address the former WCW legend's challenge acceptance - now we are left with more questions than answers.

Seth Rollins can overcome the odds

Rollins may not be 100% heading into this Sunday (image:SidCena555 - DeviantArt)

Earlier in the night as Rollins hid the LOJ around various places it was looking increasingly unlikely that we would even see a main event take place.

We did however, and The Architect managed to catch both Owens and Jericho at the opportune moment and pin both men at the same time.

The WWE Universal Champion showed his anger and his best friend Y2J helped out to as they both beat-down the former Shield member until hoards of officials came out to halt the attack.

As Owens made his way to the back he was chased down by Rollins who wanted more of K.O. as the pair brawled but maybe The Architect should have stayed down.

It would be the champion standing tall ahead of their meeting at Hell in a Cell as he power bombed his Sunday opponent onto the side of the apron, leaving him in a mess.

It is likely that Rollins will not be at 100% heading into the cage and that suits Owens very nicely.