Mick Foley comments on Seth Rollins being an 'Unsafe-Worker'

The RAW general manager has broken his silence on the criticism of The Architect as he rushes to the aide following recent suggestion over his in-ring safety.

Mick Foley comments on Seth Rollins being an 'Unsafe-Worker'
Mick Foley has rushed to the defence of Seth Rollins (image: WWE.com)

Seth Rollins is without a doubt one of the most talented professional wrestlers in WWE today with his unique offense pleasing to the eye.

However, for all of his prowess 'mistakes' have followed resulting in injuries to fellow performers leading to criticism of his focus on safety.

Mick Foley a veteran of the ring and no stranger to its dangers came to the aid of the former World Champion, deflecting the recent comments.

Rollins injury incidents

Seth Rollins was injured by Sting at Night of Champions (image: TheInqusitr.com)
Seth Rollins was injured by Sting at Night of Champions (image: TheInqusitr.com)

At Night of Champions 2015, Rollins faced the veteran Sting in a match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and injured the former WCW performer, ending his in-ring career.

While just a few months earlier he broke the nose of John Cena when his knee connected with the face of the 39-year-old forcing him to have emergency surgery.

These happened in the past but they were brought back to the surface when Finn Balor was left with a dislocated shoulder at SummerSlam 2016, following a Power-Bomb.

The injuries themselves were impact based and despite there being no intention on Rollins' behalf to purposely injure the performer, it has not stopped him being critiqued by legends of the ring.

Bret Hart was very vocal of the former Shield member's level of safety, and would often show his disdain for the 30-year-old on media appearances.

The Hitman never injured an opponent during the entirety of his career; something he was very proud of and feels that Rollins is too reckless and dangerous in the ring.

Foley defense

When the Brand-Extension first came to be, Rollins was the number one draft pick chosen by Monday Night Raw, the joint decision of Stephanie McMahon and Foley.

Despite a great show of support, things have not been so smooth for The Architect with his past incidents threatening to overshadow his future.

Foley said via Facebook "Let me make it very clear that I have absolutely no desire to get into any social media feud with Bret Hart. But because Bret is so highly thought of in the wrestling community, his words carry an incredible amount of weight, and give Rollins the reputation as a dangerous performer which has been gaining momentum."

On the injury that Sting suffered the hardcore legend said "in old age" the body is not what it used to be and in "pro-wrestling" the muscles of the neck are often "first to go" maybe following years of impact.

He continued and said that the muscles are "so necessary for keeping the chin tucked firmly to the chest during landings" and this may be the reason why "the Rollins turnbuckle bomb, used safely on hundreds of occasions, created a whiplash effect in the neck of Sting."

While believing that the injury was not anybody's fault he said "In my opinion, the injury was not Seth's fault, not Sting's fault, or WWE's fault; it simply may have been a case of trying to push back the hands of time a little too far, a little too fast."

On the Finn Balor injury which has ruled The Demon King out of action until at least December, possibly later, Foley again came to the aid of Rollins' comparing the move to that of a choke-slam.

Finn Balor was left with a dislocated shoulder following a powerbomb from Rollins (image: WrestlingObserveNewsletter)
Finn Balor was left with a dislocated shoulder following a powerbomb from Rollins (image: WrestlingObserveNewsletter)

He said, "Those turnbuckle bombs remind me of choke slams, in the sense that there is little margin for error.

"Unfortunately, it goes with the territory that signature moves will be used in new capacities – so that the power bomb on the turnbuckle will inevitably become a power bomb on the barricade - where there is almost no margin for error.

"Unfortunately, the landing was not a good one for Finn, and he has a long road back from major surgery. Trust me, I know Seth well enough to know that he already felt great remorse, without wrestling fans placing the blame on him."

On the Cena broken nose

Rollins inadvertently broke John Cena's nose (image: youtube.com)
Rollins inadvertently broke John Cena's nose (image: youtube.com)

When The 15-time World Champion had his nose broken at the knee of Rollins it was a stomach-turning sight, as the face of Cena became unrecognizable with his middle section swollen on a massive scale.

On the injury, Foley said it was "just an accident" and says that he himself once "broke Goldust's nose in WCW by accident" before admitting that Vader once broke his on "purpose" but says that there is no blame between any of the men.

He continued, "Sometimes, injuries just happen. It's part of what we do. Seth Rollins is a safe wrestler. He works an intense, highly physical style, as do most of the WWE Superstars.

"But man does it bother me when people overlook hard work, dedication, and the willingness to try new things, often at great expense to themselves that today's WWE Superstars endure in their effort to excite, excel and entertain."