Maxwell and Warner's record partnership gives Australia victory

Maxwell and Warner's record partnership gives Australia victory
Wiese celebrates the wicket of Smith (photo: Reuters)
South Africa

16:02 - These two sides will come up against each other once more on Wednesday afternoon with a start time of 4:00pm UK time. It looks as if it will be a great end to this three match series, and sets up both teams well for the upcoming World T20 in India.Until next time it has been a pleasure to guide you through the second innings of this t20 match between these sides. 

16:00 - What a fantastic game of cricket which kept everyone on edge right upto the death and it was the hosts who just came up short of what was a great surface for batting. A great effort from Warner and Maxwell with the bat as they put on a record partneship for Australia in the shortest form of the game.

Rabada was unable to defend 11 from the final over. Faulkner and Marsh both played their part in the final over as the both scored the vital runs when it mattered most. South Africa aren't best pleased as at the break they were heavy favourites.

Overs 20: 205-5: Australia take two off the final ball and win by five wickets to take the series into a decider.

19.5: 203-5: One run from the next. Two needed from the final ball.

19.4: 202-5: Another two for the Aussies who are staying calm under the pressure. Three needed from two balls.

19.3: 200-5:  A two next ball for the Aussies. Five wanted from three balls.

Another wide from Rabada.

19.2: 197-5: The Aussies manage to scrape a two and now need eight from four.

A wide next ball from Rabada.

19.1: 194-5 Warner falls to the first ball of the last over as he completly misses the ball, as he plays his shot to early. Faulkner in at number seven. 

Wicket Rabada bowls Warner!!!

So there is one over to go and the Aussies require 11 runs and it's Rabada to bowl it and Warner will be on strike for the first delivery.

Overs 19: 195-3 A tidy start to the over from Morris as he only concedes two runs from the opening three balls. The next three deliveries bring a four, a wicket and a single.

Mitchell Marsh in at number six.

Wicket, Maxwell goes for 75!!!

Morris to bowl the penultimate over.

Overs 18: 187-3 Another fantastic over for the Aussies who look set to win this one now. 20 come from the over as both players pass the 70 mark. Just 18 needed off the final two overs.

Overs 17: 167-3 What looked like being a great over for the South African's turns into a horror show as Morris bowls three wides as 16 runs come from the over. Australia need 28 from the last three overs.

Morris replaces Tahir with the ball.

Overs 16: 160-3 Another great over from the Aussies as Maxwell and Warner continue to find the ropes. You feel as if the hosts need one good over in order to win the match as these two are causing havoc to the South African's. Ten come from the over.

Styen replaces the expensive Weise.

Overs 15: 150-3: 19 come from the next over as Tahir is taken to the cleaners by the combination of Maxwell and Warner. They could win this somehow, but its key that these two bat deep into the innings.

David Warner 50 from just 25 balls.

100 partneship off just 52 deliveries

Overs 14: 131-3: A fantastic over from the Aussies as Maxwell leathers into the expensive Wiese to reach his second internation T20 50. This came off just 26 balls. Even though these two have been playing well the run rate is still at 12 an over. 18 runs come from it. Weise had gone for 58 from the four overs which he has bowled.

Overs 13: 113-3 What was looking like a tidy over from Tahir is ruined in the final two balls as seven runs come off of it. Nine runs come off the over in total, but it is still looking a tough target.

Tahir is back into the attack.

Overs 12: 104-3 Another busy over for the visitors as eight come off it and they continue to edge closer to the target. 

Overs 11: 96-3 The Aussies once more have a solid over as eight runs come from it and they continue to perform well. Both players have now reached 32 and looking in great form.

Overs 10: 88-3  Another fantastic over for the visitors, as 17 runs come off it and Maxwell and Warner both continue to bring their side back into the game. Some boundaries in the over takes the partneship to over 50 in double quick time.

Wiese replaces Morris.

Overs 9: 71-3 Another great over for the visitors as they continue to build the innings well. Maxwell and Warner are both looking really well placed and look set to tee off in the coming overs.

Imran Tahir is in to the attack replacing Steyn.

Overs 8: 60-3 A fabulous over for the visitors as 15 come off it and Maxwell has quickly reached 16 from just seven deliveries. These two players are going to be crucial in the run chase.

Overs 7: 45-3 A better over for the Aussies as nine come off it. Warner and Maxwell are both starting to play a few shots and looking like they may cause some real damage.

Morris replaces the impressive Rabada.

Overs 6: 36-3 A superb over from Steyn as he picked up two wickets at the expense of eight runs. Steyn is bowling a real tight line and causing all sorts of problems to the Australian's.

Glen Maxwell is in at number five for the Aussies.

Wicket for South Africa! Watson is the latest to go as he falls to Steyn after a perfect catch from JP Duminy for just nine. The hosts are in complete control right now.

David Warner is in at number four.

Wicket for South Africa! Smith has gone for 19, but he is incredibly unlucky to go as it takes a wonderfull catch from Rabada to move the Aussie captain.

Overs 5: 28-1 Australia are starting to get on a bit of a role after a very shaky start. Smith hits the first six of the innings to help his side create some much needed momentum and pass the 30 mark. Watson appears to be having some trouble and has only managed six off 12 deliveries so far.

Overs 4: 20-1 A brilliant start by Styen, who begins his over with four dot balls, before conceding four runs of the final two balls to keep his side firmly in the box-seat.

Dale Styen comes into the attack to replace Morris.

Overs 3: Aus 15-1 Another solid over from Rabada as the Australian top order continue to struggle to cope with the pace and variations of the opener. Watson and Smith rotate the strike well but, only four come of the third over.

Overs 2: Aus 12-1 A better over for the visitors as they try to re-build after the early loss of Finch. Smith manages to get his sides first boundary off the 5th ball of the over to take the score past 10.

Morris to open the bowling from the other end.

Overs 1: AUS 3-1 A fantastic start for the hosts as they remove the dangerous Finch in the first over. Smith got off the mark with a signle off of the first ball to take them to 3-1 after one over.

Steve Smith in at number three for Australia.

Wicket for South Africa! Finch is gone fourth ball for just two as Rabada cleans up his stumps as he falls for just two.

Kagiso Rabada to open the bowling, Finch to face.


14:02 - A brilliant innings of seventy-nine from captain Du Plesis gets South Africa up over the two hundred mark. The chase will be a tough one, but if anyone can do it Australia can. I have been Brandon Sayer taking you through the first innings of this T20 match and I will be handing over to Tom Mason for the second innings. So Stay tuned! 

END OF INNINGS. South Africa 204-7. Australia require 205 to win from 20 overs. 

Overs 20: SA 204-7 The final over goes for twenty-six runs. Du Plesis just tees off getting twenty runs from the first four balls before he goes again from the fifth ball, but is caught on the boundary by Maxwell. Wiese is on strike for the last ball and smashes it for six as well. 

Kegiso Rabada comes in at number nine for South Africa. 

Wicket for Australia! Du Plesis is gone for seventy-nine runs off fourth-one balls. Hastings the bowler and Maxwell the catcher. 

Hastings comes back into the attack to bowl the last over of the innings replacing Hazlewood. 

Overs 19: SA 178-6 Faulkner gets a wicket with his first ball of the over as Chris Morris tries the big shot, but is caught in the boundary by Warner. Du Plesis though hits a massive six from the third ball of the over. The over was a great for the hosts as thirteen came off it. 

David Wiese comes in at number eight for the South Africa. 

Wicket for Australia! Chris Morris is gone for three runs off five balls. Faulkner the bowler and Warner the catcher. 

Overs 18: SA 165-5 Du Plesis decides to go big and gets two boundaries from the three balls. Next ball the captain then brings up his fifty with a single. Big over for the hosts with twelve coming off it. 

Fifty for Du Plesis off thirty-three balls! Brilliant innings from the captain.

Hazlewood comes into the attack to replace Hastings. 

Overs 17: SA 153-4 Another fantastic over from Faulkner results in only six runs from the over. Faulkner also picked up the wicket of Behardien as the batsmen tried to hit it out of the ground, but was caught on the boundary. 

Chris Morris comes in at number seven for South Africa. 

Wicket for Australia! Behardien is gone for three runs off five balls. Faulkner the bowler and Agar the catcher. 

Faulkner comes back into the attack to replace Agar. 

Overs 16: SA 147-4 A brilliant over in the context of the game from Hastings. The over only goes for five runs which at this time in the innings is what you want. Big last four overs coming up. 

Behardien comes in at number six for South Africa. 

John Hastings comes back into the attack to replace Glenn Maxwell. 

Overs 15: SA 142-4 Miller decides that it is time to put the foot down and he smashes twenty runs from the first five balls of the over. The final ball saw Miller get himself out when he tried to hit another six, but was caught on the boundary by Maxwell. 

Wicket for Australia! David Miller goes for thirty-three off eighteen balls. Agar the Bowler and Maxwell the catcher. 

Overs 14: SA 122-3 Miller finally unleashes a big shot hitting a four off Maxwells first ball. The rest of the over only goes for five singles. The hosts will be looking to go big in the last few overs. 

Overs 13: SA 113-3 Agar on his debut bowls a very tight over only conceding five runs from the over. Australia are trying to keep the score down the best they can by getting in some tight overs. 

Ashton Agar comes into the bowling attack to replace Mitchell Marsh. 

Overs 12: SA 108-3  Maxwell bowls a very tight over only going for five singles in the over. Miller is taking his time before he goes big. 

Maxwell comes back into the attack to replace Faulkner. 

David Miller comes in at number five for South Africa. 

Overs 11: SA 103-3 Marsh comes into the attack and bowls a no-ball from his first delivery which brings South Africa a free-hit. Du Plesis smashes it for a six. Du Plesis then gets off strike and Duminy also hits a big six. The last ball of the over brings a wicket for Australia as Duminy looks for another big shot, but is caught by Ginch in the boundary. 

Wicket for Australia! JP Duminy is gone for fourteen off twelve balls. Marsh the bowler and Finch the catcher. 

Mitchell Marsh comes back into the attack to replace Maxwell. 

Overs 10: SA 87-2 Duminy releases the pressure for the hosts with a beautiful shot to bring up a boundary. The next ball though the batsmen almost got out, but it was just short of the bowler. Six from the over. 

Overs 9: SA 81-2 Maxwell bowls a very tight over that only goes for four runs. The bowling changes have worked a treat for Australia. 

JP Duminy comes in at number for for South Africa. 

Overs 8: SA 77-2 A fantastic first over for Faulkner only goes for three runs and a wicket. Faulkner produced a brilliant yorker to bowl de Kock. The wicket was what Australia needed. 

Wicket for Australia! Quinton de Kock is gone for fourty-four off twenty-eight balls bowled by Faulkner!

Jame Faulkner comes into the attack to replace Hazlewood. 

Overs 7: SA 74-1 De Kock decides to take the spinner on and manages to score three boundaries from the over. The hosts are motoring along. 

Glenn Maxwell comes into the attack to replace Mitchell Marsh

Overs 6: SA 62-1 De Kock decides it's time to go and smashes the first three balls of the over for fourteen runs. The bowlers does well to only concede five runs from the last three balls. Massive over to end the powerplay for the hosts 

Josh Hazlewood comes back into the attack to replace John Hastings. 

Overs 5: SA 43-1 Du Plesis struggles to get the ball away until the fifth ball of the over when he hits a lovely shot for four. The next ball he then hits a big six. Good over for the hosts. 

Mitchell Marsh comes into the bowling attack to replace Josh Hazlewood. 

Overs 4: SA 31-1 A good over from the bowler only goes for five runs. De Kock hits the second ball of the over for four, but the batsmen struggle to get the rest of the deliveries away. 

Overs 3: SA 26-1 De Kock continues from were de Villers left off smashing two fours of the over. The other four balls see only three runs coming from it. Good start for the hosts. 

Faf du Plesis comes in at number three for South Africa

Overs 2: SA 15-1 De Villiers smashes the first six of the game off Hastings second ball. The bowler makes a strong comeback and bowls de Villers with his last ball leaving the supporters stunned. 

Wicket for Australia! Ab de Villers gone for thirteen off nine balls bowled. Hastings the bowler. 

John Hastings opens the bowling from the other end. 

Overs 1: SA 8-0 De Villiers goes on the attack from the first ball and picks up a two. The second ball is smashed to the boundary for four by de Villers. The rest of the over is tight and the South Africa batsmen only pick up two singles. 

Ab de Villers and De Kock will open the batting for South Africa 

Josh Hazlewood is opening the bowling for Australia. 


12:08 - Australia Team: Watson, Finch, Smith (c), Warner, Maxwell, Marsh, Faulkner, Agar, Nevill, Hastings, Hazlewood

12:07 - South Africa Team: de Villiers, de Kock, du Plessis (c), Duminy, Miller, Behardien, Wiese, Morris, Rabada, Steyn, Tahir

12:05 - Australia win the toss and have chosen to bowl first!

11:58 - Here comes the toss!

Both sides may use their squads across this series so that they can get one final look at some of the more fringe players and see what their best combinations are as a team, and who deserves to start their respective first matches of the upcoming competition. After this series both teams will have a number of warm-up games before the World T20, but this series is the final competitive one that the sides will play before the tournament starts in India.

The sides met on Friday in the first game of the series and it was unsurprisingly an incredibly tight affair, as the hosts South Africa came on top winning by just three wickets with just four balls remaining. The key player for the South Africans on this occasion were Imran Tahir with the ball as once again he kept it really tight, crucially picking up three wickets for just 21 from his four overs to help restrict the Aussies to just 157-9 from their 20. With the bat the hero was David Miller who hit a fabulous unbeaten 50 from just 35 balls to help see his side to a much needed victory.

Australia have named a largely experienced squad for both this series and the tournament itself, and head into the World T20 as second favourites to lift the trophy behind the hosts India. All of the Australian squad have appeared for them before in this format, and unlike other nations they haven't named any surprise faces in their squad as they are sticking with what they know works and is effective. The department which worries you the most for Australia is the bowling line-up and the reason for this is because although they have got great strength in depth in their pace attack, you would fear for them if spinner Nathan Lyon was to pick up an injury or be unavailable for some reason. Also, the balance of their team is really important, because they tend to go in with four out and out bowlers, whilst also naming a couple of all-rounder’s, being Shane Watson and Mitchell Marsh who both provide great other options with the ball.

This is an incredibly important match for both these sides as they continue their build-up to the World T20, which begins on Tuesday. Both sides will be looking to take some great form in to such a big event as it only comes around every two years and is the biggest competition in this format so both teams are sure to be trying find their best formula of team so that they can get it right on the biggest stage of all. Australia will hoping to build on their win at last year’s World Cup, whilst South Africa will be hoping to continue their good run of form in the format this year after recently beating England 2-0.

Hello and welcome to VAVEL UK's live coverage of the second T20 international of this highly anticipated series between South Africa and Australia. We're awaiting the toss, which is set for 12:00, so stay with us for that before the game gets underway.