Oman spring surprise by defeating Irish

Oman spring surprise by defeating Irish
Will Paul Stirling get runs today? (photo: getty)

17:34 - I have been Tom Mason and I hope you have enjoyed Vavel Uk's live commentary of today's game between these two sides. The next match coming up tomorrow morning when Scotland take on Zimbabwe.For now goodbye and enjoy the rest of your day. 

17:32 - The player of the match has been named as Amir Ali for his superb 32 off just 16 balls which ultimatley one his side the match.

17:30 - Wow what a cricket match that was, you never knew who was going to win that one as over upon over the swing of the game was changing. Ireland gave it their all but, Oman just about got over the line in the end to claim a win in their first ever World T20 match.

END OF MATCH! Oman win by two wickets!

Oman 156-8: Oman score the required 14 off the final over to take the victory. The over started off so badly for Ireland as the first ball went for four whilst also being a no-ball. It took until the third to last ball for the winning runs to come as another no-ball went for four byes to hand Oman an unlikely win.

The 10th Oman batsmen is Munis Ansari.

Wicket! Aamer Ali must go caught behind off the bowling of Sorensen. Early replays show that he didn't hit it. Oman require 3 from two.

Sorensen comes back onto bowl the final over of the match. 14 wanted off the last six.

Oman: 141-7: Just four runs come from the 19th over as Rankin finds the right line. The over brought two wickets to mean Oman need 14 from the final over for victory.

The ninth batsmen for Oman is Ajay Lalcheta.

Wicket! The Oman captian Sultan Ahmed is out run-out for just 1.

In at number eight is Sultan Ahmed.

Wicket! Rankin removes Jatinder Singh  with the first ball of the over bowling him for a run a ball 24. GAME ON!

Boyd Rankin is back into the attack replacing the expensive Murtagh.

Oman 136-5: A much better over for the Irish as just 5 runs come from the 18th over. This match is right in the ballance and could go either way. Oman need 18 from the last two overs.

O'Brien is back into the attack in the place of Stirling.

Oman 132-5: A much better for Oman as they collect 20 runs from the seventeenth over to bring themselves in with a great chance. Oman now require just 23 from the final three overs.

A further change of bowling as Sorensen is replaced by opening bowler Murtagh.

Oman 112-5: A solid over from Oman but, in the context of the match they need to be scoring at a better rate than this if they are to have a chance in this match. 43 runs needed from the final four overs of the match.

Paul Stirling is back into the attack in the place of McBrine.

Oman 101-5: What looked like being a poor over for Oman turns in to a strong one as with the final ball of it a six is struck by Aamer Ali  to give Oman a sniff. 54 runs are required from the final five overs.

Oman 92-5: Oman have just capitulated as they have slipped from 69-0 to 90-5 in no time at all. None of the batsmen can get going and seem to having no faith in each other.

In at seven for Oman is Aamer Ali.

Wicket! Another wicket falls as Aamir goes LBW to McBrine for a duck.

Oman's number six is Aamir Kaleem.

Wicket! Khan is the latest to go falling to a catch from Porterfield off the bowling of McBrine.

Oman 87-3: Once more it's Ireland's over as they get the wicket whilst also just going for four runs. You can see this one going right to the death as neither team is really in full-control.

In at five for Oman is Mehran Khan.

Wicket! Adnan Ilyas is the man to go, Sorensen with the wicket, Stirling with the catch at point.

Another change of bowling for the Irish as Max Sorensen is brought on in the place of Kevin O'Brien.

Oman 83-2: Another quiet over for Oman as just four singles come from Stirling's first over. The control of the match is now firmly with the Irish who have brought back the momentum to their side.

Paul Stirling is into the attack in the place of McBrine.

Oman 79-2: What a difference a couple of overs make Oman were flying at one stage and now with two wickets in quick time have really put Oman on the back-foot. They only manage five runs from the next over as the Irish continue to dominate.

In at number four for Oman is Adnan Ilyas.

Wicket Kevin O'Brien strikes again! O'Brien has removed Maqsood bowling him for 38.

Oman 74-1: A quiet over for Oman as just four runs come from the over as they look to rebuild after losing their first wicket. We have reached the half-way stage and Oman are well in this one and would expect to at least take it to the last over.

Oman 70-1: It was a shaky start to the over for the Irish as ten runs came from the first two deliveries. The second half of the over was much better for the Irish as it included a wicket and just the one run.

In at number three for Oman is Jatinder Singh .

Wicket Khawar Ali is out! O'Brien makes the breakthrough as he bowls Ali who made a fantastic 34.

Kevin O'Brien replaces Rankin with the ball.

Oman 59-0: Another useful over for Oman as their openers continue to bat well and look like they have been playing in these types of matches for years. The rotate the strike well and are giving themselves a real chance here.

McBrine is brought into the attack in the place of Kevin O'Brien.

Oman 51-0: Rankin finds a much better line in his second over and, it only goes for seven runs. Both batsmen are looking comfortable at the moment and don't look like getting out.

Oman 44-0: The change to O'Brien has put a real stop to the big shots as the Oman openers come to terms with the slower pace which O'Brien offers. 

Kevin O'Brien replaces Craig Young.

Oman 39-0: Another good over for Oman as eight runs come from the fifth over. A couples of boundaries come from the over as the minnows continue to bat well against the Irish.

Tim Murtagh is back into the attck in the place of Rankin.

Oman 31-0: Another good over for Oman as eight runs come from the over. They are causing real problems to the Irish bowlers, who have now got to react to the start from Oman.

Oman 23-0: Oman aren't messing around and twelve runs come from the next over. Ireland are under real pressure here.

Boyd Rankin is into the attck in the place on Tim Murtagh.

Oman 11-0:  A quieter over for Oman as just three runs come off it. Off to solid start though.

Oman 8-0: A solid start from Oman who are playing with real positive intent and look like they want to make the most of the conditionds.

Tim Murtagh will open the bowling for Ireland. Maqsood will be on strike for Oman.


15:40 - Ireland lost wickets at regular points throughout the innings and could never really create much momentum through the innings. Many of the Ireland batsmen got in but, then just couldn't build on their starts to help the Irish to pose an impossing score. It will be a tough chase Oman, but you can never say never in the shortest form of the game. Stay with us as we bring you the second innings very soon!

END OFF 1ST INNINGS. Ireland 154-5. Oman require 155 to win from their 20 overs.

Ireland 154-5: The final over works out well for Ireland as 12 runs come from it. Ansari picked up the crucial wicket of O'brien in the final over to leave his side with half a chance.

Andy McBrine comes in at number seven for Ireland.

Wicket for Oman!! Ansari has another O'brien bowled this time.

Ansari comes onto bowl the final over of the innings.

Ireland 142-4: An average over for Ireland as just eight runs come from the 19th over. Ireland really need to have a high-scoring last over if they are to give themselves a real chance of winning this match.

Ireland 134-4: Ireland have a much better over as nine runs come from the over. Poynter hits a massive six to get his side a much needed boundary. The Irish will be wanting to at least reach 150 in this innings with two overs remaining.

Ireland 125-4: Ireland's innings just can't seem to get going as they continue to lose wickets at a regular basis. Only seven runs come from the over and the Irish will be wanting much more than that if their to post a competitive score.

A further change of bowling as Bilal Khan replaces AV Lalcheta.

Ireland 118-4: A brillaint over for Oman as just three runs come from the over as well as the two wickets. Oman are really coming back into one and if they can keep it quiet for the last few overs could be in with a real chance.

Andrew Poynter is in at number six for Ireland.

Wicket for Oman! Ansari does it again this time bowling Wilson, who falls for 38.

Wicket for Oman! N Obrien falls to the first ball of the over as he skies Ansiri's slower ball straight up in the air and is easily caught by Adnan Ilyas to fall for just sixteen.

Another change of bowling sees Munis Ansari come into the attck in place of Khawar Ali.

Ireland 115-2:  Another great over for Ireland as thirteen runs come from the fifthteenth over. Wilson and N Obrien are both looking in real good form and will be needing to go at ten an over to post a competitve score at the end of the innings.

A change of bowling for Oman as Ajay Lalcheta  comes into the attack replacing  Aamir Kaleem.

Ireland 102-2: A much better over for Ireland as eleven runs come off the fourtheenth over as Ireland take advantage of a couple of mis-fields to take their score past the hundred mark.

Hundred comes up for Ireland! 100-2.

Ireland 91-2: Another quiet over for the Irish batsmen as just five runs comes from the next over. Wilson is continuing to go along nicely and is joined by N O'Brien who gets off the mark with a single to long-on.

Ireland 86-2: Another solid over for Oman as just five runs come off the over including the wicket of the Irish captian. The partenship between these two is crucial right now as they look to build a platform for the end of the innings.

Niall O'Brien is in at number four for the Irish.

Wicket for Oman!! Porterfield has to go after a superb stumping by  Sultan Ahmed as the Irish captian falls for 29.

Ireland 81-1: Ireland are starting to step through the gears as eight come from the next over and Wilson and Poterfield are both looking well set at the wicket.

Ireland 73-1: A better over from Ireland as they collect nine runs from the over. Wilson is able to get a couple of fours but, other than that it's a largely quiet over.

Another change of bowling as Aamer Ali replaces Aamir Kaleem for Oman in the tenth over.

Ireland 64-1: Another quiet over for the Irish as just six runs come from it. As we approach the half-way stage it's Oman who are on top at this stage.

Ireland 58-1: Oman looked to have really put a stop of the run-flow since the wicket of Stirling. Only four singles come from this over as Ireland look to re-build.

Khawar Ali replaces Aamer Ali who bowled just the one over going for eleven runs.

Ireland 54-1: Ireland continue to rotate the strike in this over but, they lose their dangerous opener Stirling. Wilson comes in a hits his first ball for four with a sweep shot.

In at number three for the Irish is Gary Wilson.

Wicket for Oman! Paul Stirling is the man to go after a superb catch by Maqsood to fall for an exciting 29.

Aamer Ali  comes into the attck in the place of Lalcheta.

Ireland 47-0: The change of bowling for Oman is looking like a bad move as Ansari's first over goes for 16 which has given the Irish a great start at the end of the power-play. He starts off with a wide before going for a six and four then there is a four leg byes. The over finishes well with three dots to finish it off.

Munis Ansari comes into the attack for Oman to replace Ajay Lalcheta.

Ireland 31-0: A better over for Ireland as eight runs come from it. The over begins well with two dots but, is then followed by two fours in three balls, before a dot off the last ball.

Ireland 23-0: A much better over from Bilal Khan who goes for just five runs off his second over. A solid start from the Irish so far.

Ireland 18-0: Another good over for Ireland sees them get six this time. Lalcheta is back to bowl and Oman appeal for stumping, but Porterfield had kept his back foot grounded. Stirling then manages another four.

Ireland 12-0: A much better over for Ireland. Bilal Khan takes this one, with Porterfield buying time to run for three whilst Stirling notches a four. 

Ireland 0-0: We kick things off with a maiden over. Lalcheta is the bowler, and Porterfield can't get anything on the board.

We're about the get underway!

Oman: Sultan Ahmed (capt & wk), Aamir Kaleem, Adnan Ilyas, Zeeshan Maqsood, Aamer Ali, Jatinder Singh, Bilal Khan, Ajay Lalcheta, Khawar Ali, Munis Ansari, Mehran Khan.

Ireland: William Porterfield (capt), Paul Stirling,Andrew Poynter, Niall O'Brien, Gary Wilson (wk), Kevin O'Brien, Andy McBrine, Craig Young, Max Sorensen, Tim Murtagh, Boyd Rankin.

The teams are in! 

Not long until play gets underway now! Ireland won the toss and have opted to bat first.

Oman's player to watch is fast bowler Munis Ansari, who by many has been likened to former Sri Lankan captain Lasith Malinga as the pair have got very similar actions to each other. He is the kind of players who can go the distance when under pressure but, of late he has dealt much better with the high-pressure moments and is key to Oman's success at this event. There is an element of surprise for the Irish as they have never played Oman before which is something that may help Ansari.

Some key players to look out for in this encounter are, Boyd Rankin for Ireland as he returns following a spell playing for England. Rankin will really enjoy the conditions in India as many of the wickets will have great pitch and carry which are a few of the things which Rankin is really known for as a bowler. Rankin can cause a real trouble to any team on any given surface and so for the Irish to be able to bring him back is a real boost. 

Oman head into the event not in the greatest form as they have lost five of their last six matches in the shortest form of the game losing out to the UAE, Afghanistan and Hong Kong, whilst their one win of late came at the end of February when the narrowly beat Hong Kong by just five runs. As for Ireland they head into the event in a mixed run of form and have been largely inconsistent as they have won just three of their last five matches in T20's losing to Papua New Guinea and the UAE.

In the most recent edition of this competition Ireland also took part in this stage of the tournament, where they were paired with the Netherlands, Zimbabwe and the UAE. In 2014 they didn't manage to qualify for the main event as they finished third in the group behind Zimbabwe and the Netherlands on net run rate having finished on the same points as both of them sides. As for Oman, they didn't even reach this stage of the event last time and so any form of positive results would be deemed as a success for Oman.

In this sort of qualifying event it's really important that you get off to a winning start as it can really shape your whole tournament, as you leave yourself with an awful lot to do if you do lose your first game and you will probably be required to win the two remaining matches. 

Today see's the first round of group A as earlier in the day Bangladesh take on the Netherlands before Ireland entertain Oman. In this group the heavy favourites to win are Bangladesh who, as recently as Sunday, narrowly lost out to India in the Asia Cup. Oman will be looking to cause a massive shock against an Ireland side who have improved an awful lot in recent years. The winner of group A will join Group 2 in the main tournament alongside India, Australia, Pakistan and New Zealand. 

Hello and welcome to Vavel UK's live coverage of the fourth match of the World T20 tournament,between Ireland and Oman. We're awaiting the toss, which is set for 1:30pm UK time, so stay with us for that before the game gets underway.