Result Pakistan 146-6 Bangladesh in World T20 2016

Result Pakistan 146-6 Bangladesh in World T20 2016
Bangladesh celebrate a wicket in the Asia Cup against Pakistan (photo: yahoo)

13:20 - This brings to an end too VAVEL UK's live commentary for this game between Pakistan and Bangladesh. I have been Brandon Sayer and until next time have a good day. 

13:18 - Pakistan win the game in convincing fashion by 55 runs thanks to fifties from Shehzad and Hafeez which saw them get a massive total of 201-5. In reply Bangladesh never got going at all, but late order hitting from Shakib meant he finished with fifty not out. Afridi is the man or the match for his innings of 49 off 19 and getting two wickets when he bowled. 

END OF MATCH! Bangladesh 146-6! Pakistan win by 55 runs. 

Overs 20: BAN 146-6 Mortaza smashes the first ball of the over away for a four. Mortaza then gets a single next ball to bring Shakib on strike. Shakib then hits a big six down the ground followed by a single to bring up his fifty.The final two balls of the innings are dot balls. Pakistan win the game by 55 runs. 

Fifty for Shakib from 40 balls!

Final over of the match to be bowled by Wahab Riaz! Bangladesh need 68 runs to win. 

Overs 19: BAN 135-6 Mortaza starts the over by hitting two runs of Amir. Next ball he manages to get it away for a boundary. The next three balls only go a single each. The last ball is squeezed down to third man for a single. 

Overs 18: BAN 123-6 The first ball of the over only goes for a single. Shakib then gets hold of one and hits a boundary of the second ball. Ali tried a big shot of the fourth ball, but got caught down at third man. Mortaza then comes in and finishes the over with a big six. 

Mashrafe Mortaza comes in at number eight for Bangladesh. 

Wicket for Pakistan! Mithun Ali is out for two off four balls. Irfan the bowler. Amir the catcher. 

Irfan comes back into the attack for Pakistan to replace Riaz. 

Overs 17: BAN 111-5 Amir only concedes one run from the first two balls of the over. Rahim then manages to get the ball away for a boundary from the third ball of the over. Rahim then tried to hit another boundary next ball, but only managed to hit the ball in the air to Sarfaraz. Bangladesh require 91 to win from three overs. 

Mithun Ali comes in at number seven for Bangladesh. 

Wicket for Pakistan! Mushfiqur Rahim is out for eighteen off twenty-one balls. Amir the bowler. Caught by Sarfaraz. 

Amir comes back into the attack for Pakistan to replace Irfan. 

Overs 16: BAN 105-4 Bangladesh batsmen only manage to get seven runs from the over. The batsmen only manage to get two runs form the first fours balls of the over. Shakib then finally from the fifth ball of the over manages to smash the ball away for a four. A single is then taken to finish the over. 

100 up for Bangladesh!

Overs 15: BAN 98-4 Irfan bowls a loosener to start his over and it gets dispatched for a four by Shakib. Shakib then takes a single next ball before four dot balls in a row to end the over. Bangladesh require 104 runs to win from five overs. 

Irfan comes back into the bowling attack to replace Wasim. 

Overs 14: BAN 93-4 Rahim hits the ball into the gap to get two runs from the first ball of the over. Three dot balls follow before Riaz bowls a short ball which Rahim smashes away for a boundary from the fifth ball. A dot ball from Riaz finishes the over. 

Riaz comes back into the bowling attack for Pakistan to replace Afridi. 

Overs 13: BAN 87-4 The first ball of the over only goes for a single. Wasim then bowls to short and Rahim smashes it away for a four. Rahim then manages to find the gap next ball to get two runs. One run the comes from the final three balls. 

Overs 12: BAN 79-4 Afridi drops the first ball of the over very short and Shakib pulls him to the boundary for four. The rest of the over is superb as only one run comes from next five balls. Afridi's spell finishes with him taking 2 for 27. 

Overs 11: BAN 74-4 The batsmen manage to get two runs from the first ball. Mahmudullah tires to hit a six next ball, but is caught on the boundary by Sharjeel. The rest of the over only goes for three runs. Big ask now for the Bangladesh batsmen. 

Mushfiqur Rahim comes in at number six for Bangkadesh. 

Wicket for Pakistan! Mahmudullah is gone for four off five balls. Wasim the bowler. Sharjeel the catcher. 

Imad Wasim comes into the bowling attack for Pakistan to replace Malik. 

Overs 10: BAN 69-3 Afridi continues to build the pressure only going for two singles from the first three balls of the over. Shakib then opens up from the fourth ball cutting the ball away for four runs. Shakib then places the ball well for two runs next ball. 

Overs 9: BAN 61-3 Pakistan are now starting to tighten the screws as only three runs come from the over. The batsmen are struggling to get the ball to boundary of the spinners and the run rate is nearly 14 an over. 

Overs 8: BAN 58-3 A brilliant over from captain Afridi only goes for two runs and a wicket. Tamim tried to go big from the last ball of the over, but was caught on the boundary by Wasim. That's the big wicket which Pakistan wanted.

Mahmudullah is in at number five for Bangladesh. 

Wicket for Pakistan! Tamim Iqbal is out for Twenty-four off twenty balls. Afridi the bowler. Wasim the fielder. 

Overs 7: BAN 56-2 Tamim is on the attack as he launches Malik into the crowd for a huge six second ball of the over. The rest of the over is hit around for singles plus a wide. 11 runs comes from the over. 

Malik comes into the bowling attack for Pakistan to replace Riaz. 

Overs 6: BAN 45-2  Afridi comes into the attack and bowls to short first ball and is smacked by Tamim for a huge six. A single comes from the next two balls before Shabbir hits another short ball by Afridi this time for a four. Afridi comes back strong and clean bowls Rahman with a quicker ball from the fifth ball of the over. At the end of the powerplay Bangladesh are 45-2. 

Shakib Al Hasan comes in at number four for Bangladesh. 

Wicket for Pakistan! Shabbir Rahman goes for Twenty-five off nineteen balls clean bowled by Afridi. 

Shahid Afridi comes into the bowling attack to replace Irfan. 

Overs 5: BAN 33-1 The first ball of the over goes for a leg bye. The second ball is hit for another lovely four by Rahman who hits another crisp cover drive. The rest of the over is very tight and only goes for two singles. 

Wahab Riaz comes into the bowling attack for Pakistan to replace Amir. 

Overs 4: BAN 26-1 Superb over from the bowler as he only concedes five runs from it and one of those runs was a wide. Rahman almost got himself out from the fourth ball of the over as he mistimed a pull shot, but it was just short of the fielder. 

Overs 3: BAN 21-1 Tamim takes a single from the first ball of the over. Rahman then next ball hits a lovely cover drive for four. The rest of the over is much better as it only brings one single. Bangladesh need to up their run rate. 

Overs 2: BAN 15-1 The first two balls of the over only go for one leg bye. Rahman then third ball of the over clips a lovely boundary off his pads for four. Four more runs come off the final three balls of the over. 

Muhammed Irfan opens the bowling from the other end for Pakistan. 

Overs 1: BAN 6-1 Amir starts the over with a ball down the leg side which Iqbal tucks away for one. Third ball of the over is a ripper as Amir sends Sarkar's off stump out of the ground. The new batsmen Rahman comes in a hits a lovely boundary next ball. Six for one after the first over. 

Shabbir Rahman is in at number three for Bangladesh. 

Wicket for Pakistan! Soumya Sarkar is gone for a duck off two balls clean bowled by Muhammed Amir. What a start!

Muhammed Amir will open the bowling for Pakistan. Tamim Iqbal is on strike for Bangladesh. 


Hello everyone. I am Brandon Sayer and I will be bringing you live commentary of Bangladesh's run chase. It will be exciting if the batsmen get of a too a good start. Bangladesh require 202 from 20 overs to win this contest.


And with that I'm off for an early lunch and a toilet break. I've been Shane MacDermott, and Brandon Sayer will be with you once the players come back out in about 20 minutes. 

Bangladesh have one hell of a chase on their hands. 

They finish on 201/5, with fifties for Ahmed Shehzad and Mohammad Hafeez. Shahid Afridi finished the innings with a powrful 49 off just 19 balls. 

Pakistan make their highest total in World T20 cricket. 

Scrambled single to the keeper. 

Last ball. 

200 up for Pakistan with a two for Malik. Good fielding in the deep from MAhmudullah to stop a boundary. 

Two balls to go and Pakistan are two shy of the 200 mark. 

Afridi 49 (19)

Wicket - Afridi goes one short of a blistering 50. Tries the flamingo flick but can only find Mahmudullah in the deep. 

Another full toss. Malik gets a single after a misfield at point. 

Four - Full and straight but the same result as Malik goes through Afridi's legs down the ground. 

Four - Beats the fielder. Full toss and Malik opens up through covers past the sprawling Souyma. 

189/4, Taskin to bowl the last over. 

Afridi 49 off 18. 

Six - Afridi on fire as he goes 77 metres off the last ball of the over. 

Malik nudges one to the sweeper. 

Dot ball. Crucial for Bangladesh. Malik goes back and dabs striaght back to the bowler. 

Afridi muscles down the ground for one. 

Four - Dragged down from Shakib. Afridi waits on it and hits through cover for four. 

Malik takes one to give Afridi the strike.

Shakib to bowl the penultimate over. 

Two overs left. Pakistan 176/4.

WICKET - Umar Akmal goes for a duck. Tries to loft the ball over the infield but can only find Shakib at mid-off. 

Umpires chatting to Akmal, telling him not to run down the middle of the pitch. 

Afridi charges down to the seamer and makes room for himself. Swatted over cover for a six. 

SIX! - Out of the Glenn Maxwell locker that. 

Three overs left, Pakistan 168/3. Afridi 31 not out from 12. 

Hafeez gone. 64 (42)

WICKET! Great fielding in the deep. Souyma on the fence. Catches it inside the rope, his weight taking him over the line, flicks it up and takes it inside. Great catch. 163/3. 

Four - Hafeez charges and makes room, Sunny follows him. Just flicks aerially for four. 

Four overs left and Pakistan are 157/2. Afridi 25 off just 9. 

BOOM BOOM smashes Al-Amin back over his head for a massive maximum. 


Four - Full toss and Hafeez pierces the gap at cover to perfection. 

Four - Hafeez down on one leg now. Flicked to fine leg. Miss and he's a goner. 

15th over: Five left and Afridi is going berserk. Big over! 139/2 and Boom Boom keeps the strike. 

Anti-climax as Afridi backs away and doesn't offer a shot, the ball is wide on the angle but inside the tram lines. 


Six - No-ball over the waist. Afridi hits for six over square leg. 

Four - Great improvisation. Mashrafe around the wicket and spears on in. Afridi down on one knee and laps over hs shoulder for four. 9 off 3!

Four - Afridi 5 off 2! Clubbed into the leg side. 

Fifty: Hafeez taps and runs to the bowler. Mashrafe takes down the stumps with his throw, but Hafeez is in by a mile. 

Afridi on strike. Expect fireworks here.

14th over: The partnership comes to an end for 95. Big six overs for Bangladesh here. 

Afridi promoted up the order. 

Bangladesh finally break the partnership. Helicopter shot to a short ball from Shabbir is caught in the deep by Mahmudullah 121/2. 

WICKET! Shehzad 52 (39)

13th over: Expensive from the skipper. Goes for 11. 200 definitely on for Pakistan. 

Four - Unconventional but effective. Not really sure what to call it. Not a pull, or a sweep. Just a hack through mid-wicket. Four runs none the less. They all count. 

Fifty: The recalled Shehzad brings up the first half century of the main tournament. Big statement from the youngster. 

Four - Shehzad feathers one onto the keeper's gloves down the leg side.

12 gone. Pakistan 106/1. Partnership between Shehzad and Hafeez moves onto 80.

No pace in this pitch for that! Flat as a pancake.

Four - And that brings up the 100. Shehzad latches onto the short ball early and pulls over square leg for four. 

Al-Amin back into the attack after his first over went for 18. 

11th over: 99/1.

Big turn for Shakib. Hafeez beaten as the ball spins sharply past his attempter sweep. 

Four - Hafeez deep in the crease, almost trodding on his stumps, pulls over mid-wicket. 

One edged to point and the other unconvincingly out to long-on for one. 

Shehzad beginning to look impatient as he charges Shakib's first two deliveries of the over.

90/1 at the halfway stage. A big score is on here with the likes of Umar Akmal and Afridi to come. 

Well bowled. Beaten in the flight as he comes down but dug out. 

Four - Slow turn off the pitch but Shehzad clubs it between the two sweepers on the leg side for another four. 

Part-time leg-spin from Shabbir to come.

Ninth over: Pakistan tick along nicely with a run a ball. Smart cricket 83/1.

Slow turn again but both batsmen look unflustered as they grab a single each. 

Shakib returns for a twirl from the other end now. Sunny extracted some turn, so let's see what Shakib produces. 

Shahid Afridi looks very relaxed and having a laugh in the dugout and why wouldn't he? His side are in the driving seat. 

Eighth over: Couple of boundaries and a few singles get Pakistan to 77/1. Batsmen taking a drink, it's hot a humid in the middle.

Four - Guided behind point for four. Not looking good for the Tigers. 

Shehzad charges the seamer and gets himself in all sorts of trouble. Inside edge and they scamble a sinhle. 

Four - Short and pulled away behind square on the leg side by Shehzad. Just swivels on the hip high delivery. 

Keeper up.

Captain Mashrafe Mortaza into the attack. Looking to provide something when his team needs him.

Seven gone and Pakistan are motoring at 65/1.

SIXER! - Hafeez down the track again and sends Sunny sailing back over his head into the stand. A whopping 91 metres! 


Sunny beats Hafeez overside the off stump. Good bowling from the left-arm spinner. 

Big turn from Sunny, Hafeez plays it late and under his eyes for a single to third man.

Mushfiqur has stayed down here.. Maybe it's more serious than first thought with all the Bangladeshi players standing around their keeper whilst the physio does his job. 

And that marks the end of a fruitful powerplay for Pakistan. 

Sixth over: Pakistan now 55/1 as Shehzad dives in and almost takes out Mushfiqur behind the stumps with his bat. 

Third umpire taking a while here.. but not out! Hafeez's foot stayed grounded throughout. Just some movement forwards and back inside the crease. 

Has Hafeez been foiled and overbalanced down the leg side? 

Going upstairs for the stumping here!

Four - Not time well from Hafeez but gets it over the ring. No man's land over the bowler's head, but the bat turned in his hand. 

Shakib into the attack for Bangladesh. They need something here. 

The Pakistani batsmen are taking advantage of the hardness of the ball. Best time to bat in these conditions I feel!

Five overs gone and Pakistan are 44/1.

Always feel like a run-out is around the corner when Pakistan bat. Living dangerously out there.. 

Four - Shehzad skips out of his crease, inside-out over cover for another boundary. 


Sunny getting the ball to turn very slowly here. 

Would have been extremely close with a direct hit.

Another quick single for Pakistan, with Shehzad having to drive in at the keeper's end. 

Fourth over: Bangladesh pull it back a bit. Pakistan now 38/1.

Not Out!

And we're going upstairs. Hafeez taps and runs to md-off's left, who shatters the stumps. 

Direct hit! 

Four - Timed to perfection through mid-wicket. Waits for it and uses the pace to guide it to the fence.

Taskin back into the attack from the other end. 

Third over: Bangladesh get the early breakthrough, but Pakistan are 32/1.

Six - Hafeez smashes his second ball for six. Down the track and into the stands over mid-on. 

Mohammad Hafeez in at 3. 

Bowled through the gate going charging down the track. 

WICKET! Dangerman Sharjeel gone 26/1. 

Spin into the attack, Arafat Sunny to bowl.

Second Over: Top over for Pakistan as they race to 25/0.

Four - Sharjeel again. Lofts Al-Amin over mid-off. High elbow, top shot! One bounce four.

Shehzad pulls away. Fans behind the bowlers arm moving around, will they ever learn?

Six - Sharkeel goes big over mid-on. What a shot!

Sharjeel goes for an explosive drive through cover and misses.

Six - On Sharjeel's hip and he eases that over square leg for the first maximum of the game.

Al-Amin to open from the other end, bowling at Sharjeel.

First over: Entertaining start to the game. A chance second ball, but Pakistan safety negotiate Taskin's first - 7/0. 

Four runs - Shehzad leans forward and beautifully caresses the ball to the cover boundary. 

Second ball and Sharjeel is almost caught for a duck. Late on his pull and skews just over Tamim's head at mid-on. 

Left-handed Sharjeel to face first. Taskin with ball in hand. And we're off. 

The openers are out. The recalled Shehzad and Sharjeel stroll to the middle for Pakistan. 

Time for the national anthems. It's a glorious day, no chance of rain here! (Unlike Dharamsala). 

We're about fifteen minutes away from the start of this Group 2 game in Kolkata. Stay tuned for live updates throughout the day at VAVEL UK.

Bangladesh XI: Tamim, Soumya, Sabbir, Shakib, Mahmudullah, Mushfiqur (wk), Mithun, Mashrafe (c), Sunny, Taskin, Al-Amin.

Pakistan XI: Shehzad, Sharjeel, Hafeez, Malik, U.Akmal, Sarfraz (wk), Afridi, Imad Wasim, Wahab, Amir and Irfan. 

The three left-armers are all in for Pakistan. 

Pakistan have won the toss and elected to bat. 

Morning guys, I'm Shane MacDermott and I'll be bringing you live commentary of the first innings. 

You can read a more detailed preview ahead of this game, here. Elsewhere today, England kick their campaign off with a match against the West Indies, and the preview for that is here.

Still, you'd be foolish to rule out a side with the likes of Shahid Afridi in the team. Despite his own personal form being slightly disappointing recently, the T20 captain inspires those around him, and has the undoubted ability to take a game away from you within a 10 minute spell - whether that be via bat or ball.

More hope for the Tigers is that they're only ranked three places below Pakistan in the official ICC T20 Standings. Pakistan are 7th, with Bangladesh 10th, indicating that we could certainly see a close game today. The Pakistani side have lost nine of their last 17 games, with five of the victories coming against Zimbabwe and UAE. Bangladesh also got one over them in the recent Asia Cup, where they progressed to face India in the final, at Pakistan's expense. 

Bangladesh, of course, have already played a few games at the tournament so far, having qualified through the preliminary rounds. That might give them an added advantage, as their players have been able to find their form, none more so than Tamim Iqbal, who scored 83* against the Netherlands in an opening win, before 47 in the abandoned game against Ireland, and then a brilliant unbeaten 103 in the must-win final game against Oman. Those wins, and abandonment against Ireland, ensured that Bangladesh joined Afghanistan as the two qualifiers.

New Zealand's spin-trio of Nathan McCullum, Mitchell Santner and Ish Sodhi shared nine wickets between them. That will water the mouth's of today's two teams, who both have great spin options between them. It will also give hope to Bangladesh, as the underdogs in this game, that they can pull off a result, as few gave the New Zealander's a chance.

We saw the Super 10 stage of the World T20 get underway yesterday, and we've already had something of a shock. The heavily favourited hosts, India, came up against New Zealand, and didn't put in anything like the performance that so many had expected of them, in the batting department at least. They restricted the southern-hemisphere to just 126-7 from their 20, but were undone by spin on their own turf in response, skittled for just 79 - losing by 47 runs.

Good morning, and welcome to VAVEL UK's live ball-by-ball commentary of this 2016 World T20 Super 10 match! It's Group 2, the second game of the main tournament, and it's two sub-continent sides facing off, with Pakistan and Bangladesh set to do battle. The toss in Kolkata is set for 9AM, so before we find out who wins that, let's build up to what promises to be an exciting affair.