Result Australia 134-9 New Zealand in World T20 2016

Result Australia 134-9 New Zealand in World T20 2016
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This brings to an end Vavel's live commentary of today's game between Australia and New Zealand. I have been Brandon Sayer @Brandonsayer1 taking you through until the end of game, but before that it was Shane McDermott @ShaneMacD who done the first part of the game. Until next time have a good day.

McClenaghan gets the man of the match award for taking three wickets for the black caps. New Zealand's next game is against Pakistan on Tuesday in Mohali. Australia play Bangladesh in their next game on Monday in Bengaluru.

What a game of cricket that was as the Aussies just fell short of the Black caps total. At the half-way stage the Aussies would have been confident of winning the game after restricting the black caps to 142. The problem was the pitch was hard to score from and in the to many wickets fell and New Zealand win the game by eight runs to go to four points from two games. 

END OF GAME! Australia 134-9. New Zealand win the game by eight runs!

Overs 20: 134-9 the over only goes for ten runs plus two wickets. That is not enough for the Aussies as they lose the match by eight runs. 

Wicket - Coulter-Nile is gone 1(2) bowled by Anderson. 

Peter Nevill comes in at number ten for Australia. 

Wicket - James Faulkner is gone for 2(4) caught by Guptill. 

Anderson comes on to bowl the final over of the game. 

Overs 19: AUS 124-7 Three runs plus two wickets come from the over. Australia require 19 from the final over. 

Nathan Coulter-Nile comes in at number nine for Autrlaia. 

Wicket - Ashton Agar is gone for 9(8) caught by Ross Taylor. Is that the game gone for the Aussies?

James Faulkner comes in at number eight for Australia. 

Wicket - Mitchell Marsh is gone for 24(23) caught by Milne on the boundary. Massive for the black caps. 

Mcclenaghan comes back into the bowling attack to replace Santner. 

Overs 18: AUS 121-5 Sodhi produces a brilliant over with only conceding five singles from the over. Australia need 22 to win from the final two overs. Can they do it? We're about to find out. 

Overs 17: AUS 116-5 Massive over for the Aussies as fifteen runs comes from it. Marsh firstly hits a big six straight down the ground and then Agar does the same. Game on Australia need 27 from three overs. 

Overs 16: AUS 101-5 What an over from Sodhi at a key stage in the game! The spinner gets the big wicket of Maxwell from his first delivery as the batsman tried to go big but was caught. Only one run comes from the over. Australia need 42 runs to win from four overs. 

Ashton Agar comes in at number seven for Australia. 

Wicket - Sodhi gets the wicket. Glenn Maxwell is gone for 22(23) caught by Williamson. Massive wicket for the black caps. 

Overs 15: AUS 100-4 11 runs come from the over. Marsh gets hold of one from the fourth ball of the over by hitting a massive six back down the ground. 

100 comes up for Australia!

Santner comes back into the attack to replace Milne who was expensive last over he bowled. 

Overs 14: AUS 89-4 Sodhi produces a good over as he only gives away four singles from it. Australia require 54 runs to win from six overs.

Sodhi comes back into the attack to replace Anderson.

Overs 13: AUS 85-4 A big over finally comes for the Aussies as they score 14 runs from it. Maxwell hits two boundary fours with inside edges.

Milne comes back into the bowling attack to replace Santner. 

Overs 12: AUS 71-4 Another superb over from Anderson as he only concedes three singles from it. The Aussie batsmen are finding it difficult to time the ball properly. 

Anderson comes back into the attack to replace Sodhi. 

Overs 11: AUS 68-4 What an over from Santner! He only goes for two singles plus gets the big wicket of Warner. Warner tried to go big from the first ball of the over but was caught on the boundary by Guptill. 

Mitchell Marsh comes in at number six for Australia. 

Wicket - David Warner is gone for 6(11) as he caught on the boundary by Guptill. 

Santner comes back into the attack to replace Elliot. 

Overs 10: AUS 66-3 New Zealand have put a really tight squeeze on the Aussie batsmen. Only four runs come from the over. 

Sodhi comes into the bowling attack to replace Williamson. 

Overs 9: AUS 62-3 Yet another superb over from Elliot only goes for seven runs plus the wicket of Khawaja who was run out trying to go for a second run of the final ball of the over. Momentum changer?

Glenn Maxwell comes in at number five for Australia. 

Wicket - Usman Khawaja is run out for 38(27) by Milne. 

Elliot comes back into the bowling attack to replace Santner. 

Overs 8: AUS 55-2 A brilliant over from the captain only goes for three singles. New Zealand starting to squeeze the game back in their favour. 

Williamson comes into the bowling attack to replace Mcclenaghan.

Overs 7: AUS 52-2 A superb over from Santner only yields two runs and he got the wicket of Smith. Smith tried to come down the pitch and hit a boundary but he missed it and was stumped.  

David Warner comes in at number four for Autralia. 

Wicket - Steven Smith is gone for 6(7) stumped by Ronchi off the bowling of Santner. 

Mitchell Santner comes into the bowling attack for New Zealand to replace Anderosn. 

Overs 6: AUS 50-1 Watson starts the over by getting two runs before trying to go big from the second ball of the over but he mistimes it and Williamson takes an easy catch. Smith doesn't take long to get going as he hits a lovely cover drive for four from his second ball. The captain then hits a two to finish the power play. 

Steven Smith is in at number three for Australia. 

Wicket - Watson is gone for 13(12) caught by Williamson. Mcclenaghan is fired up. Big wicket. 

Overs 5: AUS 42-0 A brilliant over from Anderson only yields five singles. 

Anderson back onto bowl replacing Elliot. 

Overs 4: AUS 37-0 Khawaja looks like he wants to finish the run chase quickly as he hits another pull shot for a boundary. The rest of the over only brings three singles. Only seven from it which is a much better over for the black caps. 

Mitchell Mcclenaghan comes into the bowling attack to replace Milne. 

Overs 3: AUS 30-0 Khawaja is motoring along and hits yet another boundary of the second ball of the over. Khawaja then takes a single and then Watson gets in on the act by hitting a sweet shot for a boundary. The over ends with a single. Brilliant start from the Aussie batsmen. 

Grant Elliot comes into the attack for New Zealand to replace Anderson. 

Overs 2: AUS 20-0 Khawaja is flowing nicely and hits another two boundaries in the over and has raced to 19 already. A single comes from the final ball of the over. 

Adam Milne opens the bowling at the other end for New Zealand. 

Overs 1: AUS 11-0 The bowler starts with a dot before delivering a short ball to Khawaja who pulls it away for a four. The next two deliveries go for singles before Khawja hits a lovely cover drive for another boundary. 11 from the first over. 

Corey Anderson will open the bowling for New Zealand. Khawaja on strike for Australia. 


New Zealand will be disappointed that they didn't manage to get at least 160 after the start they had. The black caps were 61 without loss after seven overs but the Aussies pulled it back well to restrict them to 142. The Aussies will be very confident that they can chase that down. Stay with us for the run chase which will happen shortly!

END OF INNINGS! New Zealand 142-8. Australia require 143 to win from 20 overs. 

Overs 20: NZ 142-8 Eight runs and two wickets come from the final over of the innings. The two run outs came as the batsmen tried to get extra runs. 

Wicket - Elliot is run out for 27(20) by Nevill. 

Adam Milne is in at number nine for New Zeland. 

Wicket - Santner is run out for 1(1) by Glenn Maxwell. 

Coulter-Nile will bowl the final over of the innings for Australia. 

Overs 19: NZ 134-6  Only four runs come from the first four balls of the over. Ronchi then goes for a big shot but is caught on the boundary by Maxwell. A single comes from the last ball. One over left.

Mitchell Santner is in at number eight for New Zealand. 

Wicket - Faulkner gets the dangerous Ronchi out for 6(7) caught by Maxwell in the deep. 

Faulkner comes back into the bowling attack for Australia. 

Overs 18: NZ 129-5 Ronchi takes a single from the first ball of the over before Elliot hits a lovely cover drive for a four from the second ball. The next three deliveries only go for two singles. Elliot ends the over with a good pull shot which goes for four. 11 from the over. Two overs left. 

Overs 17: NZ 118-5 Elliot starts the over with an inside edge which goes down to fine leg for two runs. Elliot then takes a single next ball before Watson bowls a wide. Taylor then goes big with a huge six to get himself going. Taylor though tried again next ball but didn't get it and was caught in the ring by Marsh. The over finishes with a dot and then a single. 

Luke Ronchi in at number seven. 

Wicket - Watson gets rid of Ross Taylor for 11(11). Caught by Mitchell Marsh.

Hi guys, I am Brandon and what a time to come onto commentary at an important time with four overs left of the New Zealand innings. Anyway, Watson comes back into the attack for Australia.

I've been Shane MacDermott and Brandon Sayer will see you through to the end of this Trans-Tasman clash. 

Four left for New Zealand, they are 107/4. 

Four - Finally a boundary as Grant Elliott dances down the pitch and gets the faintest touch past the keeper. 

15 gone and New Zealand are in a slump at 99/4.

Grant Elliott at six. 

Colin Munro 23 (26) c James Faulkner b Mitchell Marsh.

Wicket - Pressure builds for Colin Munro after a probing over from Mitchell Marsh. 

13th over: Colin Munro smashes Glenn Maxwell for two boundaries before four byes off the last ball.

12th over: Another tight over from Shane Watson, just three from it. 

Shane Watson back to turn his arm over. 

11th over: Another wicket for Glenn Maxwell. Australia turning the screw 79/3.

Ross Taylor in at five. 

Colin Munro the Kiwi key now. 

Corey Anderson this time who goes, Ashton Agar the catcher again - 3 (6)

Wicket - Glenn Maxwell strikes again!! 

The cricket has slowed down since Martin Guptill's departure, 75/2.

10th over: Halfway through and no sign of the rain yet (it is forecast for the second innings to be fair) 

Mitchell Marsh with ball in hand. 

9th over: Second wicket for the Aussies, New Zealand now on a rebuilt mission at 69/2.

Corey Anderson to join Colin Munro in the middle. These two can do some real damage if they get going. 

66/2 after the skipper makes room but can over sky it. Ashton Agar comfortably takes the steepler. 

New Zealand faltering after the powerplay here. Kane Williamson is gone now. 

Wicket - Kane Williamson 24 (20) c Ashton Agar b Glenn Maxwell 

Glenn Maxwell for his first twirl of the tournament. 

8th over: Australia tightening the screw after the powerplay, 65/1.

Colin Munro in at three for the Black Caps. 

Dangerman Martin Guptill has to go from the first ball of the eighth over. Good, low catch from Maxi after running on the boundary. 

Wicket - Martin Guptill 39 (27) c Glenn Maxwell b James Faulkner 

7th over: Top over that from Adam Zampa, really mixed up his pace well - 61/0.

Adam Zampa into the firing line. 

Martin Guptill 38* (23) Kane Williamson 21* (14) 

New Zealand race to 58/0 off the powerplay. 

Four - Kane Williamson ends the over with another boundary. 

Six - Maybe Martin Guptill should be playing golf after that strike. Monstrous blow. 

Nathan Coulter-Nile back now. 

5th over: Going nicely at 44/0. 

Back to back from Williamson - what a player!

Four - Another chip, this time into mid wicket and the fielder almost pulls off a stunning grab but it races away for four more. 

Four - Nicely chipped over mid on. What a shot that is! 

The Agar experiment is done with. James Faulkner now. 

4th over: Tight as usual from Watson who only goes for three runs, 35/0. 

3rd over: Poor fro Agar who gets tonked for three maximums is his opening over in T20I cricket. New Zealand rolling at 32/0. 

Six - Back over his head off the last ball of the over. Smith not happy as he shakes his head. 

Six - Two in two for the Kiwi opener. Not a great start from Agar who opens up with two full tosses. 

Six Guptill smashes the left-arm spinner's dreadful full toss 92 metres. 

Dispatched first ball, welcome to World T20 cricket my friend. 

Agar into the attack. 

2nd over: Decent first over from Watto, New Zealand 14/0. 

Four - Commentator's curse as Kane Williamson gets off the mark with a clip off the legs. 

Watson is that really annoying club cricket bowler who isn't express but just nibbles it around on a spot all day. 

Guptill ruins it with a single off the fourth ball.

Always bowls tight lines does Watto. Three dots in a row. 

Watson to open down the other end. 

1st over: New Zealand off to a flier, 9/0 after one. 

Four - Two in a row for Guptill! Muscled pull mid on, all power that. 

Four - Guptill gets New Zealand up and running with the first boundary of the game. Down to third man. 

No six off the opening ball like against India.

Booooo Guptill. 

Coulter-Nile to bowl. 

Time for the national anthems for this Trans-Tasman clash! 

Ashton Agar and Adam Zampa both in. 

No place in the Aussie XI for former T20I skipper Aaron Finch, whilst Nathan Coulter-Nile is in for Josh Hazlewood - despite Hazlewood's hat-trick against the West Indies in the warm ups. 

The pitch in Dharamsala looks very dry. New Zealand have made on change from their demolition over India with Mitch McClenaghan coming in for Nathan McCullum. 

New Zealand win the toss and bat 

Toss time

The Black Caps are yet to beat Australia in the shortest format, with the closest they have come to victory being the tie in their last encounter in 2010. Australia have won the other four matches, including in the inaugural T20I in 2005. 

Both sides will be hoping the rain that curtailed Ireland's and the Netherland's tournaments stays away. In the opening game in Dharamsala, Bangladesh successfully defended 153, whilst Oman chased down 155 with two balls to go the next day. 

But the place they do lack options is in their spin bowling stocks. Ashton Agar and Adam Zampa are the two frontline spinners in the squad with only three caps between them, with Glenn Maxwell as a part-timer.

The Aussies have strength in depth in their squad and the big talk in the lead up to the game is who will open. Regular opener David Warner enjoyed some success in the recently concluded series against the Proteas, whilst former captain Aaron Finch will go up against Usman Khawaja for the second opening spot alongside Shane Watson

These teams are no strangers to playing big matches against each other as they played each other in the final of the 2015 World Cup. The Aussies came out on top to win the tournament after bowling the Black Caps out for 183 and chasing the score down easily for the loss of three wickets. The Black Caps, therefore, will be looking for revenge this time around and they will confident that they can do it.

New Zealand were excellent in their first game against the hosts India winning by 47 runs to show that they mean business in the tournament. On a difficult pitch, the Black Caps made 126-7 and bowled India out for a small total of 79. The man of the match for that game was spinner Mitchell Santner who took four wickets and he will be one player that the Aussies will have to look out for. 

Australia come into the tournament tipped as second favourites to lift the crown after hosts India. The Aussies have had a good warm-up for the tournament after winning 2-1 in a three-match series in South Africa a week or so ago. The men in yellow were 1-0 down in that series but they showed their fighting qualities to come back and win the series. 

This clash is a big one for both teams in Group 2 of the Super 10;s, but especially for Australia who begin their tournament against New Zealand, who have already won their first match against India on Tuesday by quite a big margin. The group is a tough one to call but the winners of this game could go a long way to getting through to the semi-finals. 

Good morning, all! Hello, and Welcome to VAVEL UK's live ball-by-ball commentary of this World T20 Group 2 clash, between Australia and New Zealand. The toss is set for around 09:00 GMT, with the game getting underway at 09:30 GMT, weather permitting. Stick with us as we preview and build up to this hugely exciting game.