Faulkner five for takes Australia a step closer to the semis

Faulkner five for takes Australia a step closer to the semis

This brings to an end Vavel's live commentary of today's game between Australia and Pakistan. I have been Tom Mason, @tom_mason18 taking you through the second innings but before that it was https://www.vavel.com/brandon-sayer/@Brandonsayer1 who done the first part of the game. Until next time have a good day.

James Faulkner collects the man of the match award after collecting brillant figures of 5-27 from his four overs. Australia's next game is a knockout game against India as the winners will progress through to the semi-final stage. As for Pakistan this was their last match of the competition.

A brilliant game of cricket between two exciting sides in Mohali. Pakistan were always in this one but they were always just a little behind the required rate and lost regular wickets throughout the innings which ultimatley cost them in this one. The score from the Aussie's was always going to be tricky and so it proved as the Aussie's won easily in the end.

END OF GAME! Pakistan 172-8. Australia win the match by 21 runs.

No Hat-Trick for Faulkner as they manage a sharp single.

Hat-Trick ball.

Wicket - Faulkner gets his fifth of the innings as Riaz tees it to Hazelwood in the deep to fall for a duck.

Wicket - Another wicket for the impressive Faulkner as he removes Ahmed for just two.

Overs 19: 164-6 A great over for Pakistan but, they are still well behind the required run rate. No wickets fell in the over which was key but this one is over.

Overs 18: 150-6 A brillant over for the Aussie's as they get two wickets for the just five runs. It will take some effort from the Pakistan side to claim the win from this position.

Another wicket for Faulkner as he removes Imad for a duck out caught by Coulter Nile.

Wicket Latif falls for 46 bowled by Faulkner.

Overs 17: 145-4 Ten runs come from the over and whilst the Aussie's remain the clear favourites Pakistan are still in the game.

Overs 16: 135-4 Ten runs come from the sixteenth and Zampa finishes with figures of 1-32 from his four. At this stage the scores are level.

Overs 15: 125-4 Pakistan aren't out of this one yet and the scored eleven runs from the fifthteenth over. Litif has raced onto 42 and if he can keep going then his side have got a real chance.

Overs 14: 114-4 A decent over in terms of runs but they lost the crucial wicket of Afridi in the process. Zampa has been a great find for the Aussie's and is bowling really well.

Malik is the new man to the wicket.

Wicket - Afridi must go for 12 out stumpoed off the bowling of Zampa. Huge wicket for Australia.

Adam Zampa replaces Glenn Maxwell with the ball.

Overs 13: 104-3 Ten runs come from the 13th over and Pakistan are the underdogs at this stage but so long as Afridi is there they will remain with a slight hope of victory.

100 up for Pakistan.

Overs 12: 94-3 It was a perfect over right up until the final ball as only one came from the first five balls and a six off the final to make it a better over. Afridi needs to get going now to keep his side in the match.

Overs 11: 87-3 Getting the big wicket of Akmal was crucial but this brings the dangerous Afridi to the wicket and you sense if they can get that wicket then it will nearly be over. Eight runs came from the over so Pakistan remain well below the required rate of 12.

Afridi is the new man at the wicket.

Wicket - Akmal falls for 32 out bowled to the leg-spinner Zampa.

Zampa replaces Faulkner with the ball.

Overs 10: 79-2 A good over from Maxwell as only six runs come from his first. Maxwell found a tight line and you sense that he will be vital to their success.

Glenn Maxwell replaces Adam Zampa with the ball.

Overs 9: 73-2 Another useful over from Pakistan as they collect nine runs from the over. Faulkner struggled to find the right line and was dispatched for a couple of boundaries.

Faulkner replaces the expensive Watson with the ball.

Overs 8: 62-2 The leg-spinner Zampa starts really well with just four coming from his opening over. He was really difficult to put away and he will be key element in the chase.

Zampa replaces Faulkner with the ball.

Overs 7: 58-2 The change to Watson backfires for the Aussies as seventeen come from his first over and Smith has got big problems to deal with. That over has got them right back in this one and it's game on.

Shane Watson replaces Hazelwood with the ball.

Overs 6: 41-2 Another seven runs come from the sixth over and this one is on a knife-edge. Pakistan are hanging in there and if they get a couple of big overs they will be right in this one.

In at four Umar Akmal.

Wicket - Sharjeel has fallen for 30 out bowled by Faulkner. Huge wicket in the context.

James Faulkner replaces Coulter-Nile with the ball.

Overs 5: 34-1 Only six runs come from the fifth over as the Aussie's are slowly coming back into this one. A better over from Hazelwood as a result and with one over left in the power-play it's a really close one.

Overs 4: 28-1 A better over for Pakistan as nine runs come from the fourth over. Sharjeel is off to flyer and already has 26 to his name and it's key for his side that he is there for a long time.

Overs 3: 21-1 Seven runs come from the third and it is firmly in the ballance as both sides have started the second innings well. The wicket for the Aussies was key though.

Wicket - Shehzad has gone for just one caught by Coulter-Nile. Massive wicket.

Overs 2: 14-0 A far better over for Pakistan as 12 come from Coulter-Nile's first over. Sharjeel really gets into the bowling and collects three fours in the over.

Nathan Coulter-Nile will be bowling the second over.

Overs 1: 2-0 A slow start for Pakistan as just two runs come from the opening over of the chase. With the required rate just under ten Pakistan will be needing to take advantage of these early overs.

Josh Hazlewood will open the bowling for Australia. Sharjeel on strike for Pakistan.


I have been Brandon Sayer taking you through the first part of this match. I will now take a break and hand you over to Tom Mason who will take over until the end. Stay tuned as we bring you the all exciting run chase. 

Australia will be very happy to put such a huge score on the board in a must win game for both sides. A brilliant partnership of 74 between Smith and Watson at the end got them to a massive score. Smith finished the innings 61 not out and Watson made 44 not out. Pakistan know they have to chase this score down or they are out. 

END OF INNINGS! Australia 193-4. Pakistan require 194 runs to win from 20 overs to win the match.

Overs 20: AUS 193-4 Amir starts the over only conceding three runs from the first three balls. Watson then top edges one for a boundary before hitting a full toss for a six. The innings ends with one leg bye. 

Amir will bowl the final over of the innings for Pakistan. 

Overs 19: AUS 179-4 Watson and Smith both hit fours off the over to take twelve runs from the over. Great batting from the pair. 

Riaz comes back into the bowling attack for Pakistan to replace Amir. 

Overs 18: AUS 167-4 Three runs come from the first three balls of the over before Watson launches a huge six off the third ball. Smith then cuts hard from the fifth ball to get another boundary. The over ends with a single. 15 runs from the over. 

50 for Steven Smith off 35 balls!

Sami comes back into the bowling attack for Pakistan to replace Riaz. 

Overs 17: AUS 152-4 The over starts with two singles before Smith hits a powerful cut shot for a four. Smith then takes a single before Watson smashed a six and four to end the over. 17 runs come from the over. 

Amir comes back into the attack for Pakistan to replace Afridi. 

Overs 16: AUS 135-4 Two singles come from the first three balls of the over before Watson hits a pull shot for a boundary. Two singles then are taken from the final two balls of the over. 

Riaz comes back into the attack for Pakistan to replace Wasim. 

Overs 15: AUS 127-4 A brilliant over from Afridi only goes for three runs which is timely for his team who are trying to restrict what the Aussies score. 

Afridi comes back into the attack for Pakistan to replace Sami. 

Overs 14: AUS 124-4 Smith starts the over with a lovely off drive for a four. A two and single comes from the next two balls before Maxwell tried a big shot off the fourth and was caught on the boundary. Smith ends the over with a cut shot for a four. 

Shane Watson comes in at number six for Australia. 

Wicket - Wasim gets the breakthrough as he gets the dangerous Maxwell out for 30(18) caught by Ahmed Shehzad on the boundary. 

Overs 13: AUS 112-3 The bowler starts the over with a wide before Smith edges the next ball for a four. Another wide in the over is bowled before Maxwell hits a pull shot for a four before he hits a lovely six over the off-side. 

100 up for Australia!

Sami comes back into the bowling attack for Pakistan to replace Afridi. 

Overs 12: AUS 95-3 A good over from the bowler only yields five singles from it. Pakistan missed a big chance in the over to run the dangerous Maxwell out. 

Overs 11: AUS 90-3 Maxwell starts to unload with two cracking boundaries in the over. The first one was a reverse sweep which went over the keepers head for a four. The other was a great sweep shot which was powered for four. The other four deliveries in the over went for five runs. 

Overs 10: AUS 77-3 Without taking a a risks in the over the batsmen manage to get seven runs from it. The Aussie batsmen are pushing the Pakistan bowlers hard in the field. 

Overs 9: AUS 70-3 Another tight over from Afridi only goes for six runs as the batsmen try to consolidate and not lose any more wickets. 

Overs 8: AUS 64-3 Wasim from his second ball bowled Finch with a quicker delivery. Maxwell then gets a single his first ball faced before Smith sweeps the fourth ball for a four. Two singles then finish the over. 

Glenn Maxwell comes in at number five for Australia. 

Wicket - Imad Wasim gets a wicket from his second ball bowling Finch for 15(16). 

Imad Wasim comes into the bowling attack for Pakistan to replace Riaz. 

Overs 7: AUS 57-2 A brilliant first over from the captain only goes for five singles as the batsmen try to build a partnership. 

Shahid Afridi comes into the bowling attack for Pakistan to replace Sami. 

Overs 6: AUS 52-2 Riaz bowled Warner with a cracker to start the over as it was just to quick for the batsmen. Two singles follow from the next three deliveries. Smith then hits a good shot onto the on side which the batsmen get an all run four. The over finishes with four leg byes. The power play is now finished. 

Steven Smith comes in at number four for Austrlia. 

Wicket - Wahab Riaz bowls David Warner for 9(6) with a fantastic in-swinging delivery. 

Overs 5: AUS 42-1 Finch starts the over with a powerful cut short for a four before taking a single from the third ball. Warner then hits his own cut shot for a four before taking a single from the final ball of the over. 

Sami comes back into the attack for Pakistan to replace Amir. 

Overs 4: AUS 32-1 The first delivery of the over goes for a single before Khawaja hit the first six of the game with a powerful pull shot. Khawaja then tried to make room to go big again from the fourth delivery but missed a Yorker and was out bowled. Warner then played out a dot first ball before a powerful cut shot of the final ball of the over went for a four. 

David Warner comes in at number three for Australia. 

Wicket - Wahab Riaz bowls Usman Khawaja with a fantastic yorker for 21(16).

Wahab Riaz comes into the bowling attack for Pakistan to replace Sami. 

Overs 3: AUS 21-0 Two singles only come from the first four deliveries of the over. Finch then from the fifth ball hits a lovely off side drive and collects three runs. A dot then finishes the over. 

Overs 2: AUS 16-0 A terrible first delivery from the bowler goes down the leg side and Khawaja just helped it away for a four. The bowler then bowls a dot second ball before bowling a wide. A dot then follows before two singles of the next two balls. Khawaja then hits a boundary on the off side off the final ball to finish the over well. 

Mohammed Sami will open the bowling at the other end for Pakistan.

Overs 1: AUS 5-0 The bowler starts the over with three fantastic deliveries as Khawaja plays and misses all three. The fourth ball goes for a boundary as an outside edge from Khawaja flew for a four. Khawaja then hits a single onto the leg side before a dot ball finishes the over. 

Mohammed Amir will open the bowling for Pakistan. Usman Khawaja is on strike for Australia.


Both teams are out on the field as they sing their national anthems. Stay tuned as the action begins very soon. Pakistan are out if they lose today while Australia want to win to set up a big match with hosts India on Sunday. 

Two changes then for Australia with number one batsmen in T20s Finch coming into the team to replace Mitchell Marsh and also Josh Hazlewood coming into the team. Pakistan make the one change with Wahab Riaz coming into the team to replace Mohammed Irfan.

Pakistan team: A Shehzad, S Khan, K Latif, U Akmal, S Malik, S Ahmed, S Afridi, I Wasim, M Amir, Wahab Riaz, M Sami

Australia team: U Khawaja, A Finch, D Warner, S Smith, S Watson, G Maxwell, J Faulkner, P Nevill, A Zampa, N Coulter-Nile, J Hazlewood

The toss has happened at Mohali! Australia have won the toss and have chosen to bat first!

The key players going into the game will be Usman Khawaja and Mohammed Amir. Khawaja has come into the Aussie team in the place of Aaron Finch which many people questioned at the start of tournament and has showed his class. Khawaja has made scores of 38 and 58 so far in the two games and is the one batsmen who has looked comfortable in the Australia team in the India conditions. Amir is one for Pakistan who can win them the game against Australia in Mohali. Amir hasn't really got the wickets he has deserved so far in the tournament but the feeling is he is due to get a few wickets at any stage. Opening the bowling in this game will be key to getting your team off to a good start and Amir will be hoping to have a big say in the match. 

Pakistan need to win this game or else they are out after only taking two points from their opening three games. The men in green started the competition well by beating Bangladesh by 55 runs before losing against India by six wickets and then in their third game they lost to New Zealand by 22 runs. Australia also come into the game in mixed form with taking two points from the two games they have played so far. The Aussies were beaten by the Black Caps in their opening game by eight runs before beating Bangladesh by three wickets. The Aussies know they must win this game ahead of a crunch match against the Indians in their final game of the group on Sunday.

The last time that these two met in T20's was in October 2014 and Australia won easily on that occasion winning by six wickets with six overs still remaining in the match. Pakistan batted first and really struggled to cope with the conditions in Dubai and collapsed to 96-9 from their twenty overs. In reply an unbeaten David Warner 50 saw the Australian’s home with ease although they did lose four wickets in quick time in the middle but, James Faulkner was there to help Warner to see the match out.

As for the Aussies they also struggled in the most recent event as they finished fourth in the group winning just one game out of the four against Bangladesh. Since then this Aussie side has come on a lot and offer a lot more to the competition than they did back then and are really a force to be reckoned with ahead of their third match of the World T20.

In the most recent World T20 in 2014 which was staged in Bangladesh the Pakistan side missed out on going passed the super 10's after finishing third in the group which is incredibly similar to the one which they are in now as they faced India, Australia and Bangladesh back in 2014 just like they have this time around. They won just two of their four matches in the group as India and West Indies progressed through to a later stage.

This match is the eighth match in Group 2 after India kept their hopes alive of qualifying for the semi finals with a one run win over Bangladesh on Wednesday evening. Both teams know that victory is essential if they are to progress through to the next stage of the competition, as New Zealand are already through in this group after winning their opening three matches with ease. 

Good morning, all! Hello, and Welcome to VAVEL UK's live ball-by-ball commentary of this World T20 Group 2 clash, between Pakistan and Australia. The toss is set for around 9:00 GMT, with the game getting underway at 9:30 GMT, weather permitting. Stick with us as we preview and build up to this hugely exciting game.