West Indies hold their nerve to defeat South Africa by three wickets

West Indies hold their nerve to defeat South Africa by three wickets
West Indies hold their nerve to defeat South Africa by three wickets

Unfortunately, that's all we've got time for today. We've been Brandon Sayer and Oliver Emmerson, taking you through West Indies' three wicket win over South Africa in the World T20. Keep an eye out for the match report, which will be on the site shortly. We'll be back tomorrow for England's crunch game against Sri Lanka, but until then - goodbye!

Tahir, Phangiso and Wiese all bowled very well for South Africa, but the odd expensive over from the likes of Rabada and Morris cost them eventually. Samuels and Charles played vital innings for the West Indies, whilst Bathwaite kept his cool at the end with an unbeaten 10 to help see them over the line.

It's huge news for England, who will now book their place in the semi finals if they can beat Sri Lanka on Saturday afternoon. 

That's it then, West Indies are into the semi finals of the World T20, joining New Zealand as the two sides that have already booked their place in the final four. The other two are likely to be one of Australia or India, and one of Sri Lanka or England. It's going to be very tough for South Africa to get out of the Super 10 stage now.

West Indies win by three wickets! Ramdin chips the ball up, but Amla can't hold onto it and it trickles to the boundary for four. 

Overs 19.3: It's knocked into the legside for a single. Scores are level, Ramdin on strike with three left.

Overs 19.2: Wide ball, poor from Rabada. West Indies want two from four, the field comes in.

Overs 19.2: Six! Rabada pitches up a length ball, and Brathwaite hammers it into the legside for six runs! Three off four required now.

Overs 19.1: Good start for South Africa, dot ball from Rabada. Nine off five needed.

Overs 19: WI 114-7 West Indies nurdle a single off the final ball of the over, and will now need nine off the final over. Rabada to bowl. We'll bring you ball-by-ball commentary of the final over.

Wicket! Samuels hits two fours off the first four balls of the over, but then sends one high into the air and is caught by De Villiers. Now then, West Indies have lost their seventh wicket, and require 10 from seven.

Overs 18: WI 103-6 Cracking over for South Africa, Wiese goes for three consecutive singles before bowling three dot balls. 20 needed off two overs, who do you make favourites now? West Indies crumbling, they've scored 4-2 off the last two overs. What's important for them is that Samuel is still there, 34* off 40.

Overs 17: WI 100-6 No hat-trick, but magnificent from Tahir, absolutely magnificent as he finishes his four overs with figures of two wickets for just 13 runs. 23 needed from 18 for the West Indies, who might just be a little nervous now.

Wicket! Googly from Tahir, Sammy out for a golden duck! Now this is going to be interesting, Tahir on a hat-trick...

Wicket! Russell goes for the big shot off Tahir, doesn't get enough on it, and Miller takes the catch at deep mid-wicket. Russell gone for four, with a shot he didn't need to play.

Overs 16: WI 99-4 Marlon Samuels, now 32* from 36, has been superb at taking the pressure off when it's needed, and he did so there - hitting Morris back over his head for a four. Eight runs from Morris' oer there, 24 runs off the last four overs required.

Overs 15: WI 91-4 Just four from that over. 32 needed from 30 balls for West Indies.

Overs 14: WI 87-4 That ball was the final of a good over for South Africa, a wicket taken and just three runs conceded. Phangiso finishes with impressive figures of 1-19.

Wicket! Bravo goes after Phangiso's final delivery, and is caught by Wiese at point for eight from six.

Overs 13: WI 84-3 Four boundaries and 14 runs in an expensive over where Dwayne Bravo becomes the third West Indian to score 1000 T20 International runs.

Overs 12: WI 70-3 Four singles following the wicket before a dot ball finishes the over. West Indies need Bravo and Samuels to stick together for a while, as losing one or two quick wickets could be very dangerous indeed. 53 needed from eight overs.

Wicket! Hitting a six off the last over, Charles goes big again off Wiese, but doesn't catch it properly and is caught by Faf du Plessis. He's gone for 32 from 35, but he's done his job of giving West Indies a platform. Bravo the next man in.

Overs 11: WI 66-2 Charles with a huge six, topping 100 metres, at just the right time, as he and Samuels help themselves to nine from Phangiso's third.

Overs 10: WI 57-2 Another run a ball over. West Indies reach the halfway stage, and they remain favourites for the game. They need 66 more runs from 60 balls. 

Overs 9: WI 51-2 Another over that lacks in explosive batting, but is useful for the West Indian side as they keep the score ticking over. South Africa need wickets to make them panic, and with that in mind, Tahir is thrown the ball once more.

Overs 8: WI 45-2 Marlon Samuels clips one down the legside for four runs from the final ball of the over, taking some pressure off his side.

Overs 7: WI 38-2 Aaron Phangiso brought into the attack, and he does well by going for just one run from his first over.

Overs 6: WI 37-2 Five runs from that over, the powerplay concludes. South Africa were 39-3 at this stage, having scored two more runs than West Indies, although they'd lost a wicket more. Much will depend on how many wickets the Proteas can take before the final few overs.

Wicket! We said South Africa have been good in the field, and Andre Fletcher is walking after being ran out by Roussow, a direct hit. There was a mixup between the two batsmen, and they didn't really need the direct hit, but it was impressive nonetheless. Marlon Samuels in.

Overs 5: WI 32-1 Tahir races through his over, conceding just two runs from it. Solid, but he'll be wanting to get amongst the wickets.

Overs 4: WI 30-1 Two boundaries and a wide in an over that yields 11 for the West Indies. They seem to be back on track after that early setback. Imran Tahir's into the attack, attempting to swing the momentum back in South Africa's favour.

Overs 3: WI 19-1 Better from the favourites, Fletcher playing a lovely shot for six runs off the final ball of the over.

Overs 2: WI 8-1 A very tidy over indeed from Morris, conceding just three runs from it. South Africa on their toes in the field, giving nothing silly away early on.

Overs 1: WI 5-1 That's a huge blow, both physically and psychologically for West Indies as they lost their main man in the first over. 

Wicket! Rabada gets Gayle off the penultimate ball of the over! Bowled him, just a ball after Gayle hit the youngster for four off his first ball.

West Indies innings to begin, Rabada to bowl the first.

The West Indies openers are on their way out to bat, chasing a target which they'll hope to easily reach. They can make it three wins from three, whilst South Africa need to bowl brilliantly in order to stay in the competition.

South Africa have limped their way to 122-8 after being 50-5 at one stage in the innings. The main stay of the South Africa innings was De Kock who made 47(46) and his partnership with Wiese got them them past 100. West Indies were brilliant throughout and continued to take wickets at regular intervals and they will be confident that they can chase the score down. 

END OF INNINGS! South Africa 122-8. West Indies require 123 to win from 20 overs. 

Overs 20: SA 122-8 A brilliant final over of the innings from bravo only goes for four runs plus the West Indies get a run out. 

Wicket - Phangiso is run out of the final ball of the over by Dinesh Ramdin

Bravo will bowl the final over of the innings. 

Overs 19: SA 118-7 A brilliant over from Russell only goes for four singles. One over left and both teams will want to finish well. 

Russell comes back into the attack for the West Indies. 

Overs 18: SA 114-7 Wiese got a boundary of the first ball of the over by edging one down to third man. Next ball Wiese tried to go big but skied one up in the air where Sammy took the catch. Two singles came from the final four balls of the over. 

Aaron Phangiso comes in at number nine for South Africa. 

Wicket - Bravo gets the wicket of the dangerous Wiese for 28(26). The batsmen was deceived by a slower ball and was caught by Darren Sammy. 

Bravo comes into the attack for the West Indies. 

Overs 17: SA 108-6 A brilliant over for the South African batsmen as they get ten runs from it. Morris hits two important boundaries in the over. 

100 up for South Africa!

Badree comes back into the attack for the West Indies. 

Overs 16: SA 98-6 De Kock hits a boundary to start the over before two singles come from the next two balls. De Kock then trying to get another boundary was bowled around his legs by Russel. A single and dot then finish the over. 

Chris Morris comes in at number eight for South Africa. 

Wicket - Russell gets the another wicket this time bowling De Kock for 47(46). The wicket fell just after a 50 run partnership has been brought up. 

Russell comes into the attack for the West Indies to replace Gayle. 

Overs 15: SA 91-5 Benn finishes his spell with another tight over only going for six runs. Good partnership in the middle at the minute for South Africa. 

Overs 14: SA 85-5 Wiese gets a boundary of the first ball of the over with a reverse sweep. The rest of the over only goes for three runs. Seven runs from that over. 

Gayle comes back into the attack for the West Indies to replace Brathwaite. 

Overs 13: SA 78-5 Another tight over from Benn as he only goes for four singles from the over. 

Overs 12: SA 74-5 A decent over in the context of the game for the South African batsmen as they mange to get eight runs from it. 

Brathwaite comes back into the attack for the West Indies to replace Bravo. 

Overs 11: SA 66-5 Two singles come from the first three balls of the over. The fourth ball sees Benn spin one past Wiese's bat but the wicketkeeper missed the stumping and the ball went for four byes. A two and a single then finish the over. 

Benn comes back into the attack for the West Indies to replace Gayle. 

Overs 10: SA 57-5 Bravo once again bowls a very tight over only going for three runs from the first five balls of the over. The last delivery of the over though was poor and De Kock pulled it away for a welcome four for the Proteas. 

Overs 9: SA 50-5 Gayle once again comes into the attack and gets a wicket. Miller is the man to go this time as Gayle bowls him for one. Only three runs come for the over as well. 

David Wiese comes in at number seven for South Africa. 

Wicket - Gayle gets his second wicket of the game as he bowls the dangerous Miller for one of four balls. 

Gayle comes back into the bowling attack for the West Indies to replace Benn. 

Overs 8: SA 47-4 Bravo does a superb job in his first over as he gets the big wicket of De Villiers with a beautiful slower ball which bowled him. Only three singles come from the over as well. 

David Miller comes in at number six for South Africa. 

Wicket - Dwayne Bravo gets the big wicket of De Villiers bowled for 10(12) to leave the Proteas in real trouble. 

Dwayne Bravo comes into the bowling attack for the West Indies to replace Brathwaite. 

Overs 7: SA 44-3 A superb first over from Benn only goes for five runs. The batsmen are just taking their time to get settled at the minute. 

Sulieman Benn comes into the bowling attack for the West Indies to replace Badree. 

Overs 6: SA 39-3 A brilliant over from Brathwaite only goes for three singles. The power play is now over and it has been a game that is being played at a fast pace. 

Carlos Brathwaite comes into the bowling attack for the West Indies to replace Russell. 

Overs 5: SA 36-3 Badree begins the over with three dot balls before De Kock hits a massive straight six from the fourth ball. A dot ball then follows before De Kock collect two more runs from the final ball of the over. 

Badree comes back into the bowling attack for the West Indies to replace Gayle. 

Overs 4: SA 28-3 The bowler only concedes three runs from the first four balls of the over before he bowls a wide. De Villiers then gets of the mark from the fifth ball of the over after Russell gave him a full toss which he smashed down the ground for a four. The bowler then bowls a dot to finish the over. 

Overs 3: SA 20-3 Quinton de Kock collects two runs from the first ball before the bowler bowls a dot ball. De Kock then hits a lovely cut shot for a four. A single and then a dot follow before the third wicket fell. Rossouw tried to drive Gayle but edged it straight to Russell. 

Ab de Villiers is in at number four for South Africa. 

Wicket - Gayle gets the wicket of Rossouw for a duck from his second ball caught by Russell. Very poor shot. 

Chris Gayle comes into the bowling attack for the West Indies to replace Badree. 

Overs 2: SA 13-2 Russell starts the over well by bowling three dot deliveries. Du Plessis then decides to dance down the wicket fourth ball and smash a six down the ground. Du Plessis then gets a two form the next ball before the bowler bowls a wide. Du Plessis then is out of the final ball of the over trying to get a boundary but didn't get it right and was caught by Benn at the edge of the ring. 

Riley Rossouw comes in at number four for South Africa 

Wicket - Russell gets Du Plessis out caught by Benn on the edge of the ring for nine of seven balls. What a start. 

Andre Russell will open the bowling at the other end for the West Indies. 

Overs 1: SA 4-1 What a start to this match with Amla being run out of the third ball of the match. The run out came through a combination of great fielding and bad running. Badree only concedes four runs from the over as well. 

Faf du Plessis is in at number three for South Africa. 

Wicket - Hashim Amla is run out for one off one ball by Andre Russell. Terrible mix-up from the batsmen. 

Samuel Badree will open the bowling for the West Indies. Hashim Amla on strike for South Africa.


Massive news for the West Indies team with Chris Gayle back in the team after missing the last game with injury. For South Africa, JP Duminy is out with injury and Riley Rossouw comes in as his replacement. The teams are out in the field to sing their national anthems. Massive game ahead for both of these teams as the West Indies can qualify for the semi-finals with a win while South Africa need to win to put the pressure on England. 

South Africa team: Q de Kock, H Amla, F du Plessis, AB de Villiers, D Miller, R Rossouw, D Wiese, C Morris, A Phangiso, K Rabada, I Tahir

West Indies team: J Charles, C Gayle, M Samuels, A Fletcher, D Ramdin, DJ Bravo, A Russell, D Sammy, C Brathwaite, S Badree, S Benn

West Indies have won the toss and they will bowl first against South Africa!

West Indies have won both their games so far, chasing down totals set by England and Sri Lanka, so a win today would virtually secure their place in the semi-final stage, with Afghanistan to come in their final group game.

They responded from that loss with an impressive 37 run win against tournament minnows Afghanistan. AB De Villiers struck a magnificent 64 from just 29 balls to take his side all the way to 209-5 from their 20 overs, before the likes of Chris Morris and Kagiso Rabada bowled them out for a valiant 172. Still, that win shouldn’t be discredited, as South Africa saw off Afghanistan in a much more comfortable manner than the likes of England and Sri Lanka.

Starting their campaign fairly late compared to other teams, the batting order showed no signs of rustyness against England, plundering 229 runs for the loss of just four wickets off their 20. Quinton De Kock, Hashim Amla and JP Duminy all passed 50, leaving England with little chance of victory. However, South Africa somehow managed to lose the game, Joe Root starring as the underdogs got over the line with two balls to spare. That, in a way, got South Africa off to the most disappointing start possible, England’s run-chase a record for this tournament.

You might be surprised to hear that South Africa’s position in the group is under some threat, despite the fact that the Proteas have posted scores of over 200 in each of their first two matches at the tournament.

The last time the two sides met in the shortest format of the game was in January 2015 when West Indies won the two-match series 2-0. The second T20 was a cracker with the Proteas making 231 from their 20 overs thanks to a brilliant 119 from Faf du Plessis. In reply, West Indies chased it down thanks to Gayle who scored 90 off 41 balls and Marlon Samuels scoring 60 off 39 balls. A repeat of the second T20 international on Friday would make for some viewing and both sides do have the players to do it again.

The two teams have met in the World T20 tournament twice before with South Africa coming out on top on both occasions. The first meeting was in the 2007 tournament were the Windies batted first and made a huge score of 205-6 thanks, to Chris Gayle scoring 116 but the Proteas chased it down with eight wickets remaining. The second meeting was in the 2009 tournament in England were South Africa won by 20 runs. The Proteas batted first making 183-7 thanks to a half century from Herschelle Gibbs and in reply, the Windies only made 163-9 from their twenty overs. 

This match is the seventh match in Group 1 after England won the sixth match to keep their hopes of qualifying for the semi-finals with a 15 run win over Afghanistan on Wednesday. This is a crucial match in the group with both teams needing the win but more so South Africa after losing one of their two matches while West Indies have won both of their games so far. 

Good afternoon, all! Hello, and Welcome to VAVEL UK's live ball-by-ball commentary of this World T20 Group 1 clash, between South Africa and West Indies. The toss is set for around 13:30 GMT, with the game getting underway at 14:00 GMT, weather permitting. Stick with us as we preview and build up to this hugely exciting game.