David Millar to consult British Cycling about dangers of doping

Ex-pro David Millar will mentor young riders on Team GB about the perils of doping.

David Millar to consult British Cycling about dangers of doping
Ex Garmin and Cofidis rider will help GB cycling

Ex-cyclist and proven doper David Millar will be working voluntarily with British Cycling to help teach the younger riders the perils about doping in the sport.

Doping is an issue that is never far from the headlines with regards to cycling; and to try and help highlight the dangers; former pro Millar will mentor the guys.

Millar was caught using drugs in 2004, and as subsequently handed a two-year ban for the offence. But when the Briton returned to the sport in 2006; the former rider who has had 19 Grand Tours under his belt, was changed man and became a advocate for a cleaner sport which has carried on till today.

Millar ready to share his ‘well-rounded experiences’ 

As doping has been so prevalent in the past; securing someone who has been dragged through the mire could be a good thing; and with GB wanting to foster an anti-doping culture, Millar could be the ideal candidate for the job.

Shane Sutton, technical director for the Great Britain Cycling Team, said: “Nurturing an anti-doping culture is at the heart of everything we do at British Cycling and educating our young riders on the subject is a responsibility we take seriously.”

Sutton added: “Having someone of David’s calibre on board to support us in this education process is invaluable; he is readily available to share his well-rounded experiences as a professional cyclist to the young riders who aspire to succeed in their careers.”

Millar won’t just mentor the younger riders, but having been a pro-rider for so long; his experience and tactical nous is another asset which could be huge for GB and Sutton.

“In addition to his mentor work, David brings with him a massive amount of training and tactical knowledge which will support the work of the coaches, and he’s become a well-respected figure in cycling which will help us to open doors when it comes to fielding young talent into professional road teams,” said Sutton.

Millar hasn’t been signed in an official capacity just yet; this current voluntarily role will last to the end of the month, and then after Sutton will decide whether Millar could join permanently.