FDJ boss Marc Madiotwants UCI to implement lifetime bans on riders caught mechanically doping

Marc Madiot wants lifetime issued to those who are caught doping using motors.

FDJ boss Marc Madiotwants UCI to implement lifetime bans on riders caught mechanically doping
FDJ's boss has a powerful voice in cycling

After finding a motor inside Femke Van Den Driessche's bike at the Cyclo-cross World Championship’s cycling has taken steps to ensure no more episodes of motorised doping is found higher up in the sport.

And French team FDJ’s boss Marc Madiot who is also head of the French Ligue National de Cyclisme has issued a statement calling on the UCI to implement lifetime bans if future riders are found guilty of using hidden motors.

The case certainly shocked the cycling fraternity, but it must be stressed that the termed ‘motorised doping' has long been coined, but finding a motor was something the UCI have thus far found elusive.

After the news broke Team Sky’s Chris Froome said he has had his bike checked a dozen times by UCI officials, and Sir Bradley Wiggins said that he felt motorised doping has been happening for years.

Madiot wants severe action taken against the culprits

From the statement Madiot spoke about how the story from the Cyclo-cross World Championship has affected the DNA of the sport, and that it has damaged rider’s representations.

Madiot said: “We want greater transparency from our international authority on the actions to be undertaken. We demand, in the shortest possible time, systematic controls and strengthening sanctions, suspension for life, against all those involved in these scams. No one imagines that a rider can act alone.”

Head of the UCI Brian Cookson says cycling’s governing body is taking this new threat very seriously and are stepping up and trialling news way to find elusive motors.

“Clearly this is something that is a threat to our sport and we are looking now at trialling new methods of detection that are less invasive, so you don’t have to take the bike apart, so we can check more bikes before the start,” said Cookson.

He added: “If it becomes necessary to check every single bike for every single rider for every single race and all the spare bikes as well then maybe we will have to do that. These are processes and procedures that we are considering very actively now.”