A Seasonal Reflection: The Review

Review of the 2011/12 Season for Vavel UK.

A Seasonal Reflection: The Review
Barclays Premier League 2011/12

Manchester City are champions after a dramatic finish to an intriguing season.

Alex Ferguson's man came close but not close enough, as they unusually finished a season empty handed. They were just ahead of an Arsenal team that proved they are good but not good enough to challenge for top honours. It will be frustration once again for Arsenal supporters as they have the skeleton of a good team but with too much dead weight holding them back.

Tottenham scraped through into fourth knowing a Bayern Munich victory next week against Chelsea will see them compete in the Champions League next season. With Redknapp focused less on England managerial mutterings and court appearances, they should be able to retain the majority of their squad and push for the top four once again.

Newcastle's dream season ended with a crash at Everton but will be seen as a success for a team that Manager of the Year Alan Pardew will need to build on. They will compete in the Europa League, which requires a squad full of depth as well as stamina.

Chelsea floundered around like a big blue whale going nowhere until Di Matteo guided them into calmer waters. Since then they have been immense in Europe and must win the final in Germany if they are to qualify for the competition next season. They finished outside the top 5 for the first time in a decade but know a realistic title challenge is required of them next season.

Liverpool have had their worst season in half a millennium and need a stronger league showing and more consistency in results. Everton need to hold on to Mr Moyes as he is, realistically, the only man who is capable of beating their 7th place showing this season.

Fulham and West Brom make up the rest of the top ten and have chugged away happily with Clint Dempsey being a sensation for the former and Hodgson doing well with limited resources at the latter. Swansea and Norwich surprised everyone with their ferocious attacking style and they deserve to finish mid-table. The two premiership newbies finish ahead of Martin O'Neill's rejuvenated Sunderland who could be a more serious top ten contender next season. Stoke, Wigan and Villa can call themselves Premier League teams but endured forgettable seasons. European adventures drained Stoke and Wigan only came into their own when the fear of relegation became overwhelming.

QPR survive to tell another tale with a woeful Wolves and Blackburn slipping out of the top tier for a season with some big name players expected to leave.

Bolton's emotional season ended in worse circumstances as they limped out of the top league for the first team in nearly ten years.


A summer of ins and outs, wheeling and dealing and drama ensues as clubs clean out the closets and usher in the new stars of next season.