Celtic narrowly beat Aberdeen thanks to Langfield's mistake. How we lived it

FINAL It's been two wins in two competitive games for Celtic, but their performances have been below par to be honest. They barely threatened Langfield today and their goal was a misshot which somehow managed to get through the Aberdeen's goalkeeper's hands. The Bhoys will need a goal in Helsinki if they don't want to suffer, so they must create more chances soon. Another sloppy performance on Wednesday could mean the end of their Champions League dream, the 4th year in a row without Europe's top competition money and prestige might lead to the darkest hour of Celtic and the whole of Scottish football, so the game in Finland is REALLY important for the Bhoys and the country's football sake. We will be there again to live it with you in Vavel. See you soon!

90+3 Celtic keep the ball through the final whistle. The game has ended and Jamie Langfield will be the most disappointed man at Celtic Park after his mistake gifted the 3 points to the defending Champions.

90+1' Russell Anderson gets the first yellow card of the game after a foul on Hooper.

90' Hooper looks for Murphy to shoot but the Irish striker crosses the ball back to Hooper, too long for the Englishman who is nowhere near there... Time added: 3 minutes.

89' Maggenis is on to replace Niall McGinn.

85' Aberdeen will introduce another striker looking for a late equaliser. Celtic are keeping the ball well now.

83' Another corner for Celtic after Hooper's shot from outside the area is deflected. No danger again for Aberdeen...

82' Celtic are happy now, and the team is moving the ball around just like they have done during all the game, but they are defending a lead now.

81' Disaster for Aberdeen after a decent performance at Celtic Park.

79' Craig Brown makes a change. It's over for Johnny Hayes who is substituted by Fraser.

78' COMMONS SCOOOOOOORESSSSS. CELTIC ARE ON THE DRIVING SEAT NOW! A short corner is served by Commons, his left-footed low shot somehow beats Langfield. What a blunder by the Aberdeen keeper.

76' McCourt tries a mazy run but he is disposessed. Stokes is off and Daryl Murphy is on.

75' No goalscoring opportunity for the Dons, but Celtic lose the ball again. It has not been Stokes best game ever so far...

74' Less than 20 minutes left and Celtic don't look like scoring. Wanyama's effect in midfield has disappeared and Aberdeen get a corner. Will they stun Celtic?

72' Gary Naysmith is substituted by Chris Clark.

71' Frustration for Celtic after Commons fail to pass the ball to his teammate in Aberdeen's area.

69' Kayal is off and the Irishman Paddy McCourt is in, trying to help Celtic win the game. Familiar situation for the winger.

68' Good pass from Commons, he finds Ledley... but he is offside. McCourt will be on the pitch soon.

66' Stokes gets the ball close to the visitors' area, but his shot goes well off target. There's a growing sense of desperation among the Bhoys at Celtic Park. They are trying to sing a little now.

65' Aberdeen on the attacking front. Celtic have problems to get away with the ball, but the Dons aren't creating great chances neither.

62' Wanyama assists Commons after a one-two with Hooper, the Scot blasts a fierce shot, but Langfield reacts well to block.

60' Matthews crosses the ball after getting in a good position down right. Corner for Celtic. No danger again.

58' Wanyama power in midfield is already giving benefits to Celtic. He creates a chance after assisting Commons, the Scot is disposessed with a fine tackle, but the rebounding ball goes back to the Kenyan who volleys it out left.

56' Wanyama is now a central midfielder, his preferred position. Ledley has moved to the left wing while Wilson is playing as a centre-back, his natural position.

55' Celtic introduce a player. Kelvin Wilson is on, Georgios Samaras is out. He hands the captain armband to Joe Ledley before leaving the pitch.

53' Wanyama gets up on the park, but his pass fails to find a Celtic striker.

52' Aberdeen are pressing more now. Celtic have trouble to move the ball through the midway line. The long punt is their preferred option.

51' Good cross. Forster fails to get the ball, he looks beaten when Vernon gets the ball, but his shot goes out wide. What a chance!

50' Izaguirre fouls Johnny Hayes, who will serve a foul down the right flank. Good chance for Aberdeen. The ball deflects on Samaras head towards Rogne's knee and the ball goes out. Corner for Aberdeen.

48' Good passing by Celtic and Kayal is in the receiving end again. Foul in a good position. Kris Commons cross is too weak and Aberdeen get the ball again.

46' After some nice passing, Celtic disposess Aberdeen. Meanwhile, Ledley got hurt after a challenge with an Aberdeen player.

13:52. Unchanged Celtic side come out of the tunnel. Aberdeen will start this second half in possession.

13:49. A pair of comments made on Celtic_VAVEL:

"Poor game" @macskoosh

"I reckon a hooper goal in second half will win it for us 1-0" @PMasseyMCFC

13:45. Waiting on the bench Celtic have Murphy, McCourt, McGeouch and Twardzik as the only attacking players.

13:39. Celtic need to score in order to get some confidence for their midweek match in Finland, but they are failing to do that so far... Their central midfielders aren't having much time on the ball and the wingers are sending crosses to nowhere's land. Not a dream start for the Champions.

45+2 Calum Murray whistles and it's the end of the first half for both teams. Celtic will have to up their game as they haven't been, like in midweek, really threatening their rivals' goal. They need to create more chances and get their goal-scoring shoes again. Aberdeen are defending well and could cause a shock if their wingers get more time on the ball.

45' Added time: 2 minutes.

44' Rogne fouls an Aberdeen player just in front of the Celtic's area. Niall McGinn shoots... but it's not a dream return to Celtic Park for the Irishman as he fails to hit the target.

43' Kris Commons gets in a good goal scoring position after receiving from Samaras. He prepares a left-footed shot but it's deflected away again...

42' Celtic are moving the ball around well, but they are finding no space in Aberdeen's well laid defense.

39' The corner goes to Forster's hands. No danger for Celtic.

38' Counterattacking football master class by Aberdeen, until Wanyama appears to send the ball to corner. Celtic got caught a bit there...

36' Hooper gets in a good position after receiving a pass from Ledley, he finds good space but his shot is over the bar. The Englishman has not received lots of balls today...

35' Commons cross finds Rogne in a good position... but he is disposessed when he was close to shoot the ball.

33' Aberdeen gain possession in the middle but they lose the ball quickly. Celtic get the ball and attack with lots of players, looking to surprise Aberdeen's defense. Stokes gets a corner. Commons serves it... and he gets another corner.

31' Celtic are passing the ball well, but they aren't really threatening Aberdeen's goal.

29' Aberdeen are trying to go forward now. McGinn sends a good cross from the left side but it doesn't find Vernon or any red-stripped player.

27' Samaras plays a one-two with Ledley but his shot/cross/touch/ whatever it was is not surely what he had in mind.

25' It's 25 minutes so far and we are still waiting for the first SPL's goal of the season.

23' Long ball for Samaras, who fools the defender just before sending a shot to Langfield's goal. It goes out wide, though.

21' Nice passing game for Celtic. Kayal gains space and passes the ball to Commons. The Scot shoots powerfuly, but Langfield parries the ball away from danger.

19' At the moment, Celtic look a bit unorganised, they need to get the ball down and use their central midfielders to spread good passes around them.

17' Despite Celtic's less than impressive performance until now, Mal Kearney from Belfast thinks that it will be an easy contest. 3-0 with Hooper scoring the 1st and Stokes scoring his first to put the 3-0. Let's wait and see if we have a future-predicting man in Belfast.

15' Commons right-footed cross goes over the bar.

14' Game on again. Celtic in possession but they have lost it on the left flank after some failed dribbling by Samaras.

10' Celtic get a good goal scoring opportunity, but Langfield comfortably saves the ball. Samaras got hurt then after clashing with an Aberdeen player. Today's captain is bleeding a bit, but he will be well.

8' McGinn's pressure forces Forster to kick the ball out for an Aberdeen throw-in. The wingmen will be really important for the Dons this season.

6' Celtic are pressing well right now. They are creating corners and crossing into Aberdeen's area, but they aren't finding a team mate in a dangerous position to shoot. Decent start.

4' The Celtic crowd erupts after Kayal dribbles two players, he nutmegs a rival and then he receives a harsh tackle. The Israeli has just come out of an injury ...

2' Rogne's long ball ends in a Celtic throw-in. Adam Matthews serves it, Celtic remain in possession until Kris Commons is fouled. Good position. He sends in a quick cross to Aberdeen's area, but nobody is there ...

12:50. The game starts with a long ball, quick possessions for both teams while the Celts chant "You'll Never Walk Alone"

12:49. And after all the fuss, all the doubts surrounding Scottish football, the game is still played up north. The season gets underway!

12:47. The players end the hand-shaking round and the game will start soon.

12:42. Aberdeen will wait for the Champions to come through the tunnel They aren't on their usual all-Red suit today, their shorts are white today. Celtic Park is a full house today.

12:40. Fireworks and applause around the stadium. Lots of joy... but now it's time to play football again. Celtic will try to offer a good attacking performance just before their trip to Helsinki.

12:38. Time to unfurl the league flag. Sean Fallon has done it! Emotional moment for the Celts around the world! 125th year for Celtic and they start it celebrating their 43rd league title.

12:31. Irish duo McGinn and Hayes start for Aberdeen. Two pacey, tricky wingers that will cause problems to the Celtic defense if they show the same fragility showed on Wednesday.

12:30. Kayal, Rogne and Stokes are back in the lineup. Mulgrew is suspended after being sent-off in a friendly against Ajax, while Brown and Forrest are also left out of the squad after some persisting injuries.

12:28. Aberdeen: Langfield, Osbourne, Anderson, Considine, Naismith, Jack, Hughes, Rae, Hayes, McGinn, Vernon

12:27. Celtic: Forster; Matthews, Wanyama, Rogne, Izaguirre; Commons, Kayal, Ledley, Samaras; Hooper, Stokes. Subs: Subs: Zaluska, Wilson, McCourt, Lustig, Murphy, McGeouch, F. Twardzik

12:25. Good morning ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.After Vavel's debut in a Champions League on Wednesday, it's an honour to be here commentanting the first SPL match of the season between Celtic, last year's champions, and Aberdeen, one of the, allegedly, contenders to give the Bhoys a game. The Dons have signed former Celtic Niall McGinn, the winger Johnny Hayes and the reliable left-back Gary Naysmith, good players that will surely give them a lift after some irregular season where they have failed to finish in the Top 6. We have been all summer with the Rangers soap-opera but now it's time to look the football again, and hopefully we will look the smaller teams flourish to live a decent competition. Celtic are favourites for the title, but they will have massive pressure in every game, as teams will love to beat them in a David-Goliath type story. Let's start with what we love the most: looking and commenting on the beautiful game!