Celtic - AC Milan - How we lived it
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With the end of the game, comes the end of our coverage, we hope you enjoyed it, we can only apologise to Celtic fans that we could have no bearing on the results. Feel costless to tweet @RosskoC with your thoughts and analysis of the game

AC Milan in second in the group, but have to play Ajax in a couple of weeks. Celtic now head to Barcelona with nothing but pride to play for.

All over in Amsterdam as well and Ajax have beaten Barcelona 2-1, meaning that Celtic are out of Europe

All over at Parkhead and it has finished 3-0 to AC Milan. Celtic were equal to the Milan team, but two terrible pieces of defending and a massive lack of killer touch allows their more illustrious opponents to ease to victory


21:35 - Almost time up here

21:33 - The Celtic fans that have stayed behind are still in good voice. Neil Lennon looks like he has swallowed a fly on the bench

21:32 - Celtic Park is now half empty as we reach the 90th minute. Samaras tries an overhead pick that is comfortably caught.....by a ballboy

21:31 - Ambrose with a 'Messi' like run past the Milan defence. Eventually stabs the ball through to Samaras but he is offside

21:30 - Costless kick for Celtic 35 yard out. On target, but comfortably stopped by Abbiati. Celtic could play this game for the next two days and not score a goal

21:29 - Robinho gets outmuscled by Ambrose fairly, Celtic have the ball but the ref blows to stop the game for Robinho waving in agony. Unsurprisingly he is up about 20 seconds later.

21:28 - Still 2-1 to Ajax in Amsterdam and Celtic are still out of Europe as things currently stand

21:26 - Boerrigter hit the ball, deflected wide for a corner from Mulgrew

21:25 - AC Milan look quite content to pass the ball around, Samaras gets the ball and is fouled about 5 yards outside the box. Can Mulgrew give the Celtic fans something to cheer?

21:23 - 10 minutes to go, Robinho just on goes one on one but gets flagged for offside

21:22 - Young Australian Tom Rogic replaces James Forrest for Celtic, and Robinho comes on for Kaka

21:21 - Apart from the guilt edged Van Dijk chance, Celtic have never really looked like scoring. Gary Hooper is a huge miss for the Parkhead team up front

21:19 - Celtic enjoying lots of the ball as Milan slow themselves down. Emanuelson again goes down for a push. Everyone in Parkhead knows the games a bogey

21:18 - Samaras knocks the ball down well, but Ledley can't turn to shoot. Ball goes back into Samaras, but the Turkish ref is conned by Emanuelson falling sideways

21:17 - Efe Ambrose on one of his trademark runs passes to oerrigter who wins a corner for Celtic. Ball too easily cleared again by AC Milan

21:16 - Whilst Milan make a sub take a look at Balotelli's goal below

21:14 - Lustig with a half chance but his 15 yard header quite far wide. Lustig is probably one of the few Celtic players with pass marks tonight

21:12 - With Celtic pressing, Milan could quite easily score on the counter. Balotelli sets Kaka through just too late as the linesmans flag goes up

21:11 - Corner for Celtic, gets cleared and Stokes puts the ball so far over the bar it has just landed in my front garden

21:10 - Fraser Forster carries out the great football cliche of dummying a striker. Always good to see

21:09 - Anthony Stokes comes on for the ineffectual Kris Commons

21:08 - Frustration from Izaguirre as he sythes Balotelli in half and he will miss the game in Barcelona. Lucky in hindsight not to see red for that

21:06 - With the score currently 2-1 in Amsterdam, Celtic are facing down the exit of Europe. Van Dijk goes in the box, mainly down to Balotelli rolling around in front of the ref

21:04 - Izaguirre is floored by Zapata just outside the box. The ref in bizarre circumstances goes to blow his whistle before changing his mind. The ball breaks to Celtic and James Forrest is through on goal. To sum up Celtic's night, the ball goes just wide of the post

21:03 - And it is goodnight Vienna for Celtic in Europe. Ball over the top to Mario Balotelli, who does well to hold off Ambrose and slot the ball past Fraser Forster.


21:01 - Celtic applying pressure well, forcing the Milan defence to clear hastily. Barcelona meanwhile have pulled one back in Amsterdam to make it 2-1 to Ajax

21:00 - Milan quite content to play slowly, Celtic seem to be breaking them down fairly easily, but can't do much with it themselves

20:59 - Highlight of Zapata's goal to make it 2-0 is below

20:57 - Much like the first leg, Celtic have played quie well, but two defensive errors look to be costing them European football after Christmas.

20:56 - Forrest wins a corner for Celtic to be taken by Mulgrew but its straight into the arms of Abbiati

20:55 - Celtic only have themselves to blame with awful defending for both goals. That Van Dijk miss would have been a massive turning point

20:54 - Celtic have the ball in the back of the net from Van Dijk's header but its rightly ruled offside

20:52 - After Celtic's far and away best chance of the game, Milan go up and pretty much kill off any hope Celtic have of qualifying. Another corner into the box, and Celtic's defence is sleeping again leaving Zapata with a 1 yard tap in


20:50 - Mulgrew's costless kick hits the wall, but it falls back to him. The ball is sent back in to Van Dijk who volleys unmarked from 6 yards straight into Abbiati's hands. You might not see a better chance tonight.

20:49 - Mulgrew and Commons are sizing it up

20:48 - Celtic get the game underway, Lustig wins a foul a couple of yards outside the box. Chance for Celtic?


In the other game in this group, Ajax are beating Barcelona 2-0 - shock on the cards there

Tweet - @ajsportsblog - all very well playing wingers but there is no one in the box - Celtic certainly need to make more of the space they are getting out wide

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Half time - all back in your seats ready for the second half. Celtic need two goals in the next 45 minutes, can they do it?

Right quick chance for two minutes to stretch your legs, we will be back in 5 minutes. Drop me a line on Twitter @RosskoC to let me know how you think the game is going

Half time - Kaka's goal is below - Keeper should be claiming that every day of every week

A draw isn't enough for Celtic tonight. If their Champions League campaign is to continue in earnest, they need to score two in the second half. Will require an almighty effort but the Milan defence looks vulnerable

Half time - The sides are split by Kaka's costless header. Celtic have played well, but their final ball hasn't beaten the first man. AC Milan are actually looking most dangerous on the counter attack

Half Time - Celtic 0 - 1 Milan

20:32 - Ball into the box is wasted by Commons who puts it out for a goal kick, and the ref blows his whistle for half time

20:30 - Samaras does really well in the box but his header from the penalty spot is comfortably saved by Abbiati. Who promptly clears into the technical area. Costless kick just inside the half way for Celtic after a Balotelli handball

20:30 - 2 minutes to be added on

20:29 - 2 minutes till half time and Milan are two on one again, but the ball to Balotelli is terrible. Celtic getting away with things at the moment

20:28 - Celtic getting quite a lot of joy and space down each wing, but the final ball has been left in the changing rooms so far

20:27 - Milan starting to knock the ball around but the always seem to evenually play a silly pass. You can see why they have been struggling in Serie A

20:25 - Milan fairly content to pass the ball around in their own half, but Celtic are pressuring well

20:23 - Kaka has spent the last minute being slightly fouled if anyone is wondering what he is up to. Balotelli has the ball in the back of the net, but is ruled offside. Marginal to say the least

20:22 - Kris Commons hasnt really found anything of note yet, Celtic need him to turn on the flair to get this game going

20:21 - Ten minutes to go to half time.

20:21 - Sorry, we had a power cut there for a second. Mulgrew through on goal, bt a little caught between his feet and it turns into a tame effort

20:15 - Celtic forced into a change with Kayal limping off to be replaced by Joe Ledley

20:13 - Milan with a real chance there. They are three on two, but Kaka elects to pass which Ambrose cleans up. Kaka almost makes amends about 30 seconds later with a fabulous curling effort that flies just wide.

20:12 - Dangerous ball in from Boerrigter but not quite deep enough to find Samaras. Lovely ball in the build up from Mulgrew.

20:11 - Commons breaks though well, but his right footed effort is high into the stand behind the goal. Much better from Celtic, but they look suspectible on the counter

20:10 - Lovely ball in by Forrest, Boerrigter header is cleared. First dangerous ball into the box Celtic have had. The ball breaks with Kaka and Balotelli fires narrowly over. Game is starting to open up

20:09 - Celtic starting to exert a little more control on the game, and the fans are helping my increasing the noise

20:08 - Mulgrew with the corner, goes short, ball gets cleared, Ambrose shoots which falls to Boerrigter but he is a few yards offside

20:07 - Celtic getting into good positions, but their final ball letting them down at the moment. Lustig crosses in, out for a corner.

20:05 - Montolivo with a shot that is so slow it almost stops in the grass on the way to Forster. De Jong slams Samaras off the ball in the box up the other end. A bit of handbags

20:04 - Milan go short with the corner, the ball gets worked around the pitch before Ambrose slices clear. Ball s worked out to Samaras on the right. Comes back out to Lustig, but the final ball isnt great. Izaguirre has another bite of the cherry, but poor again

20:03 - Balotelli does well in the corner, Lustig forced into concedeing another corner

20:02 - Abate seems fine now. Must have been a nasty sharp piece of grass there?

20:01 - Milan not looking very comfortable on the ball at the back, bit of pinball before Lustig charges the ball out. Abate gets tripped by Boerrigter and is down getting medical attention

20:00 - On a second look of the goal, Van Dijk miss times the flight of the ball. Cross is 4 yards out, you would hope your 6 foot 7 inch keeper would have something to say about it

19:59 - A goal from Kaka. 6 Celtic players in the 6 yard box and no one attacks the ball and Kaka has a 5 yard unmarked header which he makes no mistake with. Terrible defending by Celtic, and why Fraser Forster hasn't claimed that is something else


19:58 - Lustig puts the cross from the short corner out for another corner

19:57 - Emanuelson hits the costless kick and it is off the wall for a corner

19:56 - Costless kick for Milan after a foul by Kayal - Balotelli over the ball about 30 yards out

19:55 - Kayal really should have done better though. Although you wouldn't find a more obvious corner on a square.

19:54 - Abbiati, again under no real pressure punches the ball almost into the back of his centre backs head. Strange keeping. After some more Celtic pressure, the ball falls to Kayal unaware and Zapata puts the ball out. A goal kick is given though

19:53 - Lustig does well in the middle of the park, tries a deep cross which spins out for a corner to come in from Mulgrew

19:51 - Balotelli goes on a dangerous looking run, Abate gets the ball out right but Ambrose makes the clearance

19:50 - Forrest tries to stretch his legs, but is outguessed by Emanuelson. After a spell of Milan possession, Boerrigter sends a ball into the box, which Abbiati decides to punch under no real duress. That's Italian keepers for you

19:49 - Commons tries to wriggle costless but loses his footing. No team really got going as yet

19:48 - Kaka's first touch is a pass against the referee. Ball breaks to Balotelli who sends a left footed drive a few yards wide. Not a bad chance.

19:47 - Mulgrew swings the corner in and Milan are sleeping but Boerrigter swipes wildly at the volley. First real chance

19:46 - Milan arrive after 7 games without a win, having most of the possession so far, ball breaks from Efe Ambrose, and Celtic win a corner

19:46 - Balotelli takes 10 seconds to be caught offside

19:45 - The Turkish referee blows his whistle and Milan get us under way


19:44 - Teams shaking hands. HERE WE GO

19:43 - The stadium erupts as the teams make their way out to the park. A message of support for the Philippines is prominent. The roof nearly blows off as the Champions League music is played

19:42 - Teams are in the tunnel. Celtic captained by Giorgios Samaras tonight. Hair flowing as well as usual on Big George

19:40 - Big night for Derk Boerrigter tonight, can he show tonight why Celtic shelled out £3 Million pounds on him in the summer

19:39 - You'll Never Walk Alone is bouncing off the walls of Parkhead - we are minutes away from the best atmosphere in Europe

19:36 - Celtic have a good home record against AC Milan, with two wins and a draw from their previous three meetings

19:34 - We're ten minutes away from kick off in the east end of Glasgow - do we have any predictions? Can Celtic keep their European campaign alive?

19:33 - 8 Champions League wins between these two clubs tonight so a lot of European pedigree. 7 of them are held by AC Milan mind you?

19:31 - AC Milan have set up in quite a defensive manner tonight. Milan would be happy enough with a point from fortress Parkhead

19:30 - You want some highlights of the earlier match up between these two sides in the Champions League. Set to soft american music you say. Of course you do

19:28 - Throughout the game, if you want to contact me via twitter, please do through the button above, we will print the best ones here at half time

19:27 - Celtic are starting with a front three of Kris Commons, Derk Boerrigter and Samaras - Celtic fans happy with the attacking team Lennon has set out?

19:26 - 7 times champions Milan have been decidedly out of sorts in the league, but are currently sitting second in the group and will be hoping for a win tonight to kick start their season

19:25 - Celtic are catching AC Milan on a terrible run of form, and the Glasgow giants need a win tonight to be able to qualify for the last second - written in the stars?

AC Milan Team - Abbiati, Abate, Zapata, Bonera, Emanuelson, Montolivo, De Jong, Poli, Birsa, Kaka, Balotelli

Celtic Team - Forster, Lustig, Ambrose, Van Dijk, Izaguirre, Forrest, Kayal, Mulgrew, Boerrigter, Commons, Samaras

19:15 - Welcome to Vavel's live coverage of the UEFA Champions League game between Celtic and AC Milan with me, Ross Connell - feel costless to drop my a line, comment or remark on Twitter @RosskoC (KO 19:45)