Mateo Kovacic to Liverpool: An unrealistic dream or a distinct possibility?

Liverpool have reportedly agreed a deal to sign Inter Milan midfielder Mateo Kovacic, according to several international outlets.

Are the sources credible? 

Croatian and Italian newspapers seem to get the first say about such moves, with outlets of varying reliabilities seemingly confident that a deal between the Reds and the Serie A club will be struck in the coming weeks.

The outlets coming from Italy included Tuttosport, Gazetta dello Sport and a couple of other sources close to Inter, state that Liverpool have have agreed a £16 million fee for the 21-year-old Croatian, with a further £2 million in add-ons.

Other outlets, coming from the Croation international's homeland, such as Sportske Novosti and Vecernji List (the same to have reported Dejan Lovren's move to Liverpool) say that a deal around the £20million mark has been agreed.

Reliability is key here, the main problem seems to be the credibility of the source and whether it might've been over-exaggerated or not. One thing is for sure however, Italy and Croatia outlets could know something that the English media don't. Not only have the papers not mentioned this, but when they do, they would credit the Italian/Croatian side and take their supposed word for it.

History repeating itself? 

One will definitely argue the Lovren deal, how it all started from Croatian newspapers and interviews and then the story made the way in England where a deal was eventually struck, suggests there could be some ground in the potential Kovacic deal.

During the time of Lovren's transfer, English outlets made out the fact that Liverpool weren't ready to pay the fee that Southampton would demand and the move seemed to be unlikely, according to them.

One must keep in mind that Vercenji List, a Croatian newspaper, at that time, not only reported that a deal was agreed, they also had an interview with Lovren where he would come out and say that he is leaving Southampton.

Are the English sources getting things mixed up? 

There is no saying that the same couldn't come with Kovacic. At least, it can't be ruled out. Despite the player himself telling the media that he assumes he will be back at the San Siro next season, insisting his happiness in Italy and telling them he "hadn't heard from anyone at the club yet" about his future.

Recently, Sky Sports have reported that Liverpool are trying to distance themselves from the Kovacic links. What about the supposed Anfield officials that went to watch Kovacic during his European qualifier game against Italy? Even the Liverpool Echo have confirmed that the officials were there, so there must be some sort of misunderstanding between the outlets worldwide.

The question here wasn't Kovacic's situation, it was whether or not Liverpool would go ahead and buy the man that is supposedly Steven Gerrard's replacement.

One to watch this summer

Kovacic would have plenty of competition for a role in central midfield, despite the departure of Steven Gerrard, if he did make the move to Anfield. 

With the likes of Philippe Coutinho, Jordan Henderson, James Milner, Joe Allen, Emre Can and Lucas Leiva all competing for just a number of spots in the centre of the park, there would be no guarantee Kovacic would be a first-team starter straight away.

However, should Brendan Rodgers reprise the 4-4-2 midfield diamond - which he used so heavily throughout 2013/14 - then there are four potential positions that Kovacic could fill, given his immense versatility.

Certainly, on the basis of his form for club and country, he would be sure to fit in with the type of quick, passing football that the Liverpool manager craves.

Could the transfer come to fruition? It may be a "wait and see" situation. What is for sure, this will definitely be a summer window to look out for.

By the looks of it, it seems as if this Kovacic link could be one to last the entire window, even as far as the final day. Time will only tell if Liverpool get the man they supposedly want.