Wayne Rooney buries hatchet with Sir Alex Ferguson

Wayne Rooney has revealed that he has finally buried the hatchet with Sir Alex Ferguson and has described Ferguson as the "greatest manager of all time", as Ferguson and Rooney were said to have fallen out in Ferguson's last season as Manchester United manager.

Fergie talks in glowing terms about Rooney

Ferguson talked very fondly about Rooney, even before the striker scored against San Marino on Saturday which was the goal that equaled Bobby Charlton's England goal scoring record, and it appears that Rooney and Ferguson have now made their peace.

Rooney on his relationship with Ferguson said "I don't know if anyone know how things ended between us". The thing that Rooney did say was that they had "differences in opinion" but he went onto say "many people have had differences with Ferguson, but he was the greatest manager of all time"

Rooney reveals it was just a difference of opinion that led to disagreements with Ferguson

Rooney said, "I still see Sir Alex quite a bit at games" which is great to see that Ferguson still watches his old team and Rooney said that "it's not that we don't like each other, we just had differences, that's normal" which is how Rooney describes his relationship at the current moment with Ferguson.

The relationship between Rooney and Ferguson started to break down when in Ferguson's last season as United manager, Rooney was played out of position to accommodate Robin van Persie.

Disagreements started when Rooney was left on the bench for the Real Madrid game

First signs of a disagreement came whenever Rooney was left on the bench for United's game against Real Madrid in the Champions League, and it was clear to see that Ferguson's decision to not play Rooney did not stand well with the player.

The good thing now though is that the pair has got over the disagreement and everyone can move on from it, as it is very common knowledge that Rooney handed in two transfer requests to Ferguson, but Rooney has got over them and continued on at United and keeps doing what he does best.