De Gea says he is 'really happy' at Man United after transfer saga

David de Gea has revealed that he is 'very happy' to still be a Manchester United player after his failed transfer to Real Madrid in the summer, and he feels loved by all of the United fans which is a big thing for him.

De Gea was moments away from joining Real Madrid on transfer deadline day, but because of the paperwork being done late it meant that he would be staying at United for at least one more season, and since then De Gea has signed a new contract at United to 2019, and he is very happy at one of the biggest clubs in the world.

De Gea says United are one of the biggest clubs in the world

De Gea in an interview with ESPN Deportes show Fuero de Juego said "I felt that in that moment the best thing for me was to sign a new contract" as he wanted to be assured that he would be playing football over the next months, and De Gea also said "I am really happy now, at one of the biggest clubs in the world".

There have been a number of suggestions as to who De Gea blamed for his failed transfer to Real Madrid, but De Gea said "Nobody let me down or disappointed me, these things happen" and now De Gea wants to get his head down and keep on performing at a very high level for United.

De Gea reveals anything can happen in the transfer market

De Gea though did admit that that "during the market anything can happen, it can all change inside a minute" as you can tell De Gea isnt ruling out a move away from United as anything can happen in football, but De Gea feels things like this "can help you mature, and be stronger"

At the start of the season De Gea was dropped by United manager Louis van Gaal because he felt the keepers head was not in the right place to start, and there had been suggestions that the two did not get along, but De Gea has revealed that Van Gaal is a suprise source of laughter in the dressing room.

De Gea sheds some light on his relationship with Van Gaal

De Gea said "Van Gaal is a good person. You can talk to him about anything you want, and face to face he is sincere" which just shows the media really have no idea when it comes to how Van Gaal gets on with his players, and De Gea says that both him and Van Gaal "want whats best for the club".