Louis van Gaal admits Adnan Januzaj loan may have been mistake

Louis van Gaal has, for the first time since Adnan Januzaj completed a season-long loan deal in the summer to Borussia Dortmund, revealed that he didn't want Januzaj to go on loan to the German club. He was worried about the amount of game time he would get in Germany.

Januzaj struggled for game time under Van Gaal

Since Van Gaal became Manchester United manager last season Januzaj had struggled to get regular game time, so the youngster had to make a decision on what he wanted to do. Now, however, he is probably getting less game time in Germany than he would have been getting at United.

Van Gaal told Januzaj that he would be hard to play for Dortmund over their big players

Van Gaal said, "in a club like Borusssia Dortmund all the players there are all of a certain level" as it was going to be hard for Januzaj to play ahead of them, and Van Gaal said tried to tell Januzaj in "advance it would be a big risk as you'll have to compete with players at a higher level".

Van Gaal continued to say "it's the same thing as in Manchester United, he has to compete with higher level players" and for Januzaj he couldn't take not playing enough matches so even though Van Gaal said "I wanted him to stay and play in the Premier League" he chose to play in Dortmund for the season.

The question on everyone's lips is 'will Januzaj still have a future at United whenever his Dortmund loan is up', as there seems to be some kind of problem between the player and the manager, but Van Gaal says he knows Januzaj has what it takes to play for United.

Van Gaak knows Januzaj has the talent to succeed 

Van Gaal said "I am certain he has the talent to play, but he has to learn a lot of things" as you need to have the right attitude. When you don't play a few games you need to remember that you will get your chance at some stage, but Van Gaal said "not only is talent important but also it is the character to develop your talent".

There have been a few reports that Januzaj could return to United from his loan early from Dortmund. However, Van Gaal revealed he has no plans to recall the youngster from Dortmund early, even through it is understood that if both parties came to an agreement the loan could be cut short, therefore reports should stop appearing in the media.