Jesse Lingard reveals Zlatan has changed the mentality of some Manchester United players

Jesse Lingard reveals Zlatan has changed the mentality of some Manchester United players

The United and England winger says that Swedish striker is a massive character in the dressing room.

Brandon Sayer

Jesse Lingard has revealed that since Zlatan Ibrahimovic joined Manchester United in the summer, he has changed the mentality of a lot of players, who now have the desire to win even more.

Zlatan having a big impact on the United dressing room

The Swedish striker joined United the summer, having won many different trophies with a number of clubs such as Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain and wants to win even more at United.

This mentality has seen Ibrahimovic been tagged with being one of the most devastating strikers in the world and Lingard wants to learn from him in order to be successful.

Speaking to United's official website, Lingard said that since Zlatan joined in the summer "the mentality of wanting to win" has started to "come into my game more" as before my "first thought was to play well" but added that if the team manages to "win, the performance will come with it" and that will improve over time.

Lingard went on to say that "when Zlatan came in" to the club during the summer the "first thing he said was he wants to win" trophies with the club which shows the character of the man as it will then also "rub off on all the team" which will only help United get back to where they want to be once again.

Zlatan will always score goals wherever he goes

The problem that Ibrahimovic has though was that during his dry spell at the club recently the team failed to win very many games as he kept missing key chances. He responded to this positively though and managed to score a brace of goals for the during the win against Swansea City last weekend.

Also in the game last weekend the striker picked up his fifth yellow card of the season which means that he will miss the game against Arsenal at Old Trafford next Saturday but that should make the other players step up and want to take their chance.