Carrick believes Manchester United will still be involved in the Premier League title race

Michael Carrick believes that Manchester United can still have a big say in the Premier League title race this season despite not making the best of starts to the season.

After 11 games, United sit in sixth place, eights points of the summit after making an indifferent start to the season but with so much still to go in the season the gap can be closed especially if United manage to defeat Arsenal this weekend.

Carrick beleives United can win the Premier League title

Carrick is a player who has been a champion with United and he certainly believes the team can have a greater involvement in the race and make a strong comeback to stake their claim.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Carrick said "we want to be at the top challenging" this season and so far "we've had some ups and downs along the way" but one thing is for sure "we've not given up on winning just yet" as the midfielder feels that there is "too much quality" in the team to not have a spell in the season when the team goes on a good run.

Carrick added that the team feel that "we've not got the results our performances have warranted" but over a season "we know it can change" as with it being so early "there's still so much to play for" and everybody in the team believes that "when it comes to near the end" the team will "be right up there when it counts".

Carrick 'flattered' by Pirlo comparisons

So far this season Carrick has only been involved in six games under Jose Mourinho which has lead to many people questioning why he isn't playing given the fact the team has won every one of these games.

During these games, the midfielder has had a pass completion rate of 96 per cent which has lead to people comparing him to Andrea Pirlo but Carrick insists that he is just trying to get on with the job that he is given to do.

Carrick said that "some players peak quite early" but to compare with other individuals who has peaked late "can be quite tough" but he feels having the experience "does help and the understanding of the game does help you" as it can prolong your career.