Zlatan attacks media for "lack of respect" shown to England captain Wayne Rooney

Zlatan Ibrahimović has slated the British media for the "lack of respect" shown following images of Manchester United and England captain Wayne Rooney intoxicated.

Rooney, 31, drew front page criticism from some tabloid newspapers after spending a night off while with England drinking and joining a wedding party at the team hotel.

"Lack of respect," shown for Rooney says Zlatan

While some have seen his actions as not befitting an England captain, many involved in football have supported Rooney. The reaction to stories regarding Adam Lallana and Jordan Henderson attending a strip club was minimal in comparison, leading to some Rooney describing the press as attempting to "write my obituary".

His attacking teammate Ibrahimović told BT Sport that "people talk, people write," but "the media doesn't really know the real story."

Rooney selling papers for journalists says Ibrahimović

Due to his role as "a public person" and "captain for the national team, for the club," Zlatan believes that "people want to write about him." It carries some truth. Stories of Rooney's exploits, as a wonderkid turned mature captain that is deemed as not fulfilling his potential, sell newspapers.

Ibrahimović suggested that "there is a lack of respect and just pushing out everything instead of appreciating him for who he is and what he has done". The Swede, who was suspended for United's 1-1 draw with Arsenal last Saturday, described the situation as "exaggerated".

Now 35, Ibrahimović has constantly faced doubts over his ability to perform as he ages, something Rooney currently faces. "I have the same thing when it comes to me," Zlatan said, knowing that his name also draws readers in.

Zlatan is likely to return for United in Thursday's UEFA Europa League clash with Feyenoord on Thursday night. On Wednesday, it was confirmed that the one-year optional extension of his contract will be triggered, meaning the Swede will be at the club until 2017.