Pep Guardiola reportedly lining up Toure and Kompany replacements

For all the talent Manchester City have in their squad, age is one factor they certainly do not have on their side. 

Amongst the oldest in the league with an average age of 28, the Sky Blues are in need of a serious revamp if they're realistically going to challenge for all the silverware available to them.

Two areas identified as reasons for concern is the centre half and central midfield role, more specifically, replacements for City stalwarts Vincent Kompany and Yaya Touré. 

Kompany has endured a gruelling 18 months of injury and recovery with the captain missing 71 games in that time frame. Many are pained at the thought of a Manchester City side without Kompany but it is an issue that must be addressed.

Kompany's long term absences has seen the captain miss valuable game time in whic to learn Guardiola's system, the captain looking particularly out of his depth when playing alongside John Stones this season. 

Do Van Dijk and Carvalho fit the bill?

Southampton's Virgil Van Dijk has been reportedly identified as a long term replacement to partner Stones in the defence. Towering at 6ft 4", Van Dijk is formidable both defending and attacking corners as well as having the strength to hold even the most brutish of forwards. 

Perhaps most importantly, for Guardiola certainly, Van Dijk has supreme confidence in his own ability when with the ball at his feet. A competent dribbler and equipped with a good passing range it's easy to see why City have such an interest in the Dutchman. 

City's candidate for a midfield replacement comes in the form of Portuguese international and winner of the UEFA 2016 European Championship, William Carvalho. 

Carvalho has long established himself as a centre piece both in Portugal's and Sporting Lisbon's side as a midfield lynchpin and has been earmarked as a replacement for Touré thanks to his excellent passing range, dribbling and tackling. Despite Touré's heroics in Sky Blue, a change of personnel is needed with the Ivorian well into the twilight years of his career.

His attitude and work ethic at times has been poor to say the least with Touré's ego and personality harming the dressing rooms at times, something Pep will not stand for. Recently re-introduced into Guardiola's side, Touré has proven his worth with two goals to his name showing City what they've been missing; a powerful central midfielder who can change games by themself. 

This is just the beginning in what will be a 'changing of the gaurd' process as we see long established and fan favourites being phased out in the name of progress with the full backs the most likely to face the axe next. The work and commitment of both Touré and Kompany has been exemplary but sadly it would seem that the pairs days are numbered.