Patrick Van Aanholt says criticism spurs him on to do better

It has been a difficult season for Sunderland's Patrick Van Aanholt who has once again been a key member of the Black Cats squad.

Scoring two goals from the full-back position is a major boost for a struggling Sunderland side, but he has also come under fire for his defensive quality by some fans.

On top of that Van Aanholt was forced to withdraw from the Tottenham Hotspur game due to minor heart issues, something that he now claims is a "closed book," insisting that there is "nothing wrong" with his heart and ensuring people it hasn't affected his performances.

Negativity only inspires him

The fact that David Moyes has chosen to feature him in every single game since the incident is further proof in the mind of the full-back that the issue no longer exists, he believes the fact that he is "running up and down the pitch" and is "perfectly fine"  shows he is moving on from it and now he wants to simply get back to doing what he does best. 

Van Aanholt feels he has proven that he is "capable of everything" both offensively and defensively and that those who are on his "back" simply "don't help" but Van Aanholt claims he "doesn't care" about the negativity as it only makes him "stronger" as a player, wanting to prove them wrong and make a statement. 

Whilst admitting that he does get "upset and frustrated at times" he confidently stated that he is "loving" playing football right now and he is "enjoying coming into training every day." He was also full of praise for Sunderland manager, Moyes, whom he claimed has been "good" to him crediting Moyes for protecting him throughout this period as well as other players in the squad and now he wants to pay him back and help out his "Sunderland family."