Rashford admits playing wide assists his development as a striker

Rashford admits playing wide assists his development as a striker

The striker has had to get use to playing as a winger this season to accomodate Ibrahimovic but is happy to do so.

Brandon Sayer

Marcus Rashford has revealed that he is learning a lot from playing out wide at Manchester United this season under manager Jose Mourinho.

When playing this season, Rashford has had to settle for a place on the wing in order to accommodate summer signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is the first choice up front under Mourinho.

Rashford happy to play on the wing

Many strikers would not be happy with this but Rashford believes that it will help with his development in the future so he is happy to keep playing where Mourinho wants him to play for the team.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Rashford said "playing out wide is going to help me develop" going forward in the "long run" as it gives him a "different perspective" which is helping his "game a lot" which will only make him a "better player."

Rashford added though that "when [he does] get the chance to go in the middle," it will help him as he will "find things more natural now," so overall playing as a winger is "helping [his] game" hugely.

Many different people have been giving their thoughts on Rashford not been giving the proper chance he deserves at United this season with the latest being Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers but Rashford has insisted that he is happy to play on the flank.

Development the key for Rashford

Rashford said "when I've been playing as a winger," it shows you the different positions "you can put the ball into for the striker," so when he gets the chance he will "understand those positions," more than he did before. 

Rashford though did admit that "it's different playing wide," as it means that "you have more defensive responsibilities," but being able to do that is "part of the game," and the striker insists it's "something I want to improve" on.

Rashford is part of the 19 man squad for United's match against Zorya Luhansk in the Uefa Europa League which takes place this evening and he will want to play some part in the game for the team.